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QB Clemens survives as Jets get ready for final tuneup

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - The New York Jets took to a scorching hot field for their final practice before the last preseason game. Tomorrow is an off day and on Thursday night the players travel to Philadelphia for a battle of second and third stringers.

The fourth and final game of the preseason is traditionally a game for the fringe players to make one more impression on the coaches with the hope of planting their flag as a member of the regular season roster. After the injuries, to Calvin Pace and the less serious ankle injury to Brodney Pool, in last week’s game Rex Ryan is going tread even more carefully than normal. Ryan said, “None of the starters are playing anyway.” (more…)

Jets – Redskins Preview

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Tonight the Jets and Redskins face off for their third preseason game of the year. Traditionally the third preseason game is the most important of the offseason and this year is no different for the Jets.

The Jets as a unit have struggled for consistency all preseason and they hope to kick into high gear and and finish this game in regular season form. In the first game against the Giants the first team did their job leaving Rex Ryan pleased, but then came the second and third teams, who quite frankly stunk up the joint. The second game against the Pathers, it was the offenses turn to come out flat. While the defense and special teams won the game for the Jets, causing multiple turnovers and holding the Panthers to just three points. (more…)

Safety Security

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

August 25, 2010 - No matter how good a defense is upfront and with their corners, the last line of defense is always the safeties. If your safeties are constantly getting beat it means your constantly giving up big plays. Having two quality safeties is of the utmost importance when making sure you have a secure, impenetrable, Fort Knox style defense.

Everyone who follows the NFL knows that the Jets had the number one defense in the league last year. They also have no problem rattling off some of the big names on defense, but there are a couple key members of the secondary who often fly under the radar. (more…)

Light Practice In New Jersey

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Florham Park, NJ- The Jets ended their stay in Cortland last week and today they continued their training camp tour around the tri-state area. Today and tomorrow’s practices will be held at the Jet’s new headquarters in Florham Park, NJ. Practice was supposed to be open to the public both days, but because of this morning’s rain only VIP fans got to watch the relatively light practice.

The big news of the day was the scuttlebutt that carried over from yesterday involving rumors about two different players and their contract status. Yesterday morning, Tim Cowlishaw from the Dallas Morning News and a regular on ESPN’s “Around the Horn,” tweeted that he had a reliable source that told him the Jets and Darrelle Revis have agreed to terms with an announcement to come later in the week. Since this tweet was released there has been a flurry of people trying to debunk Cowlishaw’s tip. Going back and forth trying to decipher whose information is more reliable, is enough to make your head spin like the girl from, “The Exorcist.”

Defense Dominates Final Day In Cortland

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

CORTLAND, NY – Today’s practice was the last in Cortland, NY for the Jets this year. Tomorrow the players will leave their isolated hideout and return to civilization, but today the defense was determined to get the most out of their last day in seclusion.

Rex Ryan was extremely pleased with what he saw out of his defense today, saying, “Today was a day that was really dominated by the defense. That’s why I think Schotty (offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer) had, we had our practice schedule then it looked like the offense had a little bonus work afterwards.” (more…)


Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Jets reserves can’t hold lead as Giants Beat Gang Green in first game at the New Meadowlands Stadium

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – This was the night New York football fans were looking forward to, the Jets and the Giants finally got to christened their new stadium. With all the extra hype and attention being payed to this game it was easy to forget it was just a preseason game, but by the start of the second quarter that fact couldn’t of been more clear to anyone still left in the stadium.

Giants QB Eli Manning walked away from this sack bloodied but his team walked out with a 31-16 win over the Jets. ( Photo)

The past couple of weeks, the Jets have dominated the NFL headlines. Whether the talk was about the All-Pro holdout, Darrelle Revis, Rex Ryan’s, “foul,” language or the war of words between the two NY teams leading up to the game, if you wanted to hear any football news, you had to deal with hearing about the Jets.

The stadium is no longer called Giants Stadium, the two teams now rightfully split ownership of the stadium, but today all you saw was green plastered everywhere. The stadium is gigantic with the most up to date technology possible and it is an extremely pleasant sight to see in person, but forget the specs of the stadium, they did play a football game tonight.

The Jets defense was amped up and ready to go from the opening whistle and they showed it by causing a three and out on the Giants first drive. The Giants tried to establish the running game, but Kris Jenkins broke through the Giants offensive line disrupting Bradshaw’s path, knocking him back into Bryan Thomas’s arms as Thomas made the tackle for a four-yard loss. The next two passes where incompletions from Eli Manning forcing the Giants to punt, with the Jets taking over on their own 45.

Jets fans had to love what they saw in their defense with the first drive, but they had to hate what they saw on Mark Sanchez’s first pass of the game even more. After a one-yard carry by Shonn Greene, Sanchez tried to squeeze a pass, through two defenders and, into L.T.’s hands. The pass was just behind L.T. and got deflected in the air for Antrel Rolle to calmly run under the ball and return the pick for 59-yards the other way before being tackled by Dustin Keller at the Jets three yard line. The Giants were determined to run the ball into the end zone and finally succeeded, on the third attempt after being shut down the first two tries, as Brandon Jacobs scored a one-yard touchdown to put the first points on this new scoreboard, giving the Giants a 7-0 lead.

Jets fans might of got a little sick to their stomach after watching that first play considering they have spent the entire offseason listening to reports about Sanchez’s progress, but the proof of those reports was shown in how Sanchez bounced back and finished the half.

Sanchez said, “I don’t think you could script a worst start on your first play of your second season, but you know what? Sometimes those things happen, it wasn’t the best ball in the world to L.T…. I put it on his back shoulder kind of, and I got to lead him with the ball. Especially balls like that over the middle, numbers and lower so they don’t get tipped up.” Sanchez went onto say, “We battled back and I was proud of our effort. I think maybe last year I would of been upset and down in the dumps, and you know this year it was easy to just turn around and say you know, no big deal let’s get it back.”

And battle back he did and it started on the very next drive. Sanchez came back with a nice easy rollout pass to Dustin Keller for a nine-yard gain. After a couple of bruising running plays from Shonn Greene, of six and seven-yard gains, Sanchez calmly dropped back and threw the ball into the outstretched fingers of Cotchery for a seven-yard pick up and a first down. Sanchez hit L.T. on a check down pass that L.T. took and scampered to the four-yard line with and on the next play Sanchez hit Brad Smith on a quick wide receiver screen for a four-yard touchdown, thanks to some blown coverage from the Giants.

Sanchez played the entire first half and after that nightmare first pass, he ended his night with some impressive numbers, finishing 13-17 for 119 yards, one touchdown and one pick. Shonn Greene ran the ball extremely well tonight on limited carries, five carries for 26 yards, and L.T. had a nice game catching the ball out of the backfield, proving he will be a valuable and dangerous weapon for Sanchez to utilize.

The Jets first team defense most definitely showed up as they held the Giants to just 12 first-half rushing yards and only 85 yards passing and one quarterback knockout, leaving Eli Manning beaten and bloodied. On a 3rd down play in the second quarter, Manning dropped back to pass the ball, as there was a miscommunication between him and Jacobs and Jacobs jumped in Manning’s way, knocking the ball out of his hands and knocking Manning off balance and into the charging Calvin Pace as Pace cracked Manning from the back. Knocking Manning’s helmet off and his face into Jim Leonard’s Facemask, which opened up a nasty three-inch gash on his forehead which ended his night requiring 12 stitches.

Kyle Wilson and Antonio Cromartie did a good job of hiding the fact that Revis wasn’t in the building, but once that second string defense came in you really started to see how Revis’ absence sends ripple effects through the Jets depth chart. Ryan said, “You got to tip your hat to the Giants, they did a much better job than we did in the second half. I thought our starters played about the way we expected to play….I was really happy with the way the first defense played, but as happy as I was with the way our ones played, I was totally disappointed with the way our twos played… These are some guys that we are counting on to give us good depth and guys that are going to have to play and we got whipped by them.”

What Ryan was talking about was the way Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz just ate up the Jets second team secondary, finishing the night with seven catches for 145-yards and three touchdowns, beating Dwight Lowery twice and Drew Coleman once. Cruz repeatedly blew past defenders getting two deep touchdowns, one from 34-yards out and the biggest play, for 64-yards.

Ryan clearly wasn’t happy with the second team’s performance, but he made sure to give the proper players their due credit. Ryan said, “I was mentioning to Coughlin, I don’t know who this, number three is (Cruz) but he is pretty darn good. So I hope they cut him, I know one team that will be ready to sign him and that’s us.”

The Jets kept their starters in longer than the Giants, as promised, yet longer than expected as they played almost the entire first half and the Jets won the first half, 13-10. The second half was all Giants as Cruz took over scoring three second half touchdowns

Center Nick Mangold sat out the game tonight for the Jets with a headache, nothing serious just a cautionary move, “better safe than sorry.” Ryan said.

Kellen Clemens checked in as the Jets second quarterback of the game, which was surprising at first considering the Jets have already declared Brunell as the number two, but there was some thought that maybe the Jets were giving Clemens a try-out for other teams, if that is the case he might of impressed somebody as he finished 7-10 for 84 yards. Brunell was only 1-3 for 14 yards and Kevin O’Connell had a rough night going 8-13 for 70 yards and two picks, the first being a terrible ball he just chucked in the air on his first pass.

Jets safety Eric Smith made a strong impression, delivering a couple bone crushing hits and getting his hands on a punt to give the Jets excellent field position in the first half.

Nick Folk was 3-4 on field goal attempts, including two makes from 36-yards, one from 22 and a miss on a 46-yard field goal.

The Jets have a quick turn around as they have to travel to play Carolina next and that played a part in Ryan’s decision to play the first team so long. He says the first team will be very limited in the Carolina game because of the short week, so he wanted to give them some extra work tonight. It is still just preseason so the loss is easy to write off, but there has to be plenty of Jets fans out there wishing Ryan kept his starters in the whole game just to beat the Giants, either way the first preseason game is over. Which means the games that actually count on the scoreboard are less than a month away.

Jets Offense Still Shining

Friday, August 13th, 2010

The Jets offense is beginning to click on all cylinders and today the ground game really began to take flight. Anyone following Jets camp has heard about the glowing reviews of L.T.’s performance so far and today was no different, but he wasn’t alone. Shonn Greene had another big day of bowling defenders over and the rookie, John “The Terminator,” Conner, continued to bulldoze a path of destruction through the defense.


Rookie Watch: Wilson Starting? Who Is Jeff Cumberland?

Monday, August 9th, 2010

With all the big name acquisitions the Jets made during the offseason it’s easy to forget the rookies, but after watching a few days of practice it’s even easier to see why their teammates are paying close attention.

Just how much attention are they drawing? Well first round pick, cornerback Kyle Wilson, has made such an impact that one of the guy’s competing with him for the nickelback position, [should Revis return] Dwight Lowry, actually suggested that Wilson should practice with the first team opposite Antonio Cromartie today.


Training Camp Week Two Begins

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Week two of the Jets training camp officially got underway this morning and from all accounts things picked up right where they left off last week. Abundance of story lines?Check. Fights breaking out? Check. Rex Ryan glowing about the performance of his players?Well that should go without saying by now.


Day Three Recap; Jenkins Returns

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

CORTLAND, NY - And on the third day he returned. After sitting out the first two practices, DT Kris Jenkins returned to the field complete with pads and a helmet looking to ease his way back into playing shape. Looking much slimmer Jenkins played only in small doses today, but in those short spurts he reminded everyone what a physically dominating force he can be.

When asked about how his knees felt after his first practice Jenkins said, “They felt good, they felt good. I’m not settled in yet, this is my first practice back and there’s still some rust on my joints, on everything, but I’ll get it off and I’ll be back to playing shape in no time.”

Everyone was psyched today to see big #77 back in pads and on the field today. ( Photo)

Hearing this is of course great news for Jets fans, but what should really excite them is how impressed Ryan was with what he saw out of Jenkins today. Ryan said, “Today I was really impressed. Because you know there’s that thing you can be in shape, you can have all that stuff, but let’s face it, he hasn’t had the pads on now for a long time and he went out there getting the double teams and all that stuff, he split a couple of double teams.”

Ryan went on to say, “It was fun just to watch him play, he’s moving great, he looks terrific and again his weights down, but I was like wow! I thought he would be a little more tentative and just the opposite, he went in there just like he was riding a bike.”

Both Jenkins and Ryan have talked about being careful to walk that fine line of getting Jenkins ready for the season and not trying to push him too far. When asked to elaborate on this Jenkins said, “It’s like this, when you play a position like mine when your on the line, your pounding all the time. It’s a lot of wear and tear things like that. If you have bad habits, especially when you get older, those habits will catch up and it will run you out the league, literally. As you get older you got you have to learn how to be smart and take care of yourself and do things the right way to prolong your career.”

Jenkins won’t be the only Jets player practicing for the first time this training camp today. Wide receiver Santonio Holmes reported for camp this morning and he will be participating in the afternoon practice today and Sanchez couldn’t be more excited about it. “It’s going to be huge. To get another speed guy, stretching the field. Somebody they have to respect, underneath routes, down the field routes, he can do it all and he has had a great attitude about joining the team just like everyone we acquired this offseason. So it’s going to be fun to have him back.”

Shaun Ellis sat out practice today, reportedly just getting the day off to rest. Ellis said he feels fine, he was told to take the day off and he wasn’t going to argue about it. In the press conference Ryan said that’s something they will continue to do with some of the older veteran players throughout camp.

The practice started out with a smaller crowd than yesterday, but the fans who were here got to see the most intense and entertaining practice of the camp so far. Explosions of pads colliding were generating all types of energy from the crowd and even from the coaches. Very early in the practice you could tell defensive coordinator Mike Pettine was pleased with what he was seeing out of his group. “It’s never too early for some helmet to helmet contact.” Clearly Ryan’s personality and intensity is rubbing off on his other coaches as well.

There were an incalculable amount of bone crunching hits to please the fans, but the stars of this practice were Sanchez and the two man show that has become the daily battle between Braylon Edwards and Antonio Cromartie. This has been the most fascinating one on one competition of camp by far. Sanchez is thrilled to be throwing to Edwards, but he can’t wait until he isn’t throwing against Cromartie during the season.

When asked about Cromartie and his performance today, “The first one was just a bad ball by me, another one in the end zone I thought was a for sure touchdown, but he used those long arms to reach around and swat it away. He’s a heck of a player.”

Sanchez then went on to talk about Edwards and said, “He’s such a different player this year. Really working hard, having to lose some weight come out here do some running for conditioning and then to come out and make a play like that, that says a lot about how he is coming along.”

Sanchez, Edwards and Ryan have all talked about how much more comfortable Edwards is this year, now that not only does he know his role in the entire playbook, but he knows everyone’s role, so he knows what’s going on around him at all times and he understands what types of adjustments and breaks he can make. Today he continued to impress making another leaping one handed catch while showing outstanding body control to stay inbounds during a two-minute drill.

Sanchez continues to improve more and more each day. He is clearly much more comfortable and confident than he was at any point last year and he is rifling the ball right to his target more often than not. During 7-7 drills, Sanchez was 4-6, with three touchdowns, one of the incompletions was a smart throwaway ball when he realized he had nowhere to go and it would be better to settle for the field goal. Something like that would of never happened last year, not even in practice.

This year it seems Sanchez doesn’t feel the need to prove himself as much as last year. The team knows and accepts him as a leader of this team and he is growing more confident with each day, just as the team’s confidence in him continues to grow.

When asked about his new found patience Sanchez said, “That decision making is happening quicker, sometimes defensive schemes trump all your reads. They cancel out everything because everyone just gets back and when you have a guy like L.T. or Shonn Greene, underneath just sitting there waiting, sometimes you don’t have to wait through the entire read, sometimes you just get it to them right away.”

Today makes day four of the Revis holdout and it looks like it will continue even longer. The Jets will have their second practice of the day this afternoon and they hope to pick up right where they left off. Sanchez called the morning practice a tie between the offense and defense and he is determined to get the victory in the afternoon practice.

Make sure to continue to follow for more updates from training camp.

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