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Sprints Suck

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

So what if Geno Smith was huffing and puffing a bit during sprints the other day? The NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger mentioned on-air yesterday that Smith looked “embarrassingly” out of shape and was falling way behind the rest of his teammates.

Geno Smith addressed questions about his conditioning

Apparently, Rex Ryan isn’t as concerned about the state of Smith’s conditioning as Baldinger. Ryan said in his press conference today, “It sounds like we’re training for the Olympics or something. If he were going to run a marathon, maybe we’d be in trouble. He looks fine to me.”

As long as it’s not an issue with Ryan, it’s not an issue with Smith. The QB said today he has no reaction to the media buzz. “My coaches are the ones who evaluate me and I haven’t heard anything from them.”

While he may have fell behind running sprints, Smith surely didn’t look slow as he ran past his teammates in green on an 80-yard read-option at camp this weekend. Ryan pointed out this play in defense of the rookie.

It’s not as if the Jets are trying to turn him into a Kaepernick, an RG3, or a Tebow (yeah, I said it.) The guy is a thrower, not a runner, and right now he’s throwing a lot better than many people expected going into camp. He went 5-for-6 today, 2 sacks with the second-team. is sponsored by Greek Peak Resort and Hope Lake Lodge in Cortland NY

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The “Quarterback” Competition on the Defensive Side

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Cortland, NY - I’m sick of hearing about the quarterback competition and I know I’m not alone in that feeling. The Jets have question marks all over the field this preseason. One of those question marks looms over the safety position.

“That position really runs the show back there,” Rex said in his press conference this afternoon. He’s ready to guarantee one spot to Dawan Landry, whom he coached six seasons ago with the Ravens.

“I’m kind of doing it that way where this is the quarterback of the defense, and the other guy is in a different role.”  (Geez, can’t even escape the QB talk here.)  While Landry will be “the quarterback,” the “other guy” will most likely be either Antonio Allen, who has been taking first team reps, or Jaiquawn Jarrett, who started his career with the Eagles.

“That is going to be real fun to watch because both guys are physical players,” Rex said. “Both of them can blitz, both of them are aggressive in the run game.”

Allen knows he’ll have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks to win that competition.  One thing he admits he needs to work on is his tendency “to show” before the blitz.

Allen said today working alongside a veteran like Landry has been helpful. “He’s been helping everyone pretty much. He was with Rex a few years back and remembers that stuff like the back of his hand.”

Landry isn’t the only guy he gets playbook advice from. His roommate and fellow second-year safety, Josh Bush, who Rex seems confident will back up Landry, is also there for him. “We’re like brothers,” Allen said. “He’s a smart dude. Whenever I have questions about coverages, he’s right there to tell me what he thinks.”

He just has one complaint about Bush…sharing a room with him has Allen yearning for space. “I get tired of seeing these dudes.”