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What It Means To, ‘Play Like a Jet’

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- Jets fans have been hearing the phrase, ‘Play like a Jet,’ used an awful lot lately, but it seems like fans are just now beginning to grasp the concept of what, ‘Play like a Jet,’ actually means.

It’s not like the Jets have the type of storied history that conjures up thoughts of greatness at the very mention of the name. To play like a Yankee, that means something in a very definable way.

The New York Yankees are supposed to be consummate professionals, have clean-trimmed hair, play all out on every single play and carry themselves with class and dignity. Derek Jeter personifies what it means to be a Yankee, but that Yankee pride identity was formed well before Jeter was born.

Everyone understands where it comes from with the Yankees, but to play like a Jet? What exactly is that supposed to mean? (more…)

Injury Outlook: Better Than Expected

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- All teams have to be able to overcome injuries at certain points to be able to reach their ultimate goal, but yesterday the Jets had key players play through the pain of fresh injuries to step up and make big plays when they were needed most.

With the clock winding down to just under nine minutes left in overtime the Jets had the ball on third-and-nine from their own 37-yard-line when Jerricho Cotchery tore his groin while running his route. When Sanchez dropped back to pass (after he had already suffered his own injury to his calf) he danced around the pocket and made one of his many miraculous escapes from a sack and he noticed Cotchery motioning to him that he was hurt. (more…)

Rex Ryan and Jets Players React to Thrilling Win

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Berea, OH- No one said this game would be easy. In fact, with the Browns coming off back-to-back double digit wins against the Saints and Patriots, it was just the opposite. The Browns have managed to field themselves quite a talented football team that will causes problems for any team in the league, but couldn’t cause enough problems to beat the Jets.

Obviously the Jets and their fans were hoping for a much easier and less stressful game, but it’s becoming clear that’s not how these Jets like to do things.

Last week, the Jets were beat through 55 minutes of football, before storming back to win in overtime, today it was the Jets who let the opposition hang around too long, but in the end the result was the same. The Jets got to tack on another W in that win column and they now stand at 7-2. They acknowledge they are still making too many mistakes, but are more than happy to settle for a win, no matter how long they have to play to get it. (more…)

Escape From Cleveland; Jets Outlast Browns in 26-20 OT Victory

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Berea, OH.- The Jets sure have a flair for the dramatic these days. They have also developed a knack for winning games at the last possible moment and today’s last overtime seconds are the most bafflingly stunning example of this.

The momentum of this game swung back and forth like a pendulum. The Browns offense started the game moving the ball with relative ease, but the Jets were matching their every move and eventually seemed to grasp control of the game, before giving the momentum back to the Browns.

Still through all the ups (a return of the rushing game) and downs (more penalties, missed field-goals and an injury to Sanchez’s calf), the Jets somehow managed to escape with another late game thriller.

Last week Nick Folk didn’t realize the field-goal he was kicking in overtime was to win the game, today he knew the significance of his overtime attempt and today he shank-ed it. This was not Folk’s only miscue of the game, but his teammates found a way to save him from being the proverbial goat of the game, instead that title will go to ex-Jet Chansi Stuckey.

Jets WR Santonio Holmes dashes for the winning score in overtime as the Jets beat Clevland. ( Photo)

Folk was enjoying a very solid season before today, when his troubles had to invoke the memory of Doug Brien for many Jets fans. Folk went two-for-five on field-goal attempts including a 24-yard chip shot he clanked off the uprights wasting a 19 play drive that ate up 65 yards in 10 minutes and four seconds, with the Jets looking to add to their 17-13 lead.

After 41 minutes of no punts from either team, the Browns were finally forced to punt, setting off a chain reaction of four more straight drives ending in punts with the score still 17-14. When the Jets got the ball back with 10:27 left in the fourth, it looked like they were about to put the game away as they once again did a great job of milking the clock, running 13 plays for 56 yards taking 7:45 off the clock.

The Jets couldn’t quite finish the game off though as the offense failed to score a touchdown on third-and-three from the Cleveland seven-yard-line and had to settle for a field-goal, one of the two Folk made on the day, to keep the Browns within a touchdown, 20-13, with 2:42 to play.

One minute and 58 seconds later the Browns had traveled 59 yards when Colt McCoy hit Mohamed Massaquoi for a three-yard TD pass to tie the game with 44 seconds left and send the Jets into their second straight overtime. Only this one wouldn’t be over as quickly and easily as last week and the Jets needed every last minute of overtime to pull out the victory today.

The Jets won the coin-toss in overtime, but couldn’t take advantage of getting the first attempt as they were forced to punt and considering the way the Browns offense moved the ball on the Jets defense in the game tying drive like it was a game of Madden set on rookie mode, things were not looking good for the Jets.

All that would change in the blink of an eye though. As McCoy hit the aforementioned Stuckey on third-and-four, Stuckey caught the ball then shattered Bryan Thomas’ ankles as he spun away and darted down the sidelines to the Jets 32-yard-line before Drew Coleman came in and tore the ball right from Stuckey’s paws, leaving Antonio Cromartie to pounce on the loose football. Turning what was going to be a first-down in field-goal range for the Browns into the Jets ball at their own 36.

After a couple of nice runs by Shonn Greene and an unbelievable catch by Jericho Cotchery who hurt himself before the pass was thrown to him, but still somehow managed to dive extending all out to grab the pass and turn his hands and body to place them between the ball and the ground and pick up a huge first-down.

But, at last it was all for naught as Folk once again missed another field-goal, this one from 47 yards that would have won the game. Instead the Browns got another crack at it, in fact they would get two more chances, but were forced into three-and-outs both times.

The second time proving to be too much for the Browns to overcome even though they were a mere 24 seconds away from the game ending in a tie when they punted the ball back to the Jets.

After Sanchez essentially threw a punt on third-and-14 from their own 46 that was intercepted by Joe Haden on the Browns three-yard-line, the Jets defense forced a three-and-out and the Browns had to punt from the back of their end zone. Jim Leonhard fielded the punt and maneuvered his way through the defense for 18 yards taking the ball to the Cleveland 37-yard-line.

There were only 16 seconds left in overtime when the Jets snapped the ball on the first , and only, play of the drive, but that was 15 more seconds than needed. Just like last week Sanchez hit Santonio Holmes on a quick slant, but this time he swerved his way through three defenders and left them in his dust as he ran for 37 yards into the end zone as his teammates joined him in celebrating their second straight overtime victory.

And Jets fans worldwide breathed a collective shy of relief.

Game Notes and Stats:

Mark Sanchez survived a scare after he got pummeled to the ground by three different Browns defenders and his leg buckled under them. He returned on the very next drive, but was clearly hobbled as the Jets offense began to sputter. Eventually Sanchez shook off the injury, even seeming to magically avoid a couple of crucial near-sacks to make plays, and finished the day 27-44 for 299 yards for two passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown and the one punt disguised as a interception.

The Jets ran the ball 45 times for 172 yards (20 carries for 72 yards for Greene, 18 carries for 57 yards by L.T., five carries for 39 yards by Brad Smith and two carries for four yards by Sanchez).

Braylon Edwards had four receptions for 59 yards, L.T. had six for 53, Cotchery had an early touchdown pass where he was wide-open and the previously mentioned huge third-down grab and Holmes finished with five catches for 76 yards including the game-winning touchdown. For the third time this season Holmes has made a game-winning play in the final minutes (Denver, Detroit and today).

The defense shifted back and forth from dominate to laughable depending on which drive you were watching, but after allowing Peyton Hillis to get going in the first-half to the tune of 60 yards on 10 carries, the Jets made the proper half-time adjustments and held Hillis to only 22 yards on nine carries the rest of the game.

With this win the Jets improve to 7-2, but maybe more impressive is the fact that they are 5-0 on the road and have won their past eight consecutive regular-season road wins.

Next Sunday the Jets host the struggling Houston Texans team who suffered a heartbreaking loss of their own on a last-second hail-mary play to the Jaguars.

Operation Shut Down Peyton Hillis

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- Josh McDaniel has made his fair share of questionable personnel moves since his time as head coach of the Denver Broncos; Trading Jay Cutler immediately (to be fair that trade has worked out for him), ridding the team of their most explosive talent in Brandon Marshall and drafting Tim Tebow after already having aquired Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn.

Yeah Brady Quinn. See it’s not so much that he acquired Quinn (although it seems really pointless now with Orton having played so well, but the team still losing and rumors starting to circulate that it’s Tebow time), but it’s who he so casual threw away to get Quinn that has us talking about the Broncos head coach to start off an article about the Jets and the Browns. (more…)

Braylon Edwards Is Just Happy To Be a Jet

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- Just a little over a year ago, Braylon Edwards was a member of the Cleveland Browns, though he briefly flirted with success, he was stricken with the curse of being on a sports team from Cleveland.

It’s safe to say an awful lot went wrong for Edwards during his time there, but as much as he looks forward to some payback this Sunday he wants to make it clear, Cleveland is in the past for him and his heart belongs to the Jets.

in 2005 the Browns selected Edwards with the third overall pick in the draft after he had an impressive career at the University of Michigan. In 2007 Edwards finally lived up to the potential the Browns organization saw when they drafted him as he earned a spot in the pro-bowl with 80 catches for 1,289 yards and 16 touchdowns, but the next year things quickly started to unravel. (more…)

Rex Unleashes First Round of Brotherly Love

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- This week’s game against the Browns provides an overload of juicy subplots for fans and the media to obsess over.

There is the return of Braylon Edwards to his former team the Cleveland Browns, after being traded away for next to nothing. Brodney Pool’s return to the Browns. The Jets playing against the coach that preceded Rex Ryan, a coach who a large majority of these Jets players played for and were even brought in by (be sure to check out Jetsinsider’s Wesley Sykes article about the former Jets coach). Then there is the fact that the Jets were only able to move up to the number five pick in the 2009 draft to take Mark Sanchez because the Browns were willing to swap spots as long as the Jets sent some of their fringe players who Mangini liked along in the trade. (more…)

At 6-2, Are the Jets Really Good or Really Lucky?

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- With a record of 6-2 the Jets are tied with a bunch of teams for the best record in the NFL, but seeing as how they have struggled and often looked out of synch in their last three games people are starting to wonder are the Jets really good or are they just really lucky?

The short answer of course, is a little bit of both and that’s how it has to be because it’s impossible to succeed in the NFL based on talent (ask the Cowboys) and execution alone, luck will always play a part in any teams’ success.

Before last week’s shellacking against the Browns, the team the Jets fly to Cleveland to play this week, many Patriots fans where really excited that this Patriots team was resembling the Patriots teams of old.

Well not that old, more like the Pats of not too long ago when they stormed through each regular season and won themselves a few Super Bowls, but as good as those teams were, they were also extremely lucky and that’s what the Patriots fans I knew were most happy to see during this last winning streak. It seemed like all the bounces were going their way, ‘just like they used to when we ran ….(no need to complete that sentence)’ they would say. (more…)

Sanchez Overcomes Early Struggles to Shine Late

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- If one was to equate Mark Sanchez’s performance yesterday to a weather forecast it would look something like this.

The day started out cloudy and rainy causing sloppy conditions, with spurts of thunderstorms (snapping and fumbling issues that didn’t result in turnovers, but killed drives) briefly interrupted by glimpses of sunshine creating a temporary rainbow.

But just like a rainbow is an illusion, so was the fleeting thought that maybe, just maybe after the 74-yard TD pass to Bryalon Edwards, the sky was about to clear up for what appeared to be an offense in rhythm. The sky didn’t stay clear for long, in fact the thunderstorms just came back stronger, this time inflicting more damage (a fumble by Edwards giving the Lions great field position and an interception thrown by Sanchez just as it looked like the offense was firing on all cylinders) and the outlook for the rest of the day looked gloomy at best. (more…)

Jets Bailed Out By Lions Coach, Jim Schwartz

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Florham Park, N.J.- Not much went right for the Jets during yesterday’s game, but Lions coach Jim Schwartz managed to negate about 55 minutes of Jets ineptitude by making one highly illogical play call.

For around 55 minutes Jets fans had to be furious, not only with the players, but more so with their coaches. The 11 penalties (for 99-yards), was way beyond unacceptable, but this is becoming the most consistent part of this team and that’s never good. A game or two with a lot of penalties you can chalk up as an anomaly, this right here, this is an ongoing epidemic that is seriously threatening to derail the Jets championship dreams. (more…)