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Las Vegas
MGM Hotel and Casino Sportsbook
Address: Las Vegas Blvd “The Strip” Las Vegas, NV USA Map It
Why go here?: Here's the deal, if you guys ever get out to Las Vegas for a weekend, catch all your J-E-T-S games at the MGM. This is the best atmosphere for football in the COUNTRY! I am convinced of it. They have every game on, and because New York is the largest metropolitan area in the country, often times the Jets game is on the central 12 foot screen. By the way, EVERY game is on the Big Screen, and you are sitting with some 500-1000 diehard football fanatics. MAJOR DISCLAIMER!!!!!!! Games are Pacific Time. In otherwords, kickoff is going to be at 10am for a 1PM Eastern game. If you do not have a seat at a table ONE HOUR before kick-off, you will not get a seat. You will be standing. So, get to the Sportsbook with your Vegas Buddies an hour or more before kick-off, Pacific Time.
Submitted by: Innocent Bystander
Las Vegas
Skinny Dugans
Address: 4127 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102 Map It
Phone: (702) 877-0522
Why go here?: Skinny Dugan’s broadcasts all NFL games and one side of the bar is reserved just for the Jets game and is also on a big screen. On Sunday the bar is loaded with Jet fans wearing green. On Saturdays wear RED, because it is also a Nebraska Cornhusker hangout. The food and drink is top notch! **Bill Jackson Adds: Skinny Dugan’s was the ONLY establishment dedicated to the Jets in 1996 and 1997 (when we sucked). There are too many wanna be bars in Vegas trying to court us JETS fans, and they don't deserve entry on this list. Skinny Dugan’s does!
Submitted by: Karl Pacelli
Nu Yalk Pizza
Address: 3305 Kietzke Ln, Reno, NV 89502 Map It
Phone: (775) 826-8508
Why go here?: Authentic style New York pizza and out of control sausage calzones. The place is decorated with Jets, Giants, Rangers, Yanks, Knicks, and Mets stuff. Old school Yankee posters and a satellite that usually has MSG on. Great place to catch Jet games and get that east coast feel in Nevada.
Submitted by: Eric Stangeland
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