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Jets Trim Roster to 53

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Florham Park, NJ- For many players around the league today is the day their dreams end or are at least put on hold as they wait for another team to maybe pick them up. Even many of the players who think they are safe after surviving the first round of cuts at 9 p.m., will not actually be safe as they could still be cut after waiver wire claims are awarded. The Jets have a lot of needs that can’t be addressed by players currently on the roster so they will be busy putting in waiver claims and a few players will celebrate making it past the first round of cuts only to find themselves unemployed in a day or two.

With the Jets needing to trim the roster down to just 53 spots by 9 p.m. they have already begun the process and have already worked their way down to 60 players. So far the Jets have waived, WR Joseph Collins, LB Marcus Dowtin, T Robert Griffin, G Fredrick Koloto, C Matt Kroul, P Spencer Lanning, DB LeQuan Lewis, TE Tarren Lloyd, S D’Anton Lynn, DB Julian Posey, DE Jay Richardson, WR Eron Riley, LB Brett Roy, NT Martin Tevaseu and QB Matt Simms.

No real surprises so far. Richardson had a really good camp and many fans were hoping to retain his services but he isn’t eligible for the practice squad and wouldn’t see any playing time unless of worst case scenario and the Jets have too many other needs to not use the roster spot elsewhere. Dowtin has a lot of talent and potential and would seem to be a good candidate for the practice squad. Linebacker is the Jets deepest position but the group of backups consisting of Garrett McIntyre, Nick Bellore and Josh Mauga are all identical players. McIntyre is the best of that bunch, but Dowtin would offer the Jets some versatility they lack among the backup linebackers.

In somewhat of a surprise it seems John Conner is still safe for now, but that’s probably because they don’t have any other real options at fullback. Terrance Ganaway and Nick Bellore can get some preseason work in at fullback, but neither of them can handle that role during the season at this point. Still to say Conner is safe would be foolish, if the Jets can find even just one serviceable fullback on waivers then Conner’s time here will likely be done.

Check back later as this page will be updated as the news of the final transactions and cuts are made.

UPDATE: The final seven cuts were; T Paul Cornick, DB  Donnie Fletcher,  RB Terrance Ganaway, WR Royce Pollard, LB Ricky Sapp, TE Hayden Smith & WR Jordan White.

These players will reportedly be headed to the practice squad if they clear waivers; Marcus Dowtin, Fletcher, Ganaway, Smith & White.

Teams can start placing claims for players released from other teams at noon tomorrow, starting Mike Tannenbaum’s, “mini-draft.”

It's roster trimming time and so far the Jets have worked their way down to 60 players left, with the rest coming by 9 p.m. tonight.

Preview: Jets at Eagles Preseason Finale

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

It’s the final game of the preseason, which means a very large majority of starters will not play tonight. The last preseason is a chance for the players sitting on the roster bubble to prove that they are worthy of a roster spot, if not for the team they are suiting up for tonight than they at least hope to do enough to catch the eye of another team. The fourth preseason game is not for the casual fan, only diehards need to bother tuning in for the final dress rehearsal of the season. Which fringe players will make an impression and solidify their role on the team? If this is something that interests you greatly then you will be sure to enjoy every second of the game, if not don’t worry the real games, the ones that count, start next week and that’s something everyone can agree is simply fantastic.

WHEN AND WHERE: Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA. Tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST (TV-CBS/Radio-ESPN 98.7.

“I’m excited to see some guys who haven’t had a whole lot of reps. I’m excited to see (Greg) McElroy play, and (Matt) Simms only had the one scrimmage and he looked good in it, so I’m excited to see him. (Terrence) Ganaway, (we are) going to see him get a chance. He’s going to play some tailback and some “A” back if you will and (even) some fullback.” Rex Ryan said, “I want to see these young guys compete and there are some roster spots still up for grabs. Let’s see that happen. Let’s see how good of a coach Gug (Dave DeGuglielmo) is and get Jason Smith out there. I hope they (the Eagles) don’t give us too much on defense because the guy (Smith) has been here for about five hours. We’ll see how sharp he is. It’s a good test.” (more…)

How You Can Attend Santonio Holmes Charity Event on Sept. 10th

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a Monday Night Football game or play Madden, pop a shot or have a catch with players from your favorite team, well here’s your chance.

On Monday, September 10th, Santonio Holmes will host his, ‘2nd Annual Monday Night Party with The New York Jets,’ in Roslyn Heights NY from 7:00-10:00 p.m. The event is to raise awareness and money for two different charities, The Ascent School for Individuals with Autism and the Santonio Holmes III and Long Foundation to support children suffering with sickle cell anemia and their families. The students volunteers of The Alley Oop for Autism committee will also be honored for their hard work and dedication. (more…)

Jets Waive Josh Baker After Season Ending Injury

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Josh Baker was never going to be the biggest name or threat on this Jets offense, but his absence will most certainly be felt. Baker is one of those sneaky good players who slips out into a pocket of open space and makes timely plays, quarterbacks love to have the types of security blankets that Sanchez just lost.

Reports are that Baker tore his ACL in his right knee and will require season ending surgery, he was scheduled to have an MRI today to see the full extent of the injury. Earlier today Baker’s agent Howard Shatsky tweeted, “The NY Jets r waiving-injured TE Josh Baker, he’ll revert 2 their IR list. Josh Would like 2 thank the Jets 4 the opportunity they gave him.”

Baker hurt his knee when the Panther’s Josh Norman helmet slammed into Baker’s leg on a pass in the end zone. It didn’t look good when it happened and now we have news confirming our suspicions. The Jets offense was already dealing with enough injuries, even before Dustin Keller came up limping with a hurt hamstring, and the loss of Baker will be a bigger problem than many people realize.

There is a bit too much being made about the “lack of weapons,” on the Jets offense right now, they hardly have the most explosive talent in the league but they have enough playmakers to do what they want if everyone can stay healthy and the offensive line can protect Sanchez and open up lanes for running backs. But having said that losing Baker deprives the Jets of having one more weapon to rely on. Baker was most dangerous on little delay and slip screens where he finds open space and gets there, those are the hardest plays to defend because the defense is already on their heels and in a reactive mode. (more…)

Biggest Offseason Failure; Lack of Blocking Tight End

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Florham Park, NJ- Jets fans have currently taken to the Internet to voice their displeasure with Mike Tannenbaum. The main complaint is about a failure to address the continuing problem of Wayne Hunter as the starting right tackle. On it’s face it’s seems worthy of the rage and fury that is brewing within a segment of the fan base, but as you dig further down the rabbit hole and look at it from every angle the Jets decision at right tackle starts to make more sense.

The failure to upgrade the right tackle position is defensible (the case for this will be made), what is indefensible is the failure to bring in a blocking tight end. For a team that wants to get back to ground and pound and likes to use multiple tight end sets one would think it’d be necessary to have at least one tight end that can actually block defenders. (more…)

Jets Offense Is Down But Confident They’re Not Out

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Florham Park, NJ- It’s still preseason, the kinks of a new offensive system are still being worked out, the receiving core has been depleted with injuries and the offensive scheme through the first two games was as vanilla as could be, but the Jets aren’t using any of these reasons as an excuse. They know they have to get better and they have full confidence that they will improve and be ready for the regular season.

“Offensively, the production is not there, obviously through the first two weeks on the scoreboard or whatever, but this is a work in progress. You put in a brand-new offense, it is a work in progress and when it’s all said and done, we are going to be productive on offense. It’s simple as that. As a football team, we’re going to play complimentary football. Sometimes our offense is going to have to score 30 points, sometimes our defense is going to have to give up 10 or less, sometimes special teams is going to have to pick them both up.” Rex Ryan said, “That’s what we’ve always talked about and that’s what I believe. I believe wholeheartedly that our offense is going to be a very productive offense. Have we seen it totally in the preseason games? No, we haven’t. There have been some mistakes. But I’ve seen enough of good things that I believe as we start putting this thing together that you’re going to see more and more positive things. I think when it’s all said and done by the time we kick this season off, I think we’ll be where we need to be.” (more…)

Wildcat Details Cloaked in Secrecy

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Cortland, NY- Last offseason the Jets lost one of their key offensive weapons and were never able to find someone to fill the vacant role that Brad Smith left when he took his talents to Buffalo. Enter Tim Tebow.

Since the Jets traded for Tebow the media has not stop speculating for a even second. Tebow-time is now all the time as far as the media is concerned and until the season actually begins the media machine could care less about how the Jets actually plan to use use Tebow, after all the media has plans of their own.

Two quarterback system? Are we talking a handful of snaps a game for Tebow or 20? How about 50? Will Tebow be the red zone quarterback? These are just a few of the continuously repeated questions about the addition of Tebow and while it may be driving some fans crazy, especially fans of teams not named the Jets, Rex Ryan is probably sitting back laughing and thinking to himself, ‘they took the bait, hook line and sinker.’ (more…)

Jets Lose to Bengals 17-6; Offensive Line All Around Awful

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Cincinnati, OH- Luckily for Jets fans the first preseason game was just that, a preseason game. If it was a game that counted in the standings the severity of the Jets problems would be much more concerning.

With the first team only playing the first quarter and roster sizes as big as they can get, many different players entered the game, but there was one common theme throughout the night, one Jets fans are familiar with, the offensive line continued to be abused. Not just the first team offensive line unit, whose most glaring problem tonight was the lack of a blocking tight end, but the who backups proved to be even worse.

Depth on the offensive line was one of the biggest problems the 2011 Jets weren’t able to overcome and as the roster is presently constructed it’s a problem that clearly isn’t going away. The Bengals final tally for the night was five sacks, six tackles for a loss and seven quarterback hits. The Jets front office proved they weren’t satisfied with the starting offensive line unit with the attempted trade for Jeff Otah and there’s little doubt they will continue to look for other options to start at right tackle, but even if they can use Hunter as a backup this unit still needs more help at the bottom of the depth chart. (more…)

Fight! Training Camp Has Officially Begun

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Cortland, NY- The Jets reported to training camp almost two full weeks ago, but today the team had their first real fight on the field and training camp has now officially begun. Coaches have always enjoyed training camp fights because it means the players are fighting for more than just a couple of extra yards. The tension is high and the competition is fierce, add full contact hitting and tempers will flare. No coach or teammate wants to see fights in an actual game, but in training camp? Absolutely.

It’s a shame Rex Ryan held his daily press conference before practice this morning, otherwise we might have seen him enter the press room with the Rocky theme music or maybe Shook Ones II by Mobb Deep. Ryan of course being the same coach that made no secret enticing ex-Jet Rob Turner to pick fights with another ex-Jet Vernon Gholston to try and get Gholston motivated. That’s what training camp fights say to coaches, it says the players care. (more…)

Mangold Goes to London

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Thanks to the persistent pestering of his coach and teammates Nick Mangold boarded a plane to London this morning so he can watch his sister, Holley Mangold, compete in the olympics tomorrow. Originally Nick wasn’t going to make the trip. He wanted to, but with Holley scheduled to compete smack dab in the middle of training camp Nick thought it was more important that he stayed here with his team and his sister understood.

“I’d choose training over going to one of his games, so I totally understand it.” Holley told Fourth-Place medal, according to the Daily Herald. “It’s a bummer, but I know he’ll be watching. I’m happy for his support, and I know it will be there.”

Now that support will be in the building with her in London. (more…)