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Salty Grogs
Address: 1203 Boardman-Poland Road Boardman, Ohio 44512 Map It
Phone: (330) 726-6690
Why go here?: The best place to watch NFL games in Youngstown, Period!

15 indoor TV's and 6 patio TV's all with the NFL Ticket. The best football food, drinks, and always some Gang Green Fans in there weekly (except the 2 games a year we all head to The Meadowlands!) $5.00 pitchers of beer on Sunday's makes it even better!

Submitted by: Pat Testa
Shula's Steakhouse
Address: 6200 Quarry Lane, Cleveland OH 44131 Map It
Phone: (216) 901-7852
Why go here?: They have seven big screen TVs with the full NFL Ticket, They're located right up in the front and center so you can watch at least seven games in one full swoop, including the J-E-T-S. There is usually a few of us Gang Green brethren in there every week. Great food and drinks.
Submitted by: Kevin
Damonís The Place For Ribs
Address: 1729 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147 Map It
Phone: (614) 759-7427
Why go here?: Out here in Central Ohio, there a quite a few X-New Yorkers and we usually get together at Damons. The food is fabulous and the beer is always super cold. We have to put up with Steeler fans but its a small price to pay to watch Gang Green!
Submitted by: Curtis Jeffries
Arnieís Eating & Drinking Saloon
Address: 3332 W Central Ave, Toledo, OH 43606 Map It
Phone: (419) 537-6868
Why go here?: Hey Jets fans Ohio, when looking for a place to watch the Jets pre-season game against the Saints, Arnieís came through! Four big screens flanked by 6 small screens. Now this isn't exactly Jet Country but as long as you can handle some cigar smoke (LOL :), Arnie's place has a sports room called the press box. Word is its an NFL zoo. Ohio Jets fans can E mail me at jetgreen1@
Submitted by: Bobby K.
Ralphies Sports Eatery and Pub
Address: 5294 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43623 Map It
Phone: (419) 882-6879
Why go here?: NFL ticket, hopefully this year too! Food and beverage fit for a Jet fan. Seen a few Jet fans but we need a lot more.
Submitted by: Bobby K
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