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Revis Out For Buffalo, Pace Still Questionable

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- For the second straight week Darrelle Revis has been ruled out for Sunday. The Secondary will have to wait at least another week to have their All-World corner, back and will have to hope the change made by giving Coleman more reps will be enough to hold off the Bills.

Calvin Pace is still progressing, but Ryan is becoming less confident that their best pass rusher will be ready for this sunday.

Ryan said, “Calvin Pace, you know, we had him doing some drills and all that kind of jazz, but he really did not participate in team drills. So we’ll see about that, I’m not as optimistic as I was, but I’m definitely not saying he won’t play because I think there is a chance he will.” (more…)

Rex Says Ground and Pound Still His Preference

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- After last season and the struggles of the rookie quarterback no one would have predicted this. The expectations were the same all across the board, play great defense, run the ball, all day, to eat up the clock and let Mark Sanchez manage the game.

The actuality is the Jets have almost as many pass attempts as rushing attempts so far this season, 82 rushing attempts to 79 pass attempts. Sanchez hasn’t just managed the game, he has continually made plays to win the last two games for the Jets.

Imagine if you asked anyone, before the season, what the Jets record would be if after three games the Jets had almost as many passes as rushes, you think many people would haves guessed 2-1? (more…)

Jets Sign DE Trevor Pryce

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- After having lost a couple of their own players from the practice squad to other teams, that felt they needed the players more, the Jets swooped in and signed defensive end Trevor Pryce.

The Ravens waived Pryce on Wednesday due to roster shuffling similar to what the Jets had to deal with in their practice squad moves. The Ravens were confident Pryce would be returning to them, but the Jets weren’t going to miss out on the chance to reunite Pryce with his former defensive coordinator.


Drew Coleman Earns Temporary Promotion

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- It’s doubtful Rex Ryan and his coaching staff have been listening to the outrage from Jet fans about the play of Kyle Wilson, but regardless the coaching staff has reached the same conclusion as many of their fans.

That conclusion is that Kyle Wilson isn’t quite ready to be this teams number two cornerback just yet.

Today the Jet coaching staff decided they were going to start mixing Drew Coleman in with the first team defense and shift some of the pressure off of rookie Kyle Wilson by sliding him over to the nickel spot. (more…)

Pace Returns to Practice

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- So far this year the Jet defense hasn’t come close to looking anywhere near the dominating defense they were last year, leaving some fans to wonder if the Jets are now more of an offense based team.

While the idea is a product of the, ‘prisoner of the moment,’ aspect of our culture it’s undeniable that the Jets won their first two games because of Sanchez more than the defense. This didn’t happen last year, not at all, and while the Jets have to be thrilled with what they have seen from Sanchez so far they have to be disappointed with the overall play of their defense.


Jets Lose RB Washington to Rams

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- The Jets depth issues caused by early season injuries, as well as a suspension and a quarter-benching, are beginning to have a ripple effect on the rest of the Jets roster. Due to the early injuries to front of the depth chart players the Jets had to shuffle around their active roster and practice squad to shore up the bottom part of the depth chart at the injury depleted positions.

These moves have been necessary, but they have forced the Jets to take a chance that other teams wouldn’t come in and scoop up some of their practice players. Two weeks ago it was the New England Patriots signing fan favorite Danny Woodhead and yesterday it was the St. Louis Rams signing Chauncey Washington as insurance incase their own star running back, Steven Jackson, has to miss time with a groin injury he suffered in the Rams win over the Redskins on Sunday.


Jets-Dolphins Air It Out in Jets 31-23 Victory

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- Predicting how a Jets-Dolphins game will turn out always proves to be a humungous waste of time. The Jets and Dolphins are notorious for having highly entertaining grudge matches broadcast over national television and somehow they still manage to surprise everyone with exactly how the game unfolds.

Last night was no different, with the majority of the media seemingly somewhat split on who would win the game, the one thing most people could agree on was that the game would be a defensive battle that would most likely be won on the ground. Which of course meant that it would be a high-scoring game with the winner being determined by the passing game. (more…)

Jets – Dolphins Preview

Friday, September 24th, 2010

In case anyone is wondering, the Jets do still have a game scheduled against the Dolphins this Sunday. The Jets have become a lightning rod of controversy lately and since Sanchez silenced his football critics last week all that’s left for people to pick on are things unrelated to football, for this week at least.

Braylon Edwards DWI arrest doesn’t cancel the game, the two teams still have to actually line-up on the field and play some football. Regardless of how you feel about Edwards’ actions the fact is there is no precedent in place to punish Edwards anymore than to say he won’t start.

Edwards is far from the first NFL player to get a DWI (In fact the Dolphins, Ronnie Brown, got one of his own this summer, but no one was calling for him to miss game-time) and he certainly won’t be the last. Due to the CBA, teams can’t suspend players for DWIs, only the league can and they will only do so on your second substance abuse offense.

The general public and much of the media seems to forget this is a legal issue and how and if the Jets or the NFL decide to punish him isn’t going to have any effect on the legal punishment he will have to deal with on his day in court. This however is not a website where people debate legal merit or moral standards, here the focus is on football and there is a pretty gigantic game that is going to be played on Sunday night as the Jets take their talents to South Beach. (more…)

Revis Out, Will Stay In Jersey For Treatment

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- It was mentioned as a mere footnote throughout the day, but it’s impact will ultimately have much more of an effect on game results than the news that dominated the day.

By now you’ve obviously heard about Braylon Edwards’ DWI arrest. If you were to have spent any time at the Jets facilities today, that’s pretty much all you would of heard about. Camera after camera filled the small press conference room up to way past it’s capacity and reporter after reporter asked some variation of maybe three different questions, all on the topic of Edwards.

Not all the news was about Edwards though as Rex Ryan took advantage of this opportunity to inform the media that Darrelle Revis will not be playing this weekend against Miami. In fact, Revis won’t even take the flight he will be staying home in New Jersey getting treatment on his strained hamstring. (more…)

Communication Is Indeed Key

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- There is a lot to talk about when dissecting the Jets 28-14 victory over the Patriots, but there were some noticeable issues that need to be addressed that have been lost in the shadows of the brilliance that was the second half.

With the way the rest of the game played out, it’s easy to forget about the fact that the Jets only ran three plays in the entire first quarter. The Jets only got one possession in the first quarter and quickly went three-and-out, other than that the quarter was dominated by the Patriots eating up clock and running up and down the field. (more…)