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The East End Grill
Address: 7956 Winchester Road, Memphis TN 38125 Map It
Phone: (901) 432-4256
Why go here?: Christian Georgi, the owner of The East End Grill, is a New Yorker as well as a life time loyal NY JETS fan. [which becomes real obvious as you enter the Grill]. The rest of the 12 to 15 other New Yorkers that live in Memphis are life long JETS football fans that frequent The East End Grill - especially during game days. If someone is in the Memphis TN area and want to get into the spirit of JETS football, you MUST visit The East End Grill. J - E - T - S Jets! Jets! Jets!
Submitted by: Lou
Broadway Brewhouse
Address: 1900 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203 Map It
Phone: (615) 340-0089
Why go here?: The Broadway Brewhouse is truly the ONLY place to watch the Jets in the Music City! Hundreds of beers on tap & in bottles. The attached Mojo Grill has fabulous food...and it's not just because the co-owner & head chef is a die-hard Upstate NY Jets fan...the food is an excellent mix of Tex-Mex, Caribbean & Cajun. If you like your football action hot & your food the same, you'll love this joint! Our friendly rivalry with the local Titans fans spices up our Sundays even a little more! The bar carries 2 satellite games and 1 broadcast game, so it's something of a specialty football scene. The Titans take up one game (especially when they are on the road) and the Jets are the only other designated game here. Other games are choice-du-jour.
Submitted by: Bob R.
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