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If Favre Was Chad, We’d Be Killing The Guy

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

I’ll start this of by repeating that I love the fact that we’ve got Brett Favre on the team from an entertainment perspective, but that it’s wrong for us long-term.

We’ve got 8 quarters of live NFL football to judge our new quarterback, and it’s not pretty. What we now know:

1. Putting Brett Favre in an offense designed for Chad Pennington isn’t working. Favre’s dinks/dunks aren’t any more effective than Chad’s. The occassional long-ball is a big win but the more-than-occassional huge mistake is a big loss. Right now, Favre looks like Chad The Game Manager with a bigger arm and a bigger ego. With Chad, was either a single or a walk. With Favre, it’s either a home run or a strikeout. In this offense, Favre’s downside is looking worse than Chad’s mediocrity.

2. Favre’s only brilliant play was the in-step TD to Cotchery in his very first quarter down in Miami.

3. Favre’s midfield Hail Mary’s only have a 25% success rate. The others were either close to being turnovers or were intercepted. The jump-ball TD in Miami was luck, not an offensive strategy.

4. Favre’s not seeing open receivers, he’s throwing up too many prayers, he holds onto the ball too long, he’s taking too many risks, he’s getting hit and fumbling, he’s tossing interceptions to the other team, he’s taking 25 yard losses on sacks, and he weakens as the games progress.

It’s 2 games into a long season and its no time to be too critical or panic. But the reality is that the Jets don’t know what to do with Favre and he’s not a great fit for an offense that is built on ball control and mistake-free operation. The Jets aren’t good enough to overcome blunders, and to date, Favre’s turnovers and drive-killing decisions almost cost us the Miami game and did cost us the Patriots game.


Time To Weigh In On The Favre Situation – “That’s Entertainment”

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

First off I’ve been begging for a legitimate, bonafide, franchise-caliber quarterback since it was apparent that Bill Parcells Vinny Testaverde diceroll went astray, so a part of me is thrilled that Brett Favre is a New York Jet.

It’s the other part of me, the part of me that knows better, that says that this isn’t the answer to our prayers. Everyone else in the old AFC East got their franchise quarterback, and Hall of Famers all: Miami got Marino. Buffalo got Kelly. Colts got Manning. Patriots got Brady.

The Jets? We got a rock.

So now I see the Favre jerseys, I see the excitement, I see the circus, and I like it. No, not because it’s the answer to my prayers. Not because we just discovered a 23 year old franchise QB and are set for 10+ years of consistency and greatness at the QB poisition. I like it because it makes the 2008 season interesting. Instead of watching Chad’s balloons and Kellen’s confusion, I get Ringling Brothers. It’s going to be fun to go to games again. It’s going to be fun to see 50+ yard passes again. It’s going to be fun to be wide-open again.

But the expectations end there. Instead of a 7-9 Pennington bore-fest, it’s going to be a 10-6 Favre NASCAR-race. But make no mistake about it; watching the Bearded Lady is a lot of fun, but in the end, the Jets are just doing what they’ve been doing since 1970: Treading water.

We still got a rock. Just a fun one. And one that gives Woody Johnson a coverboy for his PSL brochures and a “face” to a franchise. One that sends a message that Mike Tannenbaum has balls. Lots of selfish motives, nothing that’s really beneficial for a non-win-now team. I won’t be buying a Brett Favre jersey because next year, when he’s gone and we’re faceless again, it’ll look as silly as those Ronnie Lott jerseys you see ever so often at the tailgates.

So sit back and enjoy the show. It’s a one-year funhouse. Makes me happy, makes me sad, makes me melancholy, makes me ambivalent.


The “We Should Tank The Season And That’s Okay” Blog

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

What are the 3 things New York Jets fans want the most?

1. An established, confident, winning head coach.

2. A quarterback.

3. Affordable PSL’s.

Tank the season, pay a Johnson’s ransom for Bill Cowher, get the #1 pick in the draft and take the best QB out there.

Look, we’re not making the playoffs with Clemens/Ainge, with the Patriots in our division, and with the wildcard depth that’s out there in the AFC. 10-6 didn’t get a wildcard last year, won’t this year either, and we have the look of 11-5 talent behind a 2-12 quarterback which reeks of a 7-9 season.

Tank. Reload. Afford.


Chad Pennington Won’t Be The Jets Opening Day Starter

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

And there you have it. Short and sweet. No way.

1. No way Eric Mangini puts his tenuous career in the rubber arms and marshmallow hands again.

2. No way Mike Tannenbaum puts his tenuous career on the line with a guy who couldn’t lead a decent drive in the first 5 games of last season, when he was a year younger.

3. No way Woody Johnson risks hundreds of millions of dollars of future PSL money on a guy who couldn’t get it done in a big game. Ever.

4. No way the NY Media plays the “good guy Chad” card, again, simply because he is so nice to them. Tough economy, lots of papers to sell, gloves are off.

5. No way the extremely patient NY Jets fanbase sits there and watches the endless parades of 3-and-outs. The boo’s will rain down after the first series against the Patriots.

6. No way the Jets guarantee themselves another 1-3 start again. Miami in the blistering heat with a new coach, loss. New England, loss. At San Diego on National TV, loss. Home for the Cardinals, yeah, a win. That’s what it’s going to be like in Chadland. Not happening.

Do not forget last season. Eric certainly won’t. QB train-wreck. That’s why we’re sitting here on Brett Favre Watch. Eric knows he’s in trouble again. Dead man walking again. He won’t put up with it.