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Jets Prepare to Battle Broncos and Altitude

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- The Jets will travel to Denver on Friday night to give themselves an extra day to get acclimated to the Denver time change and altitude.

It’s hardly a secret to football fans that Denver has one of the most unique home field advantages in all of sports, it’s such an advantage that it’s a part of their stadium’s name. Mile High Stadium, of course because of the influx of corporate sponsors now it’s called Invesco Field at Mile High, but the fact that they kept the Mile High speaks volumes.

Switching into Captain Obvious mode, Denver is called the ‘Mile High City,’ because the city is located at an elevation of a mile above sea level, which means the air is thinner in Denver. Thinner air makes it harder to breathe when doing strenuous physical activity over a long period of time, a football game would be a perfect example of said physical activity. (more…)

Nick Folk Named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- The Jets may not be happy about having to settle for field goals five times in their game against Minnesota on Monday night, but they sure are happy about the guy they have kicking them.

Rex Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaum took a calculated risk this offseason when they jettisoned kicker Jay Feely from their team and added Nick Folk. The move wasn’t made because the Jets were unhappy with Feely, it was made because of the restrictions that were placed on them during the free agency period due to the ‘Final Eight,’ rule that was put into effect for this uncapped offseason.

With this rule, these teams could only sign a free agent if one of their own free agents were signed by somebody else, so the Jets decided to let Feely sign with Arizona so they could turn around and sign Jason Taylor. So far so good on the decision to go after Taylor, but the other issue that this move caused was now the Jets needed to search for a kicker. (more…)

Revis Practices, But Will He Play?

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- There was a surprising sight on the Jets practice field today. After watching Darrelle Revis clearly struggle on the field Monday night and later hearing that he said his hamstring was swollen and sore many people had assumed he would sit out next week against the Broncos, especially with the Jets bye week starting after the game.

So imagine everyone’s surprise when Revis was on the field with the rest of his teammates during the time the media was allowed to watch practice today. Now as previously stated here at, there is little more done than light stretching and jog through team drills during the time the media is allowed to watch so as always, check in later for updates for if Revis participation was limited or not.


Rex Ryan said, “Injury update, I know this will surprise everybody, but Darrelle and Calvin didn’t practice today. Darrelle actually did individuals (drills), then was held out of all the team activities”

Immediate reaction after the game, from everyone outside the Jets organization, seemed to be that it would be a wise choice to rest Revis against Denver to make sure he is healthy after the bye week. But Revis and the Jets might be looking at it differently. (more…)

Same Old Jets? Not Anymore

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- The Jets started out strong on defense, but sputtered on offense failing to score a touchdown and being forced to settle for field goals instead. Still they built what felt like a nice comfortable lead, especially considering the Vikings couldn’t get anything going offensively in the first half.

Jets fans have seen this movie before, about 6,487 times too many, but last night there was a special surprise ending the fans had been waiting for.

For a Jets fan to watch their team build a nice lead only to let their opponent hang around and make a comeback is what always provokes the disappointing sighs of, “same old Jets.”

Jets fans are used to seeing last night's game with a different ending, but Rex Ryan has surgically implanted a new identity into his team. ( Photo).

And you best believe the stadium was echoing loudly with people muttering those three words over and over as the Vikings came back to make Jets fans sweat it out. What Jets fans aren’t used to, is the Jets finding a way to stop the bleeding, regrouping and finding a way to gut out a hard fought and well deserved victory, even if the victory should of been decided at halftime.

Forget about the entirety of the Jets history, let’s just go back to week one of this season, for awhile there it seemed all too similar.

Upon arriving at the stadium there was a gigantic black cloud that was swallowing every inch of clear sky as far as the eye could see. Then the thunder and lighting came, followed by the game being delayed and fans being ushered out of their seats and into the concourse of the stadium. There was no difference between this set up and the set up for the season opener against the Ravens, okay well maybe this storm seemed a bit more serious.

But the weather wasn’t the only reason this game felt like a re-run of the Ravens game. In both games the Jets defense came out strong making plays immediately, the offense had trouble finding a rhythm and got halted in their tracks far too often, but worst of all was the early penalties that killed some early offensive drives.

The Jets took a 9-0 halftime lead, but they should have been able to turn at least one of those three field goals into seven points instead of three, and there inability to do just that allowed the Vikings to hang around just enough to make this uncomfortably interesting.

After the Jets scored another field goal to extend their lead to 12-0, the Vikings finally struck as Favre dropped back and launched a perfectly placed deep bomb to Randy Moss as he caught the ball in stride just as his feet touched down in the end zone right at the sidelines. It wasn’t a lack a execution on the defense it was just a perfect pass and perfect route, and that’s what made it so scary.

When a team dominates the game the way the Jets were dominating the game, but can only build a marginal lead because of a failure to score touchdowns instead of field goals it often leads to breakdowns at the end that let the other team come back and steal a victory. But Jets fans know this, they have seen this far too many times and the fans in the stadium were bracing themselves for the inevitable.

Cue up the Vikings drive right after Shonn Greene’s 23-yard touchdown scamper that seemed to have put the game away for the Jets. After the Vikings had cut the Jets lead to 15-13 in the fourth quarter the Jets finally put together an offensive drive that ended with them reaching the end zone to take a 22-13 lead with about four and a half minutes left. But the game was anything but over and shame on any Jets fans who didn’t realize that.

One minute and twenty-one seconds later the Vikings had driven all the way down the field and scored another touchdown to cut the Jets lead to 22-20. Panic began to set in through out the crowd. Fans were yelling, screaming and cursing every chance they got, the ranting wasn’t even making sense at this point. Any outside observer unfamiliar with the Jets history would have been wondering what was wrong with these psychotic fans, what had happened to them throughout their lives to make them react in such a way.

As incoherent and nonsensical as some of the rants were, they still made perfect sense. It’s not that there wasn’t plenty of legitimate things for the fans to be aggravated about, it’s just that they were so mad and caught up in the, “Oh, God no, please not again,” factor that all their complaints were jumbled into one long never ending grunt.

When the Jets failed to complete a first down and had to punt the ball back to the Vikings with only 1:48 left in a 22-20 game the fans were bracing themselves for a Vikings field goal to steal this game. At least thats how Jets games normally end anyway.

But instead the ending turned out to be vintage Favre, not vintage Jets. Forget all the back-and-forth about Favre holding teams hostage, sending dirty pictures to sideline reporters or any of that, in 20 years none of that will matter. What will matter is Favre will be remembered as one of the best quarterbacks ever and anyone who wants to argue will find it a difficult task as soon as his numbers are mentioned. The one thing that really plagues Favre as a player is just what happened last night.

In order to get the Vikings back in the game Favre needed to play lights out and that’s exactly what he did for a short period of time. This is what Favre does, he made two beautiful touchdown passes that couldn’t of been thrown any better, he withstood the beating the Jets pass rush gave him, but ultimately after everything good he did, he did what he seems to do best.

He ended the game with a vintage Favre interception that Dwight Lowery returned for a touchdown to put the game away.

This was an ugly game, no doubt about it. There is still a lot for the Jets to clean up, but the important thing to remember is somehow the Jets managed to win the game.

Through 58 minutes of football the fans in the stadium were used to everything they were seeing. The Jets get their fans hopes up just so they could crush them with a brutal torturous loss, but with that Lowery pick-six a enormous sigh of relief was released from the fans inside the stadium and all the ones watching from their couch.

This was not a pretty game by any means, the Jets should have put the game away by halftime, but that’s just it. The Jets have a habit of not doing that, that also have a habit of completely collapsing and losing the game.

Not this time, not this team. If your a glass half empty kind of person, then you will have plenty of things to complain about from this game, but if you have been a Jets fan long enough you ought to be happy that for once the scare they put into their home fans was just a scare and not a loss. After all great teams have to be able to win in a variety of ways and winning ugly counts just as much as winning by a landslide.

The Jets of football past would of found a way to lose this game, late Favre interception or not, but this team is nothing like your typical Jets team and with a couple more games like this they might just be able to convince a large portion of their fan base to not always expect the worst.

Of course another couple of games like this and many of their fans might not make it out of the stadium with their sanity still intact.

Dustin Keller Emerging As a Complete Weapon

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- In his rookie season Dustin Keller showed glimpses of how dangerously productive he could be. This year, his third season, Keller has stepped it up consistently showing that he is a force to be reckoned with.

In 2008 the Jets had two draft picks in the first round, the sixth pick and the 30th pick. That sixth pick was the, so far, disappointing Vernon Gholston, but it appears GM Mike Tannenbaum struck gold when he selected the tight end out of Purdue with the 30th pick in the draft.

Jets fans may remember 2008 as the year of the Favre debacle for now, but with the way Keller has been playing fans might soon use their selective memory to erase the image of Favre in a Jets jersey and remember it as the year they drafted their explosive tight end. (more…)

L.T. Named AFC Offensive Player of the Week

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- It appears L.T. has officially proven that he still has plenty of talent left in the tank. The question now becomes, can he continue this type of play all season long?

L.T. has surprised just about everyone with his rejuvenated play and today he earned some solid recognition of just how good he has been. Today it was announced that L.T. was named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week, after his 19 carries for 133 yards and two TDs against Buffalo on Sunday.

L.T. has been steadily proving doubters wrong since the first game of the season, but now after four straight games where he has looked exceptional everyone seems to be waving the white flag admitting they were wrong and L.T. is obviously not quite done yet. (more…)

Reinforcements Have Arrived

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- Over the first four weeks the Jets have had to play four games without two of their best players, and two and a half games without their best player. On top of that Sean Ellis left last Sunday’s game with an apparent knee injury.

Through all this the Jets survived, barely losing their home opener 10-9, to a tough Ravens team, but they managed to shake off the rust and kinks and responded by winning their next three games in impressive fashion.

Today it seems everyone will be back ready to play on Monday night against the Vikings as all four players participated in practice. (more…)

Randy Moss To Be Traded to Vikings. What’s it Mean For the Jets

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- The wonderful world of Twitter had the internet going nuts last night, somehow the internet managed not to implode due an overload of people wondering what in the name of Twitter was going on?

It seemed to come out of nowhere, and even seemed harmless at first. The news was first broke by accident and it came out because ESPN columnist, and die-hard Patriots fan, Bill Simmons meant to send Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer a private DM (Direct Message) on Twitter, but he accidentally posted it for everyone of his followers to see.

The immediate reaction was this had to be a silly rumor, but then thanks to Twitter the rumors steadily became more and more plausible. First reaction had to be, ‘What? No way would they trade Moss, they would essentially be giving up on their season if they traded him right? (more…)

Why Jets Fans Should Thank Favre

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- I know, trust me I know. Reading those words, arranged in that order seems extremely odd. Saying it out loud only makes it sound even more weird and writing them had half of my brain thinking about checking myself into a looney bin.

But I promise it will all makes sense, just walk with me.

Today at his press conference Rex Ryan was peppered with questions about Brett Favre. This was to be expected, with Favre returning to play the Jets a week from today, but one of the things Ryan said made my brain pause and contemplate all the ramifications of what Ryan had just said.

Imaging all the different possibilities and outcomes, instantly I was overwhelmed with the thought of how horrific things could have been here if just one little thing had gone differently. (more…)

L.T. Continues to Prove Doubters Wrong

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- Giants fans have often taken offense to Ladainian Tomilinson being nicknamed, L.T. and in the days of Giants Stadium that opinion was somewhat understandable. However Giants stadium is no more and there is no doubt there is only one L.T. that is taking ownership of the New Meadowlands Stadium.

L.T. is in the 10th year of his first-ballot hall-of-fame career, the first seven years of his career was on as high a level of anyone in the history of the game. L.T. spent years being the most complete and dominating back in the NFL during his time in San Diego, but his played had slipped over the last couple of season. The slip in his play was coinciding with him turning 30 years-old (now 31), which is usually the mark-of-death for running backs in the NFL. (more…)