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Amid Frustrating Performances Cromartie Continues to Step Up as a Leader

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Florham Park, NJ- We’ll start with the topic of the day and discuss the “retirement” of Fireman Ed like everyone else, but there’s very little to add to the discussion except if you care very passionately about Fireman Ed one way or the other you probably have your priorities a bit out of whack. Fireman Ed has always been a polarizing figure to Jet fans, they see him on TV leading the famous J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS chant and many fans appreciate his energy and enthusiasm, others have a deep seeded hatred for the man I never fully understood. I guess I get it, you think he’s seen as some sort of mascot of all Jet fans, but I think you’re reading too much into it and ironically enough those who are very vocal in complaining about him are in fact making him out to be exactly what they complain about. The ones complaining are the ones giving him this mythical power, to everyone else he’s just a retired fireman who loves the Jets and yeah maybe he enjoys the spotlight, most people do, but it’s the detractors that bring light to the issues they claim they don’t want associated with their favorite team and fellow fans.

Whether Fireman Ed really stays away from MetLife stadium should be fairly irrelevant to everyone except Fireman Ed, his family and friends. The classic chant will continue, as long as the Jets give the fans a reason to cheer, and Fireman Ed is just one fan, you can like him, dislike him or feel literally nothing for him, but unless you know him personally some of you probably shouldn’t spend so much time thinking about him.

But enough about Fireman Ed, seriously that goes for everyone else who decides to make this into a story with actual meaning over these next few days. Jets fans will need to find someone else to lead the four letter chant, easy enough, of far more importance though is who is doing the leading in the locker room and the answer to that question would be Antonio Cromartie. (more…)

Pats Enjoy Thanksgiving Feast at Jets Expense, 49-19

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

East Rutherford, NJ- Who knows the precise moment it happened, or what exactly it was that caused it to be this way, but clearly somewhere along the way the New York Jets did something to anger the football gods. There’s just no other explanation for what transpired tonight.

A blowout loss to the Patriots isn’t surprising in the least, but the way they lost? That’s something that could only happen to the Jets (cue the nodding heads of agreement).

After a scoreless first quarter, the Patriots scored an offensive touchdown, two plays later a broken play lead to Brandon Moore leveling Sanchez causing the ball to bounce right into Gregory’s hands for him to walk untouched into the end zone. “I was thinking a different play in my head, just a mental error there, so as soon as I realized there was nobody to hand it to I just started to run towards the line, tried to cover it up and just get down and I slid right into Brandon Moore and that was kind of an unfortunate deal there.” Sanchez said, “I’m not a big believer in luck, but that was pretty unlucky.” (more…)

Jets Immediately Shift Focus to Patriots

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Florham Park, NJ- There are a myriad of reasons why football is America’s most popular sport, the violence, fantasy football and gambling are just a few. But perhaps the biggest reason for football’s popularity is the small schedule consisting of just 16 games, where every win carries that much more significance because there are only 16 opportunities to get one. In today’s parity driven NFL the significance is heightened even more, a win is a tough thing to come by in the NFL regardless of the opponent.

So for all these reasons and more fans, players and coaches all like to take time to savor the wins, especially a win that ends a three game losing streak, but this week the Jets simply don’t have the time to savor anything.

“Obviously it was a short night, if you will, we got back (and) watched the tape at night and then moved on immediately to New England so that’s basically where we’re at and I don’t have (an) injury report or anything else for you, so fire away.” Rex Ryan said as he opened up today’s press conference.

The Jets were able to keep their slim playoff hopes alive by beating the Rams in St. Louis, they even got some help with both wildcard leaders (Colts and Steelers) losing, but Ryan knows this team still has a lot of work to do to get where they want to be and that starts with the Patriots on Thursday night. (more…)

Preview: Jets (3-6) @ Rams (3-5-1)

Friday, November 16th, 2012


In this week’s world of the Jets we have once again been hijacked by the always notorious, ‘anonymous sources.’ Anonymous said this and that about guy (fill in the blank), it’s basically an NFL version of Mad Libs, but what does any of it mean? Well, honestly it means very little.

In a situation like this, you can’t put meaning to words without knowing whose words they are. Matt Slauson was the only name that had quotes attributed to him, but of course those were old quotes that have been discussed before, which leads to the question of when are the other quotes from? There’s nothing that indicates any of the quotes are recent quotes, which wouldn’t matter if there wasn’t a months old quote as the only attributed quote and no indication that it is, in fact, an old quote except for these things we call memories.

It may be impossible to place meaning on these quotes without knowing who said them, but as we know that won’t stop people from trying and one of the most prevailing themes seems to be that, like last season, Rex Ryan has lost the team as the player’s find themselves divided again. (more…)

Offensive Ineptitude Dooms Jets in 28-7 loss in Seattle

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Seattle, WA- Same story, different game, once again the flat out ineptitude of the Jets offense paved the way for yet another blowout loss. A loss that feels very much like the new normal around here.

“Alright… Obviously that’s a brutal loss right there.” Said a teary eyed Rex Ryan. “You know, we had some opportunities, especially early in the game, made some critical errors which we still thought we’d be able to overcome it in the second half, but obviously that wasn’t the case.”

For the majority of the game the Jets defense was spectacular, the offense however was a complete disaster. Early on the Jets defense did what they said they would, they rattled rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, sacking him four times and recovering two fumbles (one from Russell Wilson and one by Marshawn Lynch), even returning a fumble for the Jets only touchdown of the game, but as the story usually goes Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense couldn’t get out of their own way and once the offense was done shooting themselves in the foot Wilson was able to step up and make enough plays to win this game quite comfortably. (more…)

With Few Options for Change Can Ricky Sapp Make a Difference?

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Florham Park, N.J.- After the bye week the main question floating around (not involving Sanchez and/or Tebow specifically) was what possible changes could the Jets make to turn things around in the second half of the season? It’s a simple question and a logical one as well. If you fancy yourself a playoff team and come out of the first half of the season at 3-5 you have to realize somehow you’ve strayed off your intended path and wonder how you can find your way back?

Rex Ryan continued to give his traditional answer of they’ll, “look at everything,” but as we should all know by now he’s not going to reveal his hand whether he has a two, seven off-suit or pocket aces.

For the Jets determining the reasons for their early season failures is rather easy (injuries, depth issues and frankly talent issues), but figuring out how to fix these problems mid-season and make a playoff push is a much harder task. To call for changes at this point in the season is completely understandable, but on the other hand, to not realize the options for change are very few and far between is not. (more…)

Bye Week Blues

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Florham Park, N.J.- Before we delve into the Jets and their bye week along let me say on behalf of everyone here at we’d like to offer our sincere condolences to everyone who was affected by Hurricane Sandy. I myself just got my power back last night, I live in north Jersey 15 minutes from the Jets facilities and we were fortunate enough to only get hit by wind and avoid dealing with any type of water damage like all the shore and city areas in the New York/New Jersey area.

But in these Morris County suburbs you’ll find yourself surrounded by trees, very large trees, and the wind uprooted many of those trees from the ground, broke others in half, some collapsed on cars, houses and power lines. Again I was very lucky to have no damage to my house or car and only lose power, many people around me were not so lucky. Driving around town you can still see transformers on the road or, in some areas, still swinging from power lines dangling in the air. (more…)