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Jets Easily Dispose of Bills, 48-28

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ- Well, that was certainly much easier than anyone expected.

After a month of offensive struggles this preseason caused most of the football world to completely disregard the Jets offense (even many Jet fans had already abandoned ship, you know who you are), Mark Sanchez and his merry band of receivers came out and torched the Bills defense while Ryan Fitzpatrick, at times, looked like he was purposely trying to throw interceptions. If he was trying to throw picks, then he did a great job as he threw three on the day. Darrelle Revis, Kyle Wilson and Antonio Cromartie all got a pick and Cromartie took his back for six points as he somersaulted into the end zone.

The Jets elected to receive the opening kick and immediately started moving down field, then came what looked like disaster as Sanchez tossed out a ridiculously silly toss pass that made for an easy pick, by the Bills Bryan Scott, and you could literally feel the wind being sucked out of the stadium as the crowd grew silent with a dash of pure horror. But the defense stood strong as Fitzpatrick tried to test Revis early, but floated a pass in the air that allowed Revis to cut under Stevie Johnson for the easy pick. After that it was Sanchez’s turn to show his doubters just what type of quarterback he expects to be on a weekly basis. (more…)

A Sanchez State of Mind

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Florham Park, NJ- Mark Sanchez has faced the same criticism throughout his first three seasons; he’s not very accurate, has too many turnovers, struggles adjusting past his first read and he’s mentally weak. In my opinion, one of these things is not like the others.

Has Sanchez had trouble moving past his first read? Absolutely. Troubles with accuracy and too many turnovers? Definitely. Mentally weak? Nope, I can’t go there.

I’ve never bought into the idea that Sanchez is mentally frail, it never made sense to me. Maybe I just have a different definition of ‘mentally weak’ than everyone else does, because to me when you’ve been criticized and physically abused, because of poor offensive line play, the way Sanchez has and you still show up to work early and leave late everyday so you can put in the work to try and improve, that’s mental toughness.

Is he as mentally tough as Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? Of course not. You know who else wasn’t as mentally tough as Brady or Peyton? Brady and Peyton in their first few seasons. I think because people don’t see Sanchez getting in his teammates face and holding them accountable for everything they say he’s mentally weak, I call that being a young quarterback adjusting to being comfortable taking complete and total command and responsibility of the huddle. That ability to feel comfortable screaming in a teammates face and loudly explaining what they did wrong doesn’t come naturally to most people, it’s something that has to be developed over time and it’s something we’ve begun to signs of with Sanchez this offseason. (more…)

Sione Po’uha and Eric Smith Out, Keller “Ready to Roll.”

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Florham Park, N.J.- Rex Ryan has ruled out Sione Po’uha and Eric Smith for Sunday’s game against the Bills, but said he expects everyone else to play. Ryan said Po’uha has made improvements and has been begging him to play, but the Jets clearly don’t want to risk further injury and feel comfortable enough with Kenrick Ellis starting in place of Po’uha.

Smith has been expected to miss the game and with the additions of LaRon Landry and Yeremiah Bell, Smith would’ve been the third safety if healthy. With Smith out rookie Josh Bush will serve as the third safety. Ryan said he feels good about both Smith and Po’uha being able to play next week. (more…)

Undrafted Rookie Damon Harrison Finds a Home With the Jets

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Florham Park, NJ- When undrafted rookie free agent from William Penn University, Damon Harrison, first walked onto the Jets practice field he knew the odds were heavily stacked against him. The task of any undrafted rookie trying to make an NFL roster is daunting enough as is, then Harrison looked around at his competition disguised as teammates and decided he had a question for his agent. “What were you thinking?”

Yesterday Harrison was asked when he realized he could make the roster and said, “I didn’t. Like I said, I always just told myself everyday when I came into the locker room, ‘You’re gonna get cut today.’ It’s just something that I use for myself just to get by, just to keep myself working hard. I know I can play football. On the defensive line, it’s a great group of guys. When I first got here, I was like, ‘My agent said this would be a good place for me?’ (laughter) I called him and was like, ‘What were you thinking?’ (laughter) So, (I’m) just working hard and working with those guys. I’m just blessed to be in this situation.” (more…)