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Jets Hope Change of Pace Can Spark the Offense

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

After spending years in the same exact offensive system run at a frustratingly slow pace these Jets are excited to pick up the tempo and find a rhythm and an identity as an offensive unit. With ex-offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer the Jets ran a slow paced offense based around meaningless pre-snap movement that did little to confuse defenses, but managed to confuse the offense plenty.

How many times over the past few seasons did you see Sanchez finally get into a rhythm moving the ball down the field and into field-goal range only to see Schottenheimer call a Wildcat play or two straight obvious runs into the teeth of the defense putting them at third-and-long and wasting a perfectly good drive? How many times did Shonn Greene and company tear off runs of four yards a clip in close games only to have Sanchez inexplicably drop back 40 plus times (think Giants game last season)?

How often did you see Sanchez have success when throwing on the move? But instead of more rollouts and bootlegs, Schottenheimer insisted on forcing Sanchez to stand in and pass from a constantly collapsing pocket. (more…)

Young Receivers Look Up to Santonio Holmes

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Florham Park, N.J.- Ask your average football fan what they think of Santonio Holmes and you’re likely to hear a long list of negative adjectives. They might say he’s selfish, a diva and or a headache, but ask his fellow receivers on his team and you’ll get an entirely different answer, one that might lead you to believe we’re talking about two completely different people and in many ways we are.

No one condones Holmes’ actions at the end of last season and ideally, yes it would be great if he would just play nice with the media, but that’s not who he is. If that bothers you, he really doesn’t care and neither do his teammates. The Santonio Holmes that the media meets with once a week and the fans get to read about is not the same guy his teammates see, or the people involved in any of his charities get to see. (more…)

Rex Ryan Rearranges Schedule For More Film Study

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Florham Park, N.J.- Before the day even began the reporters gathered to cover the mini-camp practice were hit with a surprising change. Over the past few years the media that covers the Jets have gotten used to watching practice before talking to the players and coaches, but that all changed this morning when the reporters were told Rex Ryan would be addressing them before practice today. With that news intrigue immediately set in as everyone began to wonder what the reason for the change was, but ultimately Ryan confirmed the suspicions of most of the speculators.

“This is a little different, but we’re going to see how it works.” Ryan said, “I plan on doing this schedule even during the season just so I have more time to watch tape afterwards. So we’ll see how that kind of works.” (more…)

Holmes Returns From Germany, Eases Back Into Practice

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Florham Park, N.J.- Santonio Holmes missed the last few weeks of OTAs as he was doing charity work with the same people he worked with during his Pros for Africa trip last year. This year Holmes spent his time at the Ramstein Air Force base in Germany getting to know soldiers and veterans that have been fighting to help keep this country safe.

An experience like that is enough to change anyone’s perspective on life, especially a man that was the subject of so much criticism for the way he and this team ended last season.

“Germany was great. I had a wonderful time just getting the opportunity to see the guys who were bombed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hearing the stories that they were telling (while we’re) worrying about our hamstrings and our receiver core, to knee injuries has nothing on what these guys have been faced with.” Holmes said, “With the scrap metal from all the bombing and having their trucks blown up right in their face, to guys just getting shot out in the middle of nowhere. So it just gives you a different perspective on life, on the things that we accomplish and where we are and what these guys are fighting for.”

With a new perspective and a few much needed months off from the New York media, Holmes has returned ready to help get his team back on the same track that they were derailed from last season after back-to-back AFC Championship appearances and he talked about how he plans on catching up to his teammates, Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez and the new offensive system under Tony Sparano. (more…)