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Then Why Did Mangini Get Fired?

Monday, December 29th, 2008

If you listened to Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum’s press conference, you must be asking the same this question I am and that is, Why did head coach Eric Mangini get fired? From listening to the presser all I heard was complements about the former Patriots defensive coordinator.

“Eric’s been our coach for three years, he’s done some amazing things. Nobody’s worked harder. He knows his X’s and he knows his O’s, he’s a good teacher,” said the Jets owner. “We respect Eric for what he’s done, but we want to build on the successful foundation that he’s laid.”

“Having a winning season in two out of three seasons is really a remarkable accomplishment. No one has worked harder than Eric and no one has been more loyal than Eric,” added Tannenbaum.

Sounds like complements to me! Even later in the day during an interview with WFAN’s Mike Francesa, Tannenbaum still complemented and praised Mangini for his work with the Jets.

For those people who cannot speak the Jets lingo, the following is why the Jets fired Mangini. And, Woody if I am wrong about anything please let know because I wouldn’t want to misinterpret what you danced around saying.

First off, Mangini was fired because he started the season 8-3 with wins over New England and Tennessee and then his team managed to lose five straight (I am counting the Buffalo game as a loss, because that was complete and utter luck) in what was considered a weak schedule. With many people believing that the Jets were a Super Bowl contender, Woody Johnson thought his team was at least good enough to make the playoffs.

And he should have thought that way after he dealt out over $140 million this off-season to bring in free agents such as G Alan Faneca and LB Calvin Pace.

The second reason why Mangini was relieved is because of his stoic and non-emotional personality. Mangini showed no emotion at anytime during his three year tenure and you started to see that in the way his players performed down the stretch. NFL Films cameras caught QB Brett Favre saying to his offensive team members “If it works out, it works out. If it don’t, If it don’t.” And for me that is a direct vision of the job the coach has done to prepare his team.

Thirdly and most important was his relationship with Brett Favre. Tannenbaum has said publicly that Eric got along with Brett real well and vice versa, but how else were you expecting Tannenbaum (who never directly answers a question in a press conference) to answer the question. The bottom line was that the ESPN report about Mangini calling out Favre in front of the team is probably correct. But Johnson fully understands that Favre is the one that sells his PSL’s and brings in revenue because of jersey sales.

People ain’t buying PSL’s for Mangini. And since Johnson is a smart businessman, he knows the only thing Favre is good for is business. 

So to recap why Mangini got fired

1) His team played themselves out of the playoffs.

2) The man showed no emotion and it could be seen in how the players played.

3) Because Mangini tried to do his job by controlling his quarterback but it interfered with Woody Johnson’s financial wants.

So Woody am I right?

Sutton Must Go!!

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Even though the book on the 2008 Jets season is not closed and the final chapter has not yet been written, their is one thing that must happen at the season’s end even if the Jets somehow make it to the playoffs and that is fire defensive coordinator Bob Sutton.

While head coach Eric Mangini should be on the hot seat as well, I could see GM Mike Tannenbaum giving Mangini his fourth year of a four year contract, but Sutton has to go as his defense has been terrible during the Jets losing streak.

While I personally thought Sutton would be on the hot seat at season’s end, his defense’s performance at Seattle might have cost him his job. The Jets defensive did not lay a finger on Seahawks QB Seneca Wallace and they made RB Maurice Morris look like former Dolphins RB Mercury Morris. Even in the lucky win against Buffalo the Jets defense played poorly (for evidence look at the touchdown run by Bills RB Fred Jackson)

The Jets are showing signs that Sutton’s Jets tenure is ending. Like last season, Mangini is starting to take charge of the defense play-calling.

And with Mangini’s good friend Romeo Crennel most likely to let go by the Cleveland Browns after season, he seems like a logical replacement for Sutton. Both Crennel and Mangini coached together in New England under Bill Belichick.

I don’t think Jets fans will mind trading Sutton for Crennel, who brings five Super Bowl rings as a defensive coordinator to Florham Park, New Jersey