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Braylon Edwards, Joe McKnight Among 15 Jets’ Cuts

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Florham Park, NJ- With teams forced to trim their rosters down to 75 players by 4 p.m. ET tomorrow the Jets officially released 15 players. Leaving them with 77 players left on the roster (at least by my calculations) and two more players left wondering when their names will be called to turn in their play-books.

Headlining this group of cuts are veteran receiver Braylon Edwards and running back Joe McKnight. Edwards was signed right before camp, but his body wasn’t able to hold up. The Jets signed him with the intention of keeping him on a pitch count to keep his knee healthy, but that wasn’t enough as the Jets decided they needed a healthy body to fill that roster spot.

Joe McKnight was cut after a disappointing and underwhelming career with the Jets, McKnight was an electric kick returner, when he held onto the ball, but that ultimately wasn’t enough to keep him on the roster. McKnight got off to camp on the wrong foot, failing his conditioning test before passing it the next day, suffered from cramps and migraines, and was never able to recover enough to prove that he deserved a roster spot. (more…)

Lex Hilliard Out for Season, Tommy Bohanon to Start

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Florham Park, NJ- Lex Hilliard went down hard in yesterday’s practice and it was immediately apparent he suffered a serious injury once reporters saw his legs flailing around in pain. ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini is reporting that Hilliard will undergo season-ending surgery on a fractured shoulder blade.

With Hilliard out for the season the starting fullback job now belongs to seventh-round pick, from Wake Forest, Tommy Bohanon. Bohanon has officially won the starting job with Hilliard’s injury, but all this really did was speed up the timeline.

Lex Hilliard will undergo season-ending surgery on a fractured shoulder blade, officially giving the starting fullback job to rookie Tommy Bohanon.

Bohanon has had a strong camp performance and has impressed his coaches and teammates, even if Hilliard had stayed healthy he would have had trouble making the roster as teams don’t carry two fullbacks these days and Bohanon was clearly ahead on the depth chart.

Hilliard was signed during the season last year to take over for John Conner, who never quite lived up to Rex Ryan’s lofty aspirations, and signed a one-year deal to return to the Jets for this season. Luckily for the Jets they had already begun the process of moving on from Hilliard when they drafted Bohanon and this injury shouldn’t change the Jets final roster at all.

McIntyre and Barnes to Fill in for Coples

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Florham Park, NJ- Quinton Coples is not your average defensive player. If an average defender gets injured they can simply be replaced by another average defender, but to replace Coples the Jets will rely on two separate players.

Rex Ryan is understandably disappointed that Coples is expected to miss, at least, three-to-four weeks with a slight hairline fracture in his ankle, but he is hoping that Garrett McIntyre plus Antwan Barnes can equal one Quinton Coples, at least on a temporary basis.

Ryan had big plans for Coples this season, including moving him to outside linebacker. Coples still spent some time at defensive end in camp and will likely do so when he returns, but Ryan wants to use Coples in the at linebacker this season and until he returns it’ll be up to McIntyre and Barnes to split his responsibilities. (more…)

Sanchez Struggles In Typical Sanchez Fashion

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

East Rutherford, NJ – It was all there for the taking and Mark Sanchez gave it right back.

Tonight was Sanchez’s big chance to wow the coaching staff, ingratiate himself to the fans and put this quarterback competition to rest and for the first two drives that’s exactly what appeared to be happening.

But of course the metaphorical clock predictably struck midnight and the fifth-year quarterback turned back into a mistake making pumpkin.

Sanchez started out with a great, productive and mistake-free opening drive, six plays for 59 yards and a touchdown. He showed good composure throughout the drive and managed to find a wide open Jeff Cumberland for a 23-yard touchdown to give the Jets a 7-0 lead. After the Jaguars responded by quickly matching the Jets touchdown Sanchez lead another solid drive, this one six plays for 53 yards, before stalling and having to settle for a field goal.

Then those tricky wheels fell off that damn wagon. (more…)

Breaking Down the QB Battle Through Day Four

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

After the first four days of training camp the Jets have today off, which gives us the perfect chance to check in on how the quarterback battle is unfolding. There’s enough attention being devoted to the quarterback competition that there’s no need to write about it daily, but we will continue to find logical check-points to give updates on how the battle is progressing until a starter is eventually named.

After mini-camp it appeared Mark Sanchez would be the favorite to win the starting job, but clearly Geno Smith put in a lot of work during the five week vacation as he has looked much more comfortable running the offense since they got to Cortland. We here at JetsInsider don’t get into charting passes as there’s so many variables to consider we feel training camp stats can be incredibly misleading, what we try to do is judge the quarterbacks by the type of day they had (in individual passing drills, position drills, 7-on-7s and 11-on-11s) and add the days up to see who has been better overall. (more…)

Despite Setbacks Rex Ryan Not Concerned About Cornerback Depth

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Cortland, NY – With the Jets trading Darrelle Revis during the offseason everyone knew the Jets wouldn’t be as good at the top of their cornerback depth chart, but there was reason to believe they would be deeper than they were last year. With Dee Milliner’s continued absence and Aaron Berry’s season-ending ACL injury all of a sudden the Jets aren’t quite as deep as expected.

Milliner is one of just three rookies who have yet to sign contracts, Jonathan Cooper and Chance Warmack are the other two. The holdup is a bit puzzling since the new CBA was designed to eliminate this exact situation and there’s not much wiggle room in the contracts, as the salaries are slotted by draft position, but it appears the issue is a disagreement in the offset language and there’s no reason to think this holdout will continue all through camp.

“Well, you know, I am frustrated by it. I’m disappointed he’s not here, I’d like for Dee to be here there’s no question.” Rex Ryan said after being asked to compare it to the Darrelle Revis holdout, “But I think with Darrelle’s contract, he was under contract and I think that was a lot of my frustration. You know we had a player that was under contract and wasn’t there, you know. A player and an organization are going to do what’s in the best interest of each other or whatever, certainly the organization is and the player will also and that’s fine. If a guy was under contract, that’s where I would have the biggest frustration. You know here, this is business it’s not the first time that a player is not here because he hasn’t signed a contract.” (more…)

Running Back Roulette

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Cortland, NY – The running back group was all set to be one of the most intriguing battles throughout camp, but they certainly didn’t get off to a good start.

Joe McKnight failed his physical on check-in day, forcing the team to put him on the physically unable to perform list until he passed the physical. McKnight passed the physical yesterday and re-joined his teammates on the practice field and he sure seemed to be in perfectly fine physical shape.

Chris Ivory felt some tightness in his hamstring and not wanting to push it this early in camp decided to take it easy and sit out the first couple of days, his hope is to get back out there on Sunday.

Then there’s the curious case of Mike Goodson. The Jets signed Goodson during the offseason hoping he would be able to compete for a starting, or at least a significant, role, then he went and got arrested on drugs and weapons charges. Goodson is conspicuously absent from training camp and while the team knows why Goodson can’t be here, they’re not letting anyone else in on the secret. (more…)

Geno Smith Skips Jets West

Friday, July 12th, 2013

This week Mark Sanchez hosts his fourth annual Jets West camp, a time where the quarterback and many young receivers get together to run drills and work on the ins-and-outs of the playbook, but the biggest news from the camp is about who isn’t in attendance and that’s rookie quarterback Geno Smith.

There was some confusion about Smith and his possible Jets West invitation at the end of mini-camp, when asked if he would attend Smith simply responded with, “no comment.” This sent some people into a a bit of a tailspin before Smith later clarified he offered the, “no comment,” because he didn’t know what Jets West was and he was told anytime he’s asked a question about something he doesn’t know to simply say “no comment.” More confusion ensued as Sanchez said, “everyone is invited,” when asked if he invited Smith only for Smith to later say he still hadn’t received an invitation. (more…)

Kellen Winslow Signs One-Year Contract

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

After the first day of Kellen Winslow’s tryout with the Jets it was obvious the team would offer Winslow a contract if his body held up through the next two days of his tryout and now John Idzik made it official by signing the talented tight end to a one-year contract.

With the Jets being incredibly thin at not only tight end, but also at receiver the team was desperate to add a play-maker to help the quarterbacks and if Winslow can stay healthy this offense just improved as Winslow would be the odds on favorite to win the starting tight end job.

“I see exactly what you see.” Rex Ryan said before Wednesday’s practice. “I see that athleticism and his ability to catch the football jumps out.”

Winslow will enter training camp as the heavy favorite to win the starting role, with Jeff Cumberland, Konrad Reuland and Hayden Smith competiting to make the roster and be the next man up should Winslow’s body let him down.

Winslow shut himself down last season, saying he knew he couldn’t contribute at the level he has been accustomed to. So, he decided to sit out the year and hope for another chance this year, turns out it was a smart decision because he’s found that chance here with the Jets.

Winslow told reporters he still has, “years left,” in him and still expects to be a, “dynamic play-maker,” that’s what he’s been his entire career so he doesn’t expect that to change.

Winslow might not be able to dominate physically as often as he once did, but he gives the Jets a potential offensive weapon the team lacked before bringing him in. If he can stay healthy he could certainly be a huge help to whoever is quarterbacking this team during the season.

Drops on Drops on Drops

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Florham Park, NJ-┬áRex Ryan was not pleased with the amount of drops the team had during Tuesday’s practice and he expected yesterday’s practice to be much better.

“What wasn’t outstanding was I think the way we caught the football yesterday (Tuesday) and it’s always funny because you have these press conferences after the fact, a day late, you guys saw what I saw. We dropped a ton of balls. It wasn’t just one player, it was several.” Ryan said before yesterday’s practice, “Obviously we will be looking for improvement in that area today.”

Surely Ryan’s frustration level continued to grow yesterday as the drops became even more commonplace, on Tuesday it seemed like everyone had at least a drop, but yesterday it was Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley leading the way with one drop after another. Kerley had a bad day, but it’s easy to dismiss considering he doesn’t usually have issues catching the ball. Hill, still recovering from some minor swelling in his knee, has definitely improved his route running, as he is running much crisper routes, but he’s still struggling with the basics of being a wide receiver like catching the ball.

“I think the biggest thing if you are a receiver, the number one thing you do is catch the football. So, I think we better learn. We got to get that figured out. You catch the football. Whether it’s focus, whether it’s just having your hands in the right spot. The old thing we used to learn around the clock and all that stuff.” Ryan said, “Catch the football, you’re paid to catch the football. We expect it caught. When the ball is there, catch the ball. You know for us, you should be surprised if anybody ever drops a ball, yesterday (Tuesday) I was surprised when we caught it. It was like, ‘Wow, how many of those things are we going to drop today?’” (more…)