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Idzik shows Chris Johnson his poker face

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Free agent running back Chris Johnson spent all day at the Jets practice facilities yesterday, yet he left without a deal. Johnson has been in the New York area since last week causing the entire world to speculate that he would eventually sign with the Jets, but even though the visit was said to have gone well and been productive Johnson left Florham Park without signing a contract.

So what’s the hold up? Money of course.


Jets sign cornerback Dimitri Patterson

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

After agreeing to terms with wide receiver/return man Jacoby Ford yesterday the Jets also announced the signing of former Dolphins cornerback Dimitri Patterson to a one-year $3 million deal. The 30-year-old cornerback entered the league in 2005 with the Redskins before bouncing around to Minnesota, Kansas City, Philadelphia and Cleveland before stint in Miami.

Patterson is the very definition of a journeyman, but over the past few years has become an effective corner when he stays healthy. Staying healthy has been a problem as he has only played in six games last year due to a groin injury he suffered in training camp that continued to nag him all season long, but when he’s healthy he can play the press-corner role on the outside or line up in the slot. In the six games Patterson played last year he had four interceptions (more than any Jet corners last year), he’s got coverage skills and play-making ability he just needs to find a way to stay healthy. (more…)

The Importance of Calvin Pace Explained by Bart Scott

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

While John Idzik continues to get criticized for “missing” on free agent targets that he didn’t actually miss on as much as he wasn’t willing to be the highest bidder on, many of Idzik’s smart aquistions continue to fly under the radar. Locking up for Folk was smart, but it’s a kicker so it’s hard to get too excited about, letting Austin Howard go to replace him with Breno Giacomini for less money was another smart move, but the move that seems to be getting overlooked the most was the re-signing of Calvin Pace for two-years and $5 million.

Pace’s true value and impact on this Jets defense has been overlooked and misunderstood his entire time here, this is not an uncommon thing amongst linebackers as you’re soon to read, when Pace signed a six-year $42 million contract with the Jets in 2008 misguided fans expected double-digit sacks from him every year. Fans wanted tangible numbers they could point to in the stat sheet to gauge his impact, problem is football doesn’t work like that. Stats are almost meaningless by themselves, there’s too many varibles that no one outside the team can account for and the way defenses are structured tend to help some guys pad their stats while other guys do the dirty work and free up their stat compiling teammates. (more…)

Willie Colon Returns to Jets on One-Year Deal

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

The Jets officially announced the return of guard Willie Colon, aka the bully from the Bronx, who agreed to a one-year deal that will pay him $2 million.

Colon is still recovering from a torn biceps injury he suffered at the end of the season last year and while he’s not the same player he was years ago, talent-wise, he brings an aggressive mentality and certain nastiness that was missing on the Jets line before he joined the team.

The Jets had talent on the offensive-line, but they were missing that mean streak that Colon brings. Colon’s attitude and brawler’s mentality brings up the energy level of his teammates and wears on and frustrates opponents. The Jets added another nasty brawler with the signing of right tackle Breno Giacomini and assuming Colon can return healthy he and Giacomini will form a devastatingly powerful right side of the line. (more…)

Grading the Decker and Giacomini Signings

Friday, March 14th, 2014

John Idzik has been relatively quite so far this free agency, but he has managed bring in two new impact players, receiver Eric Decker and right tackle Breno Giacomini, as well as extending some of his own players such as Nick Folk, Leger Douzable and Jeff Cumberland. It’s still way too early in the process to grade Idzik’s performance in this year’s free agency as a whole, but it’s not too early to grade the signings he actually made. Obvious these grades are subjective as of now and are subject to change based on the play of the signees, but who has the patience required for that?

For most of the positions (cornerback, safety, guard and tight end specifically) Idzik has earned nothing more than an incomplete, fortunately their first game isn’t until September and there’s still another two rounds of cuts to be made by teams and of course the draft in which Idzik can use to finalize a good grade. For now we have two signings to look at and, for the sanity of Jets fans everywhere, hopefully there will be more soon, but let’s stick with what we do have and that’s Decker and Giacomini. (more…)

Why So Quiet on the Jetsern Front?

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Free agency officially began yesterday at 4 p.m. and all it took was about 20-30 minutes of inactivity by the Jets to send some fans running for a ledge to jump off of. Other teams wasted no time pouncing on available free agents and offering players an ungodly amount of money, meanwhile the Jets big news was agreeing to a contract extension with their kicker and losing their starting right tackle to the Raiders.

So why, with all this cap space available, have the Jets been so quiet?

It’s the same story every year, the first day of free agency is for the teams willing to wildly overspend and John Idzik is not that guy. Idzik is calculated and will determine a player’s value and won’t cross that line. This is good news Jets fans, the teams that are most active on the first day of free agency constantly find themselves in the same situation year after year, the smart teams don’t spend money just because they have it. (more…)

Santonio Holmes Released

Monday, March 10th, 2014

The Jets continue their salary cap savings as they have officially released Santonio Holmes. The team announced the move on Twitter earlier today.

As with the release of Antonio Cromartie yesterday this was an expected move. Holmes would have been owed a $1 million roster bonus if he would have been on the roster on March 13, instead the Jets released him and freed up $8.25 million in immediate cap relief. (more…)

Jets Release Cromartie

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

In a move that should surprise no one the Jets informed cornerback Antonio Cromartie that he would be released. The Jets will save $9.5 million against the cap by releasing Cromartie and he acknowledged after the season he knew this move would be coming.

Cromartie took to Twitter to thank the Jets organization and the fans after officially hearing the news from the Jets. “I would like 2 thank the Jets organization so much with helping me grow as a leader and a player. S/O 2 my teammates I wish u guys the best.” Cromartie tweeted before adding another tweet for the fans, “I would also like to give a big up to The Jets Fan base. Thank you for all the support thru my 4 yr career with you. Thank you again.” (more…)

Updated Free Agency News, Extensions, New Signings and Cuts

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

The free agency period has officially begun as teams are now allowed to negotiate contracts with all available free agents. Before noon today teams were allowed to negotiate and re-sign their own free agents as well as sign free agents who were released from their former teams before their contract was up. Teams can negotiate with restricted and unrestricted free agents now, but can’t officially sign a new deal until March 11th.

Over the next couple of weeks we will keep a running list of all the players the Jets re-sign, newly acquire or cut/let walk and we will do our best to update the list as more information becomes available. (more…)

Jets and Jeff Cumberland Agree to Three-Year Extension

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

According to multiple reports Jets tight end Jeff Cumberland has agreed to a three-year extension to remain with the team. The deal was struck just hours before Cumberland was set to hit the open market where he would have been allowed to start negotiating with other teams.

Extending Cumberland makes a ton of sense for the Jets as Cumberland, while certainly not a top end number one tight end, is still a matchup problem for defenses if he can just become more consistent and more importantly if the Jets can add playmakers around him. As the starting tight end, with only Jeremy Kerley and David Nelson being the only two other viable options, Cumberland is only capable of so much, but if the Jets can add another tight end or two and two or three receivers he suddenly becomes a much bigger weapon. (more…)