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Is a Change at Running Back in Order?

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Florham Park, N.J.- Darrelle Revis is out for the season and as Rex Ryan said it’s up to every one of his players to step up in Revis’ absence. That means not just the defense, but the offense as well.

Dustin Keller needs to return, the receivers and tight ends have to get open, beat press coverage and hold onto the ball more, the offensive line needs to give Sanchez more time and Sanchez needs to play better. He’s made some big strides in his certain areas of his play, but is still making some of the same classic Sanchez mistakes.

All of this must improve if the Jets offense wants to pick up the slack for the defense, down arguably the best player in football, but the biggest problem holding this offense back has been the down right pitiful rushing attack. It appears maybe a change should be in order.

A very large portion of this fan base gave up on Greene a long time ago, others steadfastly argued it’s not that Greene is bad, it’s just that he’s not even close to being great. He’s not an exceptional back who can make things happen on his own. If there is a lane, Greene will get productive yards, but no he’s not likely to break one for 70 or turn a two yard gain into a 13 yard gain by making a few guys miss and therein lies the rub. (more…)

A Win is a Win But…..

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Florham Park, N.J.- A win is a win, but good lord that was one ugly win.

Disaster struck repeatedly yesterday afternoon and it started immediately. The Jets started with the ball and on the first drive Sanchez threw a pick, the Dolphins then went 47 yards on eight plays to score the first touchdown of the day and they made it look incredibly easy. The defense eventually settled down, but continued to give up what seemed like back breaking play after back breaking play, but somehow (okay two missed field goals were clearly part of that somehow) they managed to fight and claw their way back for a win. At the end of the season it makes no difference how each game played out, all that matters is if you earned a win or a loss.

A win is a win, but this defense still can’t stop the run. They caught a break when Reggie Bush went out two plays before halftime, but this a problem that needs to get corrected if this defense is able to get off the field and stop teams from converting so many third downs. Shoddy tackling, bad angles, blown assignments are all contributing factors to the defense’s struggles with the run. They are having trouble setting the edge and bottling up opposing backs, the linebackers are too often slow and out of position and with the 49ers and the Texans up next the task of stopping the run isn’t going to get any easier. (more…)

Darrelle Revis Out For Season With Torn ACL

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Florham Park, N.J.- Today at noon Jets fans got the devastating news that they more than likely expected, but were praying wouldn’t come. A somber Rex Ryan entered the press conference room and he didn’t have to say a word. The look on his face said it all.

Darrelle Revis is out for the season with a torn ACL.

“First off news on Darrelle, he does have an ACL tear that’s going to require surgery.” Ryan said, “Obviously that’s a significant injury and it’s something that we’re going to have to overcome as a football team. We understand that, but for him I feel bad about it because he’s (not only) such a great player, but a great teammate and so we’re going to lose that presence. I don’t know what else to say about it. That’s the horrible thing that came out of the game, the good thing is we found a way to come out with a win.”

Ryan wouldn’t come out and say definitively that Revis will be out for the year, but Revis going on injured reserve and ending his season is a mere formality at this point. Surgeries for a torn ACL requires rest for a few weeks so the swelling can go down before they can go in for surgery and Revis will have a long rehab to go before he’s ready to play football. (more…)

Jets Release Bryan Thomas

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

In what came as some slightly surprising move, yesterday the Jets released the longest tenured Jet, Bryan Thomas. Thomas has been slowed by a hamstring injury and the Jets needed the roster spot to activate another player to the roster because of other injuries.

With cornerback Ellis Lankster dealing with a back injury, the Jets needed some depth at the cornerback position and Thomas wasn’t going to be able to play this week because of the hamstring. So the Jets released Thomas and signed rookie cornerback Donnie Fletcher to the active 53-man roster. (more…)

All-22 Breakdown Jets-Steelers: Defense

Friday, September 21st, 2012

After watching the Steelers-Broncos game I expected the Steelers to come out with quick short passes and they started their first two drives off with receiver screens. On the first drive the screen to Brown went for an easy eight, on the next play Bart Scott made a great read bursting through the hole and hitting Redman in the backfield, Scott couldn’t finish the tackle though, I know you’ve heard that before, but his teammates were there to clean up and bring Redman down for a eight yard loss. On third-and-10 the Steelers ran an end-round to Brown for an easy 10 and a first down. Sione Po’uha came through with a big time run stuff on the next play, great initial stop then grabbed Redman’s jersey to spin him down. The next play is where the cracks in the defense start to show.

Steelers ran play-action with Cromartie in tight coverage on Wallace with help from Landry over the top, Wallace hit a sharp curl and Cromartie kept running past him leaving Wallace open to make the easy uncontested catch. As you know, we’ll see a similar and more impactful mistake from Cromartie later in the game. (more…)

All-22 Jets-Steelers Breakdown: Offense

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Things started off looking really promising for the Jets offense, but a further review of the game shows that the Steelers defense was out of sink more than the Jets came out hot. This isn’t to discredit how the Jets came out, they played it perfectly on that opening drive, but there was a huge difference in how the Steelers defense played in the first two series and how they played the rest of the game.

On the opening drive, facing third-and-10, the Jets line up Trips right with Hill on the outside, Kerley on the inside and Holmes in between. Ike Taylor lined up 10 yards off the line with coverage on Hill, Hill ran deep with Taylor respecting him as a deep threat. Cortez Allen had coverage on Holmes and lined up seven yards off the line and backed up further after the snap, Holmes ran up the seam and stopped at the first down marker, turning for the easy catch. Keenan Lewis did play tight on Kerley, bumping him within five yards, with Larry Foote lurking with inside coverage as they weren’t anticipating Kerley running deep and the Jets would make them briefly pay for that just one play and a pass interference penalty later. (more…)

Game Review: Where it All Went so Wrong

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Florham Park, N.J.- No one expected the Jets to go into Pittsburgh and throw up 48 points on the Steelers like they did against the Bills, but this was a winnable game and it sure looked winnable after the Jets first drive, but then… slowly things fell apart.

The Jets defense let the Steelers work their way into field goal range on the first two drives before tightening up and forcing the Steelers to settle for two field goals and the Jets opening drive made it looked like they were picking up right where they left off against Buffalo, but then Sanchez took a devastating shot to the head by Lawrence Timmons. Two plays later Sanchez looked like he had a 51 yard touchdown pass to rookie Stephen Hill, but as Hill jumped up with his arms out ready to catch the ball Ryan Clark swated Hill’s arm preventing him from making the catch. On the next play Shonn Greene ran up the middle for nine yards before taking a shot to the head that left him wobbly. Five plays later with the Jets facing third-and-five on the Steelers 19, Sanchez noticed the Steelers in press coverage and called a hot route for Jeff Cumberland who had no idea a hot route was called and didn’t even realize Sanchez threw a pass right at his back that could have picked up a first down, but instead forced the Jets to settle for a field goal. (more…)

All-22 Film Breakdown of Jets-Bills

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Florham Park, N.J.- For those of you who have never heard of the All-22 tape, or those that have heard of it but still aren’t sure exactly what it is, allow me explain and briefly shill for the NFL game rewind subscription. The All-22 tape, also known as the coaches tape, is basically like watching from the press box except you get two different angles and you can pause, rewind, skip plays and if you have an iPad and the Game Rewind app you can even draw with a telestrator just like they do on the broadcasts or you often see as plays get broken down on any number of ESPN shows. If you enjoy watching entire plays develop and being able to focus on any one player, I’d strongly consider purchasing a subscription which you can do here.

If however this doesn’t interest you, have no fear I have purchased the subscription and every week we will be providing a breakdown of the All-22 tape. We’ll shoot for Tuesday or Wednesday to post these articles, but truthfully I simply had too much fun playing with this new toy, it took me over three and a half hours to watch the first half of the game, simply because I was having too much fun rewatching plays and playing with the telestrator. The telestrator allows you to save images which can be tweeted or used in articles, I’m still getting a feel for it so I will skip posting pictures this time around, but you can expect to see the pictures in future articles.

The regular television feed is limited in what you can see, not the All-22. You can see each and every player on the field and this helps identify where things went right or where they went wrong. There’s still a lot that we can’t know from watching the tape such as, assignments, coverages, which designed routes were called, but aside from sitting in the film room with coaches and players this is as close as we’ll get. (more…)

Darrelle Revis Out For Sunday’s Game

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Florham Park, N.J.- After the way the Jets stomped the Bills, Jets fans were feeling pretty confident about their chances to go into Pittsburgh and come away with a win to start the season 2-0. It’s certainly still possible the Jets could pull out a victory but you’d have to think their chances decrease dramatically with the news that All-World corner Darrelle Revis will not play.

Revis still hasn’t been cleared by the doctor’s, even though he was on the practice field today, the team doctors clearly aren’t comfortable with clearing him to play against the Steelers. Concussions are tricky because there’s no standard timetable for a return, each one is different. With Revis out, it’s next man up. Kyle Wilson will get the start on the outside and Ellis Lankster will move up to the nickel back with Isaiah Trufant as the fourth corner, which could be a problem considering his height, or lack there of. Today Rex Ryan said, “We have a lot of confidence in Kyle,” a sentiment his players echoed all week in the locker room. Wilson has been preparing for this worst case scenario all week and will be well prepared for his task, but it is no easy task. (more…)

A Little Bit of Rain on the Parade

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Florham Park, N.J.- Yesterday’s thumping of the Bills was a glorious thing for the Jets, their head coach and of course their fans. After suffering through a disappointing 8-8 season where the wheels appeared to completely tear off the Jets wagon, an offseason of sensationalized pipe dreams (the supposed fix being in for Tim Tebow to start and Mark Sanchez to be shown the door) and an entire preseason of overreaction to a lack of scoring in the preseason, yesterday had to feel pretty damn good for these players and you fans.

The offensive line played great, not allowing a single sack against a defensive line many were touting as the best in the league. People were obviously getting ahead of themselves anointing the Bills defensive line the best over the likes of the Giants and the 49ers to name a few, but there’s a lot of talent on that line and the Jets offensive line was able to do a decent job opening holes in the run game and an excellent job giving Sanchez time to throw.

The wide receivers got all types of separation and consistently made plays down field and after making the catch. After an offseason/preseason of screams from the peanut gallery about the lack of weapons for Sanchez to work with, having three play-making receivers operate at once must’ve made a few people’s head explode. The defense was every bit as good as expected, even if Ryan Fitpatrick was worse than expected even for those who always had doubts about him, but the award winner for the day was clearly Mark Sanchez. (more…)