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The “We Should Tank The Season And That’s Okay” Blog

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

What are the 3 things New York Jets fans want the most?

1. An established, confident, winning head coach.

2. A quarterback.

3. Affordable PSL’s.

Tank the season, pay a Johnson’s ransom for Bill Cowher, get the #1 pick in the draft and take the best QB out there.

Look, we’re not making the playoffs with Clemens/Ainge, with the Patriots in our division, and with the wildcard depth that’s out there in the AFC. 10-6 didn’t get a wildcard last year, won’t this year either, and we have the look of 11-5 talent behind a 2-12 quarterback which reeks of a 7-9 season.

Tank. Reload. Afford.


Chad Pennington Won’t Be The Jets Opening Day Starter

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

And there you have it. Short and sweet. No way.

1. No way Eric Mangini puts his tenuous career in the rubber arms and marshmallow hands again.

2. No way Mike Tannenbaum puts his tenuous career on the line with a guy who couldn’t lead a decent drive in the first 5 games of last season, when he was a year younger.

3. No way Woody Johnson risks hundreds of millions of dollars of future PSL money on a guy who couldn’t get it done in a big game. Ever.

4. No way the NY Media plays the “good guy Chad” card, again, simply because he is so nice to them. Tough economy, lots of papers to sell, gloves are off.

5. No way the extremely patient NY Jets fanbase sits there and watches the endless parades of 3-and-outs. The boo’s will rain down after the first series against the Patriots.

6. No way the Jets guarantee themselves another 1-3 start again. Miami in the blistering heat with a new coach, loss. New England, loss. At San Diego on National TV, loss. Home for the Cardinals, yeah, a win. That’s what it’s going to be like in Chadland. Not happening.

Do not forget last season. Eric certainly won’t. QB train-wreck. That’s why we’re sitting here on Brett Favre Watch. Eric knows he’s in trouble again. Dead man walking again. He won’t put up with it.


“Jets Night” at Shea Stadium Disappoints – You’re Surprised?

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

As it enters its last few months, let’s not get too misty eyed over Shea, shall we?

Loyal Jets fans believe that the Jets are second-class citizens in Giants Stadium, right? Believe that we are oppressed, playing in someone else’s stadium, right? Horrified at the red and blue seats, right? Trying to remember back to a time when we were happy in the borders of New York State, right?

It’s all a load of crap.

Shea Stadium was not only a dump, but it was the home of the New York Mets, not the New York Jets. The Mets and their ownership sh’t on the Jets far, far worse than the Giants ever have, but no, we have to sit here and listen to people, sniff, sniff, wish we were back in New York, there at Shea, with our beloved brother the Mets.

Does anyone remember the orange and blue seats? The orange and blue panels on the facade? The Mets logo on the scoreboard? The dirt infield? The Montreal Expos pennant on the blue centerfield wall visible through the uprights?

Worst of all, look at this list of the first 4 Jets games of the 1968 to 1976 seasons. 9 years. Tell me what you see:

1968 New York Jets

Week 1 Sep 15 W 20-19 at Kansas City Chiefs
Week 2 Sep 22 W 47-31 at Boston Patriots at Birmingham, AL
Week 3 Sep 29 L 37-35 at Buffalo Bills
Week 4 Oct 5 W 23-20 vs San Diego Chargers

1969 New York Jets

Week 1 Sep 14 W 33-19 at Buffalo Bills
Week 2 Sep 21 L 21-19 at Denver Broncos
Week 3 Sep 28 L 34-27 at San Diego Chargers
Week 4 Oct 5 W 23-14 at Boston Patriots
Week 5 Oct 12 W 21-7 at Cincinnati Bengals

1970 New York Jets

Week 1 Sep 21 L 31-21 at Cleveland Browns
Week 2 Sep 27 W 31-21 at Boston Patriots
Week 3 Oct 4 L 34-31 at Buffalo Bills
Week 4 Oct 10 L 20-6 vs Miami Dolphins

1971 New York Jets

Week 1 Sep 19 L 22-0 at Baltimore Colts
Week 2 Sep 27 L 17-10 at St. Louis Cardinals
Week 3 Oct 3 W 14-10 at Miami Dolphins
Week 4 Oct 10 L 20-0 at New England Patriots

1972 New York Jets

Week 1 Sep 17 W 41-24 at Buffalo Bills
Week 2 Sep 24 W 44-34 at Baltimore Colts
Week 3 Oct 1 L 26-20 at Houston Oilers
Week 4 Oct 8 L 27-17 vs Miami Dolphins

1973 New York Jets

Week 1 Sep 17 L 23-7 at Green Bay Packers at Milwaukee, WI
Week 2 Sep 23 W 34-10 at Baltimore Colts
Week 3 Sep 30 L 9-7 at Buffalo Bills
Week 4 Oct 7 L 31-3 at Miami Dolphins
Week 5 Oct 14 W 9-7 at New England Patriots
Week 6 Oct 21 L 26-14 at Pittsburgh Steelers

1974 New York Jets

Week 1 Sep 15 L 24-16 at Kansas City Chiefs
Week 2 Sep 22 W 23-21 at Chicago Bears
Week 3 Sep 29 L 16-12 at Buffalo Bills
Week 4 Oct 7 L 21-17 at Miami Dolphins

1975 New York Jets

Week 1 Sep 21 L 42-14 at Buffalo Bills
Week 2 Sep 28 W 30-24 at Kansas City Chiefs
Week 3 Oct 5 W 36-7 vs New England Patriots
Week 4 Oct 12 L 29-21 at Minnesota Vikings

1976 New York Jets

Week 1 Sep 12 L 38-17 at Cleveland Browns
Week 2 Sep 19 L 46-3 at Denver Broncos
Week 3 Sep 26 L 16-0 at Miami Dolphins
Week 4 Oct 3 L 17-6 at San Francisco 49ers

You see that word “at”? The one that means we were the road team? The one that means we weren’t at home?

For 9 seasons between 1968 and 1976, the New York Jets had 4 home games in the first month of the season. That’s it. 4 home games.

In the 36 games they played in September and early October for almost a decade, 4 times they play in their beloved home stadium in New York state.

Jets win the Super Bowl in January 1969? Great. Their first home game as defending NFL Champions was Week 6.

In 1973, the Jets first home game was in Week 7. Week 7. That’s half the season being played before your home fans get to see you in action. Nice job by the Mets and the state of New York.

And that’s the hard truth, people. No team and no state has taken a sh’t on the Jets more than the Mets and New York. Keep that in mind the next time some ignoramus puts up a post about the “good old days” at Shea. And as far as Leon goes, tell me, if we opened the 2003 season as defending AFC East Champions with our first 6 or 7 games on the road, what would you think of Woody? Wasn’t about bathrooms or racetracks.

The Mets and the state of New York sh’t on the Jets for years and Leon, thankfully, had enough. What happened last week at “Jets Night” should have been completely expected.