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Jets Release Tim Tebow

Monday, April 29th, 2013

The Tim Tebow-New York Jet, experiment is officially over.

Once the Jets selected Geno Smith with the 39th overall pick in the draft many had assumed it was the end for Mark Sanchez and his time with the Jets, but as it turns out it’s Tebow who is left without a job.

Now the question becomes, can he find another job in this league?

The Jets have been shopping Tebow around the league, hoping to get at least a seventh-round draft pick in return, but when the only teams that called asked if he’d be open to a position switch, Tebow and his agent said no.

Leaving the Jets to consider keeping him on the roster, then Smith fell further than the Jets ever expected and suddenly there were too many quarterbacks on the roster. Tebow had to go. (more…)

Jets Round Out Draft with Two O-linemen and an H-back

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Jets fans may have thought they had stepped into an alternate universe when the Jets went all defense in round, but John Idzik made sure to bring it back around and go all offense to round out the draft.

Yesterday they drafted quarterback Geno Smith, guard Brian Winters and traded a fourth round pick to the Saints for running back Chris Ivory, today it was two offensive lineman and a fullback/H-back.

The Jets had to be patient today as they had to sit through the entire fourth round and into the fifth before they could select a player and when it was their turn in the fifth round they drafted Oday Aboushi (grew up in Brooklyn) from the University of Virginia.

“I don’t think I can put it into words, how excited I am to be a New York Jet, to be with my hometown team.” Aboushi said, “Just to have the opportunity to play with such a great team in New York and kind of just try to add what I can bring to the team.”

Aboushi played right tackle in college, but projects to be a better fit inside at guard where he will join Willie Colon, Winters and sixth round pick Will Campbell in competition for the two guard spots (yes technically Vlad Ducasse is still in the mix but he’s likely to lose such a competition).

“I really don’t know (what position he’ll play) yet. I’m going to play any position, wherever I’m needed to play, whatever is going to help the team be better and help the line come together as a group.” Aboushi said, “I know Coach (Mike) Devlin has some ideas for me and I’m willing to work with what he’s got.”

Campbell played defensive tackle at the University of Michigan but the Jets drafted him to convert to an offensive lineman. The Jets are obviously set at left tackle and center and they feel good about Austin Howard at right tackle, but clearly John Idzik is going to make sure whoever wins the guards spots earned it through competition.

On a conference call with reporters today Campbell said he hasn’t played guard since, “the second half of my sophomore season,” but believes he can make the switch to the other side of the line.

“I feel it is (a transition he can make).” Campbell said. “Defensive guys can come over and play guard because I played both ways in high school and the transition was from one series to the next, so I feel like it will be a good transition with help from coaches.”

With their seventh round, and final, pick the Jets drafted fullback/H-back Tommy Bohanon from Wake Forest. The most impressive stat on Bohanon has to be his 36 bench-reps at the NFL combine (that’s the best I can do for you right now, admittedly I didn’t do any scouting on fullbacks or Wake Forest for that matter).

While the Jets may have used their last pick in this year’s draft, their work today is far from done as they are expected to be active shoppers in the undrafted rookie free agent pool. Which is good news for fans that were hoping for every hole to be magically filled because there’s an awful lot of talent still out there just waiting to get scooped up.

Jets Trade Fourth Round Pick For RB Chris Ivory

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

In round two the Jets drafted their quarterback, in round three they got a big beefy guard to plug and play on the starting unit and with their fourth round draft pick being shipped to New Orleans the Jets got their starting running back in Chris Ivory.

“He’s a very physical, violent runner. He’s got size, he’s got speed, he runs with attitude, he plays with attitude and I think you’ve seen that in our players that we’ve drafted so far the last two days.” John Idzik said, “You’re going to feel it in our locker room, you’re going to feel it on our practice field in training camp, so I think that’s a real healthy element that Chris brings us.”

“Runs with attitude,” and “violent runner,” are both extremely accurate descriptions and great traits to have in a big (6′0″, 222 lbs.) bruising running back.

Shonn Greene was a big physical back, but he was a plodder. He didn’t run with the violence or attitude Ivory does and he also doesn’t have Ivory’s quickness and explosive cut-back ability.

Ivory may have been listed as the Saints fourth running back on their depth chart but there’s a strong argument to be made that they just traded their best running back (of course no one should blame you if you argued Sproles but they’re different backs).

The only real knock on Ivory is his injury history, because of his physical, bruising style of running he tends o accumulate all types of minor injuries. In 2010 Iory missed the first two games of the season with a knee injury and was placed on IR with a foot injury for the playoffs. In 2011 he began the first half of the season on the PUP (physically unable to perform) list due to the same foot injury before returning in week 10 and finishing the season healthy.

Ivory joins a backfield with fellow newcomer Mike Goodson (another back with high upside who found himself buried on the depth chart behind great backs), Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight to give the Jets a versatile and much improved running attack from last year.

UPDATE: ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting the Jets and Ivory have agreed to a three-year contract, terms of the contract are not yet available. worth $10 million dollars. Fun fact: that’s the same exact contract Greene signed with Tennessee to backup Chris Johnson.

Jets Beef Up O-line with Third Round Pick Brian Winters

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

After surprising most of us by ignoring the offense in round one, the Jets put all of their day two focus on the offense. First they got their quarterback when Geno Smith fell into their lap in the second round, next up was some protection help for the young quarterback as they selected offensive lineman Brian Winters from Kent State University.

Winters (6′4″and 320 lbs.) played both right an left tackle in college and while many scouts believe he could potentially develop into an NFL tackle, the Jets will surely kick him inside to play guard where he can probably win a starting job by the start of the season.

Winters was asked on a conference call last night if he talked to teams about whether they view him as a guard or a tackle and said, “I have, which is perfectly fine for me. I got thrown in (at guard) at the Senior Bowl and I feel that was real comfortable for me as days went on. I feel like that’s where I can excel at the next level.”

Winters is a big, powerful blocker who is not afraid to use his wrestling background to his advantage. He has a quick explosive get up from the line and attacks defenders with ferocity, his aggressive nature leads to him always finishing blocks once he gets them locked up but this can occasionally be used against him by savvy and/or stronger opponents.

With their two starting guards from last year not returning (Matt Slauson, Bears, and Brandon Moore, still unsigned), the Jets signed Willie Colon to fill one spot on the line and had Vladimir Ducasse penciled in at the other. The selection of Winters saves fans from a nightmare scenario where Ducasse was given a starting role.

“I couldn’t ask for a better situation.” Winters said, “I’m really excited for what’s to come and to go out there with a great team and I couldn’t be more excited. Like I said, I’m really thankful and grateful for this opportunity that’s ahead of me.”

Round One Focus Should be on Offense

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Should the Jets go offense or defense in round one?

Before the Revis trade this was a simpler question, they only had one pick therefore they could only go with offense or defense, but now they have two of the first 13 picks and could focus on one side or the other or take one of both.

To me the answer to this question is simple, offense, defense, it doesn’t matter just take the best player available and if John Idzik follows that strategy, as he said he would, that should mean the Jets will take two offensive players in the first round (unless they trade down, which they’re reportedly considering but would be impossible for us to predict with who and for what at this point).

Through this entire draft process I’ve had many debates with people who say the Jets have to draft a pass rusher, the biggest flaw in most of my opponent’s arguments was they were arguing just for the idea of a pass rusher and didn’t have any one player in-particular they wanted, as long as he was a pass rusher. I’d argue they should focus on one of the guards (Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper) and the rebuttal would be “you can’t take a guard over a pass rusher,” to which I’d say, “you can when you don’t love any of the available pass rushers.”

I wouldn’t draft Warmack or Cooper over JJ Watt or Aldon Smith, but this group of pass rushers are not near that level while many scouts have Warmack and Cooper as their highest graded guards ever (scouts seem to be split on who they like they best, it’s all about personal preference as Warmack is more raw power and Cooper faster and more athletic). I don’t buy into the idea of a guard not being worth such a high pick, especially not in this year’s draft which lacks elite quarterbacks, offensive play-makers and defensive difference makers. (more…)

JetsInsider’s 2013 NFL Draft Rankings: Tight Ends

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Yes Darrelle Revis has been traded to Tampa Bay, but let’s be honest we all knew this was coming and there will be plenty of time to examine the negatives and positives of this trade (like after the draft, after the season, after next year’s draft pick and after his career). With this year’s draft just around the corner, Thursday night, we, like the Jets must move our focus back to the draft.

The trade gives the Jets Tampa’s 13th overall pick to go with their ninth overall pick and still leaves them with a pick in the other six rounds which gives them all sorts of flexibility to address multiple needs. One of those needs is at running back, I ranked my top backs here and here, but if the Saints are willing to part with Chris Ivory for a fifth they could focus on other positions of need with their first five picks and if they hit (big if, but play along) on all five and add Ivory they could have added six potential starters to this team. The strength of this draft class is with the o-line early, but there’s quality depth at many positions of need for the Jets and one of those is tight end. With Jeff Cumberland and Hayden Smith as the two tight ends on the roster it’s rather safe to assume the Jets will look to draft a tight end and if you need to draft a tight end this is a great year to do so.

1) Tyler Eifert (Notre Dame) – As deep as this class of tight ends is, Eifert stands out above the rest as the clear-cut number one tight end (and the only tight end with a first round grade). Eifert has great size (6′5″ 1/2, 250 lbs) and above average tight end speed (4.68 40, fourth fastest in this year’s class). He can line up anywhere on the field, on the line, slot or on the outside and can run any route in the playbook. Has a great release off the line, good use of hands to beat pressing defenders and has developed into a clean, sharp route runner. Will find the soft spots in zones and does a good job of making himself available to help his quarterback after a play has broken down or his route had been completed. Wins jump balls consistently (second highest vertical jump at the combine for tight ends 35.5), does an excellent job of using his big frame to box out defenders and locate the ball in the air, make proper adjustments if needed, and fight for and win the ball. Will make the tough catches in the air and in traffic, was extremely productive despite having multiple erratic (to be nice) quarterbacks. (more…)

Intintal Thoughts on Jets 2013 Schedule

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Timeout. Stop whatever you're doing, the NFL regular season has been released. Start marking wins and losses now because who wants to wait until teams field their 53-man rosters? ( photo)

Last night the NFL released the regular season schedule for all 32 teams and millions of fans scurried to their computers to dissect every game and start marking games in the win and loss columns. It’s an exercise in futility as the makeup of teams can still shift drastically before the start of the season (draft, trades, injuries, etc.), but it’s a fun exercise just the same.

We won’t starting counting wins and losses when going over the schedule, but we’ll lay it out and see what immediately jumps out.


Week one – @ Detroit, Friday August 8, 7:30 p.m.

Week two – *Jacksonville, Saturday August 17, 7:30 p.m.

Week three – @ New York Giants, Saturday August 24, 7:00 p.m.

Week four – *Philadelphia, Thursday August 29, 7:00 p.m. (more…)

Jets Pre-Draft (Plus Revis and Tebow) Presser

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

New GM John Idzik, senior personnel executive Terry Bradway and director of college scouting Jeff Bauer held a pre-draft presser to talk draft and of course Darrelle Revis and Tim Tebow. ( photo)

Florham Park, NJ- For most fans the NFL draft process consists of watching the draft, booing your teams’ picks and obsessively reading all the premature post-draft grades. But for GMs, scouts and player personnel it’s a much longer and more complex process.

New GM John Idzik, senior personnel executive Terry Bradway and director of college scouting Jeff Bauer joined a group of reporters to talk about that process and to field and subsenquently sidestep questions pertaining to the draft, Darrelle Revis and Tim Tebow.

Pre-draft pressers are known for their vauge nature as teams don’t want to tip their hand in even the slightest of ways, something these three made sure to remind reporters as they evaded answering questions. But to get an idea of how much work has been put into studying the draft these past few months Bradway said, “1,426 players we’ve evaluated, we visited 271 schools, we wrote over 5,000 reports (and) conducted over 300 interviews.” (more…)

Jets Bring Back Calvin Pace

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

With all the talk about how Rex Ryan is reportedly “smitten,” with DE/OLB Barkevious Mingo, John Idzik quietly came to an agreement with a different outside linebacker. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Calvin Pace has signed a one-year deal to stay with the team.

This move will by no means stop the Jets from drafting Mingo, if Ryan really is as smitten as they say, or any other DE/OLB with their first pick. They could still go offensive line with their first pick and address the pass rush in the second (or with a potential pick from the Bucs in a Revis trade), either way Ryan will make sure he finds someone he believes can be turned into a pass rushing machine at some point in this draft. (more…)

JetsInsider’s 2013 NFL Draft Rankings: RBs Part Two

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Yesterday I posted my personal ranking’s of my top five running backs in this year’s draft and now I’ll round out the top 10 and list some other names to consider in the later rounds. (In case you missed it or don’t feel like clicking the link to see yesterday’s top five here they are; 1) Eddie Lacy, 2) Johnathan Franklin, 3) Giovani Bernard, 4) Le’Veon Bell, 5) Andre Ellington.

6) Mike Gillislee (Florida) – Has all the tools to be a complete back in the NFL. Runs hard and fast, is a tough, physical downhill runner who can plant his foot and explode in and out of his cuts, quick feet and acceleration, and likes to hit the defense with combos of two or three moves in a row. Has good vision inside where he can find a tiny crease and burst through it and has great downfield vision after weaving his way through defenders (very good at making tacklers miss while running inside) and into the second level. Good speed (4.55 40) and can beat the defense around edge on tosses and sweeps or by bouncing an inside run outside.

Shifty and elusive, will squeak out extra yards by always fighting/leaning/diving forward or slipping through arm tackles. Doesn’t shy away from contact, will use his shoulder pads to his advantage, pinball like can bounce and spin off multiple defenders and shoot upfield. Will break tackles and gain extra yards on effort alone. However he doesn’t have the power to bowl over defenders or really move a pile, but he can he slip and squirm his way free to get a few extra yards every now and then. Has excellent balance to stay on his feet or sidestep down the sideline, very good awareness as a runner and receiver. (more…)