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Official: Tannenbaum Fired, Rex Ryan Staying Put

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Florham Park, NJ- Bye-bye Tanny.

Everyone knew this was coming, but Woody Johnson wasn’t about to wait around for a reporter to officially break the news. At 9:14 this morning Johnson sent out a press release via email confirming all of our suspicions as he relieved General Manager Mike Tannenbaum of his duties and expressed his confidence and belief in Rex Ryan to continue to lead this team.

“Our 2012 season was a disappointment to all of us. My goal every year as an owner is to build a team that wins consistently. This year we failed to achieve that goal.” Johnson said to begin the press release. “This morning I informed Mike Tannenbaum that he will not return for the 2013 season. Mike devoted 15 years of the service to the Jets, and I want to thank him for his hard work and dedication. Although he helped guide us to two consecutive AFC Championship games, we are not where we want to be, and a new General Manager will be critical to getting this team back on the right track.”

Johnson said the search for a new General Manager will, “start immediately.” (more…)

Front Office Shakeup Appears Almost Certain

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Florham Park, NJ- With failure comes change.

Last season Brian Schottenheimer was exiled as the sacrificial lamb for the offensive failures of this team. The firing was completely justified, but clearly he wasn’t the only problem with this offense. After two straight AFC Championship game appearances, two straight years of missing the playoffs can’t be acceptable. Woody Johnson is known as an owner that may be more interested in headlines than winning, but don’t kid yourself, as well as the Jets have done in the headline making department Johnson can not be happy about the lack of winning over these past two years.

After years of watching the same exact offense trotted out, regardless of what best suited the talent at the time (Pennington, Farve and Sanchez ran identical systems, all very different quarterbacks), and seeing the same predictable plays ran over and over again with no success, because everyone knew what was coming, handing Schottenheimer his walking papers was long overdue. So it’s understandable that many people reached a point where they simply decided anyone else would be an upgrade over Schottenheimer, but it was naive to think swapping Schottenheimer with Tony Sparano would be the one move fix this offense needed. The problems with this offense over the past two years involve the offensive coordinator, but they run much deeper than that. (more…)

Preview: Chargers (5-9) @ Jets (6-8)

Friday, December 21st, 2012

For the first time in Rex Ryan’s tenure as head coach, the Jets will take the field for a meaningless regular season game. After two straight years of AFC Championship appearances everything has trended downhill as the Jets will be sitting at home watching the playoffs for the second straight season. As much of a disappointment as these past two seasons have been for the Jets, it’s been equally disappointing for the hapless Chargers.

Norv Turner is on his way out, rumors of his being fired are being treated as a certainty, leading to more rumors that he could possibly team up with Ryan as the Jets offensive coordinator next season, rumors that Turner isn’t exactly going out of his way to dismiss. Around the NFL the struggles of Mark Sanchez has been extremely well documented and discussed at great lengths, but anyone who has watched the Chargers play this season knows Phillip Rivers has been every bit as bad as Sanchez and it appears he may have worn out his welcome in beautiful San Diego as well.

Two teams who have tasted some recent success and transgressed into disappointments will face off at MetLife Stadium this week with nothing but their pride and future job security on the line. Sanchez has been benched, Tim Tebow passed over on the depth chart and Greg McElroy gets his first start and regular season tryout. The Tebow experiment was a colossal failure and he will certainly be gone next season, the Jets will try and trade Sanchez but it won’t be an easy task and although the Jets will look to bring in another quarterback there’s a good chance Sanchez remains with the team as the backup or if Woody Johnson feels up to cutting a big check for nothing, they could cut him if they feel comfortable with their quarterbacks next year and that’s where McElroy could come into play.

McElroy essentially has a two game tryout to enter his name as an official candidate in the primaries (training camp) for the starting quarterback position next season. Even if McElroy turns in two outstanding performances the Jets will likely try and bring in outside competition, but two outstanding performances could certainly give McElroy the edge over others, depending on who they bring in of course. (more…)

Report: Mike Pettine Declines Contract Extension

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Florham Park, NJ - According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, defensive coordinator Mike Pettine has declined a contract extension from the Jets. Pettine has been Rex Ryan’s number two guy for a number of years, since they’re days in Baltimore, with Pettine declining the extension he will likely be on the move and he should have very little trouble finding new employment.

Contrary to a post created in the forums of this very website the fact that the Jets offered Pettine an extension is actually a good sign that Ryan will be back with the Jets for at least one more season. There’s still two weeks left to play this season and how the Jets play these two games could go a long way toward determining Ryan’s immediate fate, but teams don’t attempt tend to extend coordinators if they are planning to fire the head coach. (more…)

With a Perfectly Fitting End to the Season, Jets Lose to Titans 14-10

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Nashville, TN- The night started with an excited fan base filled with hope, not in their team as much as the favorable schedule, but despite a promising start, that excitement and hope quickly dissipated into the abyss of a season-ending loss, once again leaving their fans brokenhearted.

“Alright first off, obviously, that’s, you know, a devastating loss. Out of the playoffs and, you know, it hurts, beyond belief. I think the thing that really hurts the most is we have no one to blame but ourselves.” A clearly dejected Rex Ryan said, having no idea just how true that statement was and just how far the tentacles of blame go for the failures of this season.

Since Sanchez’s second season ended the offensive weapons at his disposal have been lackluster and ever-changing, they too often put Sanchez in bad positions and stunted his growth. They have continually failed to secure a competent backup that could have saved this season, or they steadfastly refused to activate three quarterbacks depriving them of the ability to go to McElroy in cleanup duty.

As an organization the Jets have failed Sanchez and Sanchez has returned the favor by failing them. (more…)

Playoff Math: So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Florham Park, NJ- Considering all the negative press the Jets have received over the past few weeks no one would blame you for believing they were competing for the worst record in the NFL and the rights to the first overall pick in the 2013 draft, but instead the team that the media has been treating as the laughing stock of the league is actually still competing for a playoff spot.

Right now the Jets have the eighth best record in the AFC and sit just one game behind the Steelers and the Bengals (both teams are 7-6) for the last wild card spot. The Steelers hold the head-to-head tiebreaker against the Jets, but one look at the math shows a few realistic paths the Jets could take to sneak into the playoffs. Problem is that’s assuming they can continue this winning streak and win their next three games, while the schedule is certainly favorable the Jets still aren’t playing like a team in the midst of a five game winning streak.

The math shows a few simple and realistic enough equations that could get the Jets back to the playoffs, it still seems like a long shot, mostly because it’s kind of hard to believe the Jets would be deserving of a playoff spot, but the math tells us there is, indeed, a chance. (more…)

Preview: Jets (5-7) @ Jaguars (2-10)

Friday, December 7th, 2012

This week the Jets travel to Tim Tebow’s hometown to play the Jaguars, unfortunately for the legion of Tebow supporters who undoubtedly wanted to line up to watch him play quarterback, equally unfortunate for many Jet fans that Greg McElroy won’t be getting the start either, as you know, since it’s all that anyone has talked about the entire week, Mark Sanchez will remain the starting quarterback.

There’s plenty of merit to all arguments at this stage, while Sanchez has looked lost, confused and broken, he is still the most physically talented of the three. Of course even if the Jets were to win out and finish 9-7 they’re still not likely to make the playoffs, so there’s definite validity to seeing what you have with McElroy. But the points and counterpoints are all moot, media and fans don’t make the decision and the decision is Sanchez, all we can do is wait to see how it unfolds. (more…)

Examining the Jets Offensive Line Over the Years

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Florham Park, NJ- If you ever get a chance to walk into an NFL locker room you won’t be able to avoid the sight of a few gigantic 300 pound plus offensive linemen, it’d be impossible not to notice them as they waddle around room. The irony of course is how often they go unnoticed on the field, yes they are still giants among the other players, but they stay packed in tight and tangle with other gigantic monsters on the defensive side of the ball and they all mesh into one big blur while the ball attracts the attention of the cameras and most of the spectators.

As a fan of football you’ve heard about this before, the offensive line always goes unnoticed by those not focused solely on them, but as the saying goes, football is a game that’s won in the trenches. The offensive line isn’t flashy, you’ll rarely see a great block on a top plays segment, but it’s the root of the offense, everything else extends from the offensive line doing their job. (more…)

Rex Ryan Wants “More Time” Before Announcing Starter

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Florham Park, NJ- The entire NFL world gathered around their electronic devices this morning to hear what Rex Ryan would have to say about who the Jets starting quarterback would be, but you didn’t actually think it would be that simple did you?

Of course many held out hope that a definitive change would be made and many more were expecting to hear Ryan say the team would stick with Sanchez as the starter, naturally the answer was right smack in the middle.

“Well, I think right now I definitely need a little more time to make that decision.” Ryan said, “I’m comfortable and confident with all three quarterbacks, I think all three guys, well now, have proven that they can win in this league, with Greg (McElroy) at the end of the game and obviously Mark’s (Sanchez) history here and the way Tim (Tebow) has played. So we got three guys that I’m confident in, but I’ll make that decision as the week goes on.”

In the NFL the saying goes, ‘if you have two quarterbacks you really have no quarterbacks,’ but what do they say about teams with three quarterbacks? (rhetorical question, don’t try and answer it.) (more…)