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Revis Speculation: The Game is the Game

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

“The game is the game.”

If you’re a fan of the HBO classic TV show ‘The Wire,’ you’re quite familiar with this phrase and all that means, if you’re not familiar with the show don’t worry this will still make sense. This phrase was uttered multiple times throughout the course of the show, in many different tones, by many different people. The phrase was used in light-hearted humorous ways, as a teaching tool and as threats or warnings.

“The game” is the drug game, the cat-and-mouse game the drug game creates with the cops, the juking of stats and chain of command issues among police, state senators scamming money, mayors selling their souls needing to earn votes and support, teachers having to jump through hoops in their classes and of course the game between the fraternity of the law, prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges. “The game” extends to all these different people, in different professions, from different walks of life, but they all play the game.

We all love the actual game of football, but as Stringer Bell said, “there’s games beyond the f*@%*#$ game.” Football isn’t just about playing the actual game, teams have to do their best to field the best possible roster within the confines of the salary cap and part of that process is free agency and the art of negotiation is a game all unto it’s self. But it’s not a spectator sport designed to overanalyze, it’s a chess match between the agents and the GM and Revis’ agents are basically the sports agent equivalent to the ruthless Marlo Stanfield.


Idzik, Ryan Talk Revis, Sanchez and More Before Combine

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

College players, NFL scouts, coaches and GMs are currently checking in for this years NFL scouting combine and yesterday Rex Ryan and John Idzik talked to reporters to answer some questions on recent moves, projected moves and of course what’s the deal with all the Darrelle Revis trade rumors?

The Revis trade rumors began on Idzik’s first day on the job, which to some meant he was hired with a set game plan to trade Revis, but that’s quite a reach. The idea that Idzik would have needed to have a concrete answer to what to do with Revis without ever talking to him and opening up some form of negotiations with the star player is ridiculous. Is he really just going to decide to trade Revis without talking to him and seeing if they could work out a deal that was good for both sides? Of course not, just as he wouldn’t automatically decide to re-sign him without knowing what Revis’ demands are. Yes we’ve all heard that Revis supposedly wants to be the highest paid defender in the NFL, which means Mario Williams money, but we haven’t heard that from Revis or his agents, we’ve heard it from media speculation, just as we heard the “reports” of the Jets shopping Revis. And even if that is where Revis and his agents intend to open up the negotiations, that doesn’t mean that’s what he’ll get. Anyone who ever traded baseball cards with their friends as a kid knows to start negotiations with an outrageously high offer (fantasy football players should be rather familiar with this concept as well). (more…)

Keep Him or let Him Go: Dustin Keller

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

As of right now we don’t know anything about John Idzik as a General Manager, but with all the different immediate decisions Idzik will have to face, it won’t take long for us to form some type of understanding of what he’s about.

Would he really trade Revis? How does he address the quarterback situation in 2013? Draft offense or defense? Best Player Available or need? Who does he target in free agency and who does he retain from this roster?

With the Jets already set to release Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, Eric Smith and Jason Smith (and possibly Sione Po’uha or even Santonio Holmes) to clear cap space the next step for Idzik is to figure out which players from his own crop of free agents he would like to keep here and which ones he will let sign elsewhere. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll discuss whether or not the Jets should either keep player X or let him go. With 12 unrestricted, four restricted and four exclusive rights free agents Idzik has a lot of work to do in this area. Some of the decisions are much easier than others, Bryan Thomas won’t be back, Austin Howard almost surely will, but the tough decisions will revolve around the likes of LaRon Landry, Dustin Keller, Brandon Moore, Matt Slauson, Yeremiah Bell, Braylon Edwards and Jeff Cumberland.

Today we will focus on Keller. (more…)