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Exploring the Details of “Revis Mania.”

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

The last couple of days were a whirlwind of drama, excitement, constantly changing breaking news and even more hilarity than normal.

Yup, things were that crazy and with the amount of comedic genius material collected over the past couple of days, prepare yourself for the onslaught of hysterical quotes and inside views that have slipped between the cracks with the abundance of repetitive information you’ve been reading everywhere you look.

Pure craziness is the best way to describe the last few days, so crazy in fact that this article is going to have to switch into first person mode. (more…)

T-Rich Returns To Practice With Revis

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J. -No need to worry for paranoid fans who might of been scared this roller-coster saga would take some weird unexpected bump in the night. Yes, Darrelle Revis was back on the practice field today, but he was not the only player to return.

On one of the first plays of practice, the players joined in mockingly cheering Revis as he made an easy catch and open jog towards the end-zone in routine non-contact interception drills.

With all the cameras clearly focused on Revis, safety Jim Leonhard yelled out, “Hey T-Rich is back too.” The news broke yesterday as Rex Ryan confirmed, during yesterday’s press conference, that Richardson would be returning in time for week one. Today Richardson was back on the practice field with his team. It appears the original move to cut Richardson was a cautionary move just incase Revis didn’t return, as they waived cornerback Brian Jackson in order to bring Richardson back. If Richardson plays in week one his contract situation would be the same as before he got cut. (more…)

Revis Island Surfaces In New Jersey

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Florham Park, NJ- Late last night the news broke that Rex Ryan and owner Woody Johnson had personally flown down to Florida to speak to Darrelle Revis. Shortly after that news broke, reports of a deal finally being struck began to leak.

Jet fans were beginning to get extremely antsy, wondering if Revis Island had been lost somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, some fans of the television show, “Lost,” might have been thinking Revis Island was stuck in a time loop and Jets’ management didn’t know the correct coordinates to locate Revis Island.

Well Jet fans you can breath easy now, because All-World cornerback Darelle Revis officially entered the building today and will begin practicing tomorrow. (more…)