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Address: South Charles Street, Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD 21230 Map It
Why go here?: Broadcasts all NFL games each Sunday. Has booths where you and all friends can sit and enjoy the games. Plenty of seating, and good cheap eats. Buckets of domestic beer (5) - $8. half price wings and half price burgers make for a heck of a Sunday afternoon. Place where many different fans come. Ton of trash talking. Big Jets contingency.
Submitted by: PIP
Chatter's Rock’n Sports Cafe
Address: 8300 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814 Map It
Phone: (301) 656-2151
Why go here?: This place is in a hotel, so it gets a good mix of people. It shows all NFL games, and there are always several diehard Jets fans on Sundays. Food is average, but there are a lot of large screens.
Submitted by: Michael Gips
College Park
Cornerstone Loft and Grill
Address: Baltimore Avenue, College Park MD 20740 Map It
Why go here?: Only place in College Park to watch all NFL games on Sunday. Three big screen TVs plus over 20 smaller ones (all with satellite). Always a strong showing of Jets fans. Jets fans have consistently been the rowdiest for past several seasons and its easy to talk smack to lowly the Redskins fans. The food is pretty good with specials on hamburgers and hot dogs. Get there early because it gets crowded for the 4 o'clock games.
Submitted by: Hayden Bluth
Federal Hill
No Idea Tavern
Address: 1649 South Hanover Street Federal Hill, MD 21230 Map It
Phone: (410) 685-4332
Why go here?: No Idea Tavern is worthy of being on Jets because it is a great place to watch a game on Sunday. No Idea has the NFL ticket and has one TV especially assigned to watch all of the Jets games. One of the owners is from New York and is a huge Jets fan. The bar has six flat screens to watch the games on Sunday, they also have the College Football Plan to watch the games on Saturday. They also have great drink specials on Sunday during the games, $2 Domestic Beers and $3 U-Call-Its.
Submitted by: Jason Zink
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