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Lead the Jets on the Field

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

If you have ever wanted to lead Gang Green out on the field, well now you have your chance! The Jets are looking for a superfan to suit up with the team and lead the Jets out of the Meadowlands Tunnel for home game against their division rival Buffalo Bills on Oct. 18.

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Smith Fits Right Into Ryan’s Defense

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

During his Monday afternoon press conference, Jets head coach Rex Ryan told the media he “would have been more than happy to trade” safety Eric Smith. But after proving himself to the coaching staff during OTA’s and mini-camp, Smith has found a home inside Ryan’s new defensive scheme.

Smith, who is in his fourth season in the NFL, is big reason why the Jets have the top-ranked defense in the NFL. Not only does Smith play safety, he also has the ability to play cornerback and early in season Ryan has at times allowed Smith to play linebacker.

“The thing with Smitty is he’s so valuable to us on defense.  We put him everywhere,” said Ryan. “There are so many things you can do with him. The guy’s amazing how smart he is.”

Last week in the 24-17 win over the Titans he showed how valuable he is. He was as linebacker to spy Titans RB Chris Johnson. Then he showed his coverage skills as he made great individual effort to intercept QB Kerry Collins.

Smith was one of the players brought to New York by former coach Eric Mangini. One of the main reasons he was able to catch on in New York was ability to play multiple positions. (Don’t forget Smith is also a standout special-teams player.) Mangini always liked his players to be flexible in what they do on the football field.

But when Ryan got to New York he wasn’t really sure what to expect from the Michigan State alum. So unsure that he and GM Mike Tannenbaum brought in S Jim Leonhard through free-agency to become the starting strong safety. But that didn’t stop Smith from proving his value to the coaching staff. According to Ryan, Smith had the best mini-camp of everyone on the team. And even to this day, Ryan is glad Smith is still a Jet.

“All of us have a great deal of respect for the job that Eric can do.  We put him in so many different roles,” said Ryan. “He knows the defense.  He has learned the defense.  It’s easy to plug him anywhere.  He’s like a starter.  He starts in a lot of packages for us, but he’s really like a starter for our defense.”

Adalius Thomas Meet Firemen Ed

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Anyone who saw the Jets 16-9 upset win over the Patriots on Sunday, noticed that the crowd was louder that usual. With head coach Rex Ryan calling all the season ticket holders and asking them to be the “12th man”, the fans delivered just as Ryan had hoped for. Players for both sides said they felt the ground vibrate and it was difficult to communicate on the field.

One of the funnier remarks made about the crowd came from Patriots LB Adalius Thomas, who now knows who Fireman Ed is.

“Everytime we come here to New York, they have the guy on someone’s shoulders. I don’t know who that guy is, but they have to let him in for free,” said Thomas. “He’s like the captain of the whole stadium. The stadium looks at him, he tells them to be quiet and they do. He always has them amped up when we play them.”


You Have to Feel for Woodhead

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Once the final roster came down and I saw RB Danny Woodhead’s name on it, I was like he definitely deserved his spot. Then once I read the press release saying the Jets released Woodhead, I was like it needed to happen.

I equate this situation to an old pair of sneakers. Everybody has an old pair of sneakers that they don’t want to or can’t get rid of. Even though they have multiple new pairs, this pair however is special and you just don’t want to get rid of the old pair.  And to the Jets Woodhead was special. After suffering a season ending injury last season, the Chadron State product rehabbed himself perfectly for training camp this season.

So then why I am not disappointed that Woodhead got cut?

Because if  Woodhead stayed with Gang Green, he would probably never see the field. With RB’s Thomas Jones, Leon Washington, Shonn Greene and Tony Richardson on the active roster, when Woodhead be active for a game? And if you did activate Woodhead for a game, who’s spot would he take? You cannot take one the above four out.

You have to feel for Woodhead, who stood right in the face of adversity and beat it. But in the end now he will be getting a chance to catch on somewhere else and again show the country that he can play in the NFL.

FOLLOW UP: 9/9/2009

I was right about something. RB Danny Woodhead did catch on and it was with the Jets practice squad.

Then Why Did Mangini Get Fired?

Monday, December 29th, 2008

If you listened to Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum’s press conference, you must be asking the same this question I am and that is, Why did head coach Eric Mangini get fired? From listening to the presser all I heard was complements about the former Patriots defensive coordinator.

“Eric’s been our coach for three years, he’s done some amazing things. Nobody’s worked harder. He knows his X’s and he knows his O’s, he’s a good teacher,” said the Jets owner. “We respect Eric for what he’s done, but we want to build on the successful foundation that he’s laid.”

“Having a winning season in two out of three seasons is really a remarkable accomplishment. No one has worked harder than Eric and no one has been more loyal than Eric,” added Tannenbaum.

Sounds like complements to me! Even later in the day during an interview with WFAN’s Mike Francesa, Tannenbaum still complemented and praised Mangini for his work with the Jets.

For those people who cannot speak the Jets lingo, the following is why the Jets fired Mangini. And, Woody if I am wrong about anything please let know because I wouldn’t want to misinterpret what you danced around saying.

First off, Mangini was fired because he started the season 8-3 with wins over New England and Tennessee and then his team managed to lose five straight (I am counting the Buffalo game as a loss, because that was complete and utter luck) in what was considered a weak schedule. With many people believing that the Jets were a Super Bowl contender, Woody Johnson thought his team was at least good enough to make the playoffs.

And he should have thought that way after he dealt out over $140 million this off-season to bring in free agents such as G Alan Faneca and LB Calvin Pace.

The second reason why Mangini was relieved is because of his stoic and non-emotional personality. Mangini showed no emotion at anytime during his three year tenure and you started to see that in the way his players performed down the stretch. NFL Films cameras caught QB Brett Favre saying to his offensive team members “If it works out, it works out. If it don’t, If it don’t.” And for me that is a direct vision of the job the coach has done to prepare his team.

Thirdly and most important was his relationship with Brett Favre. Tannenbaum has said publicly that Eric got along with Brett real well and vice versa, but how else were you expecting Tannenbaum (who never directly answers a question in a press conference) to answer the question. The bottom line was that the ESPN report about Mangini calling out Favre in front of the team is probably correct. But Johnson fully understands that Favre is the one that sells his PSL’s and brings in revenue because of jersey sales.

People ain’t buying PSL’s for Mangini. And since Johnson is a smart businessman, he knows the only thing Favre is good for is business. 

So to recap why Mangini got fired

1) His team played themselves out of the playoffs.

2) The man showed no emotion and it could be seen in how the players played.

3) Because Mangini tried to do his job by controlling his quarterback but it interfered with Woody Johnson’s financial wants.

So Woody am I right?

Sutton Must Go!!

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Even though the book on the 2008 Jets season is not closed and the final chapter has not yet been written, their is one thing that must happen at the season’s end even if the Jets somehow make it to the playoffs and that is fire defensive coordinator Bob Sutton.

While head coach Eric Mangini should be on the hot seat as well, I could see GM Mike Tannenbaum giving Mangini his fourth year of a four year contract, but Sutton has to go as his defense has been terrible during the Jets losing streak.

While I personally thought Sutton would be on the hot seat at season’s end, his defense’s performance at Seattle might have cost him his job. The Jets defensive did not lay a finger on Seahawks QB Seneca Wallace and they made RB Maurice Morris look like former Dolphins RB Mercury Morris. Even in the lucky win against Buffalo the Jets defense played poorly (for evidence look at the touchdown run by Bills RB Fred Jackson)

The Jets are showing signs that Sutton’s Jets tenure is ending. Like last season, Mangini is starting to take charge of the defense play-calling.

And with Mangini’s good friend Romeo Crennel most likely to let go by the Cleveland Browns after season, he seems like a logical replacement for Sutton. Both Crennel and Mangini coached together in New England under Bill Belichick.

I don’t think Jets fans will mind trading Sutton for Crennel, who brings five Super Bowl rings as a defensive coordinator to Florham Park, New Jersey

By the Way: It should not be called the Subway Series Bowl

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

If the Jets do play in the Giants in this year’s Super Bowl, the appropriate title should be the New Jersey Bowl. And for obvious reasons.

Believe it or Not, the Jets are Contenders

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Before I get started with this blog, I would like to apologize to JI blog readers for not being around since week 5. I have been very busy with two jobs. But now because I got laidoff from my second job, you will probably hear from me more often.

Now to the Jets!

How ’bout them Jets? What a difference a year, $140 million and a Hall of Fame quarterback make! Now since they beat their arch rival New England Patriots and the Tennessee Titans (then the league’s only undefeated team), can we now make the Jets contenders?

Appearently so! In today’s Newsday, NFL columnist Bob Glauber did a piece on what would happen if the Jets and Giants make it to the Super Bowl. And sport talks shows are all making Gang Green seem like a lock to make it to Tampa. But before I crown the Jets the new Beast of the East, I want to see a little more out of Gang Green.

Lane Kiffin Thoughts

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

What a couple days in the NFL! First on Monday, Rams head coach Scott Linehan gets fired and today the Raiders let go of second-year head coach Lane Kiffin. While Linehan and Kiffin both deserved to lose their jobs (because the Rams and Raiders, who both play the Jets this season, are having horrible seasons), but the way Kiffin lost his job was in a way I really didn’t like.

Their is no arguing that he shouldn’t have been fired (because he probably was going to be at seasons’ end) but his situation got worse everyday. Owner Al Davis didn’t help “the man he thought he hired”, instead of firing Kiffin and keeping private anything that the media still doesn’t know, Davis decided to spill guts in a 45-min press conference Tuesday night. It was the first time in 14-months Davis had a press conference according to the Associated Press.

And even if Davis had a problem with how Kiffin handled certain situations in Oakland, he should have just let bigons be bigons, let it go and not make this a media war. For Davis not only did he fire his head coach, he made it very difficult on himself when he starts looking for a head coach next season.

Kiffin was the Raiders 4th head coach since 2002. If you are a head coach looking for a job would want to take a job where coaches get thrown away every couple of years? Probably not!

And another thing I didn’t understand. Davis he said he is firing Kiffin with “cause”. Isn’t everybody fired for a reason. The Rams fired Linehan because they were not playing well and he lost control of his players. Mets manager Willie Randolph was fired be”cause” the Mets were not playing well. The bottom line is for everyone who is fired, their is a cause for why they are being fired.

Side note, I will be in Florham Park tomorrow covering for Mark. Tomorrow is the Jets last day of practice before they are off for the next four days.

Jets-Cardinals 1st Half

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

What a half for Gang Green. Head coach Eric Mangini must be smiling as everything went the Jets way in the first half. Defensively, after being owned by San Diego, the Jets defense is playing the perfect game. Five turnovers, 2 INT’s and countless number of sacks have Arizona rattled going into the dressing room. If you are Jets fan you have like the way that everyone on the defensive side of the ball (including newly resigned CB Hank Poteat) is getting into the action.

Offensively, WR Laveranues Coles and QB Brett Favre look like they have been together 18 years. With the help of some luck on the 34-yard touchdown pass those two haven’t missed a beat. The thing that I like the most about that half is that Mangini and offensive coordinator Brian Scottenheimer have worked RB Leon Washington more into offense.

What to look for in the second half: 1) The Jets should start milking the clock. That’s means Arizona will get a healthy dose of RB Thomas Jones. 2) Shaun Ellis- he left the game limping in the first half, it would be a big loss if he can’t do much 3) The reserves -  In this half look for some second teamers to see some action especially defensively. We know CB Ahmad Carroll and LB Cody Spencer can play specials teams, but can they play defense. We will probably see in the second half.