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The Argument for Keeping Four RBs

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Yes, it’s far too early to start speculating the ins-and-outs of who will or should make the final 53-man roster, but the running back situation deserves a little extra attention. Training camp and preseason performances will ultimately determine how many and which running backs stay (along with a legal issue), but assuming all the backs perform like they’re expected to it would still be wise for the Jets to have four backs stashed on the roster.

ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini reported that Mike Goodson re-joined the team in practice today, this doesn’t necessarily mean Goodson is completely safe from being released, the final outcome of his charges will eventually determine that, but it does appear the Jets think/hope the charges will be minor and plan to try and keep him. Either that or they’re just keeping him around until they can find a way to void his contract, but for the basis of this article we’ll take a leap and assume Goodson stays.

If Goodson stays the running back group going into training camp will consist of Goodson, Chris Ivory, Joe McKnight, Bilal Powell and John Griffin. The four favorites Goodson, Ivory, McKnight and Powell all bring different skill sets that could be maximized by playing to their specific skills in certain situations. Powell and Ivory share some similar traits as does Goodson and McKnight, but they all possess a unique (in this group) skill that is required for this team. (more…)

How to Decipher OTA Reports

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Florham Park, NJ- Every year I get asked the same questions once OTAs begin, how did so and so look? How about this other guy? Did anyone standout at this position or that position?

I’m not complaining, I fully understand why these questions are asked the problem is most of the time there’s no answer for me to give. Since these same questions are raised every year I figured I’d write a detailed explanation about OTAs and why you hear so much about the quarterbacks, cornerbacks, wide receivers, offensive and defensive lines and so little about the other positions.

Obviously the quarterbacks are always going to be among the most discussed groups, especially considering the Jets quarterback situation these past two years, but it’s not just because they’re quarterbacks and the position is so important, it’s also because it’s the easiest position to judge in OTAs. How did the throw look? Was it complete, incomplete or picked off? Of course it’s never actually that simple, but it’s usually reported as if it was.

Charting passes in camp is a fundamentally flawed practice, drops or mistakes from receivers aren’t put in the equation neither is the situation (second and seven or third and 15 makes a big difference), yet people obsess over numbers with little context. Making matters worse is, since there’s no tackling, plays continue even after there would’ve been a sack, how does that fit into the charting process? Still while charting passes in camp doesn’t tell the whole story it’s easier to see judge how a quarterback threw the ball than it is to breakdown how a safety handled his coverage on a specific play or how a running back looked when no real contact is allowed. (more…)

New Jets RB Goodson Arrested on Drugs and Weapons Charges

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Mike Goodson was signed to a free agent contract earlier this offseason, but after being arrested early this morning Goodson may never get a chance to play a snap for the Jets.

New Jets RB Mike Goodson's tenure with the Jets may be very short after being arrested this morning for drug and weapons possession.

According to News 12 New Jersey, Goodson was in a car with his friend who had stopped his vehicle on route 80 in Denville. Goodson’s friend, Garant Evans, was driving, but Goodson was apparently so intoxicated he was sent to the hospital for further evaluation and was found to be in possession of marijuana after being searched.

Upon searching the vehicle police found a, “45-caliber handgun loaded with hollow-point bullets.” According to a report on neither Goodson or Evans admitted to owning the gun.

Goodson was expected to compete for a starting role as the Jets running back, or at least earn a healthy share of carries, but with a new GM in charge Goodson could very well be in his last days as a member of the Jets. It’s entirely possible Evans takes the wrap for the gun and hollow point bullets, leaving the courts to drop the weapons charges against Goodson but since the marijuana was found on his person Goodson is most likely going to have to eat that charge.

Would possession of under 50 grams of marijuana be enough to get him released from the team? Maybe, maybe not but having his name associated with weapons charges (whether the charges stick or not) surely isn’t going to help his case.

The Jets have said they are aware of the arrest and are in the process of gathering all the available information. We will provide further details as they come in.

Joe McKnight Doesn’t Appreciate Questioning His Roster Spot

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Florham Park, NJ - With the recent additions of running backs Mike Goodson and Chris Ivory there has been a lot of speculation about Joe McKnight’s future with the team. If you’re of the opinion that McKnight will be the odd man out and lose his roster spot, McKnight has a message for you and any other doubters.

“Like I said, I don’t care who they bring in,” Said an adamant McKnight, “They’re going to have to kill me to take my spot. So, whoever they bring in, I don’t care.”According to McKnight a reporter had implied that he wouldn’t be with the team for long and that didn’t sit very well with the running back/kick returner.

“No, I’m not angry, I’m not angry at all. I’m just tired of people just running their mouth, just talking about I’m not going to be here.” Said McKnight. “So I’m just going to make a point to prove I’m going to be here.” (more…)

uSTADIUM App Looks to Revolutionize Social Sports Media

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

The Internet has completely revolutionized the way we enjoy sports and redefined the concept of social interactions. Through different Internet innovations people now have the ability to interact socially with people from their computers and cell phones, we’ve been blessed with the gift of Twitter and cursed by the fact that Facebook makes you question why you were ever “friends” with some of these people.

But as popular as Twitter and Facebook are the innovations haven’t stopped, whether it’s Instagram, Vine or any one of hundreds of different games, there are new and exciting changes developing in the social media world on a seemingly daily basis. One of these new apps, designed to give fans their own voice and allow them to connect with others in a different and unique way, is called uSTADIUM. (more…)

Idzik’s Offensive Game Plan: Depth Along Front Line

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

It’s been written about over and over, especially on this site, but it bears repeating again; the biggest difference between the first two years of the Rex Ryan era, that included two straight AFC Championship appearances, and the past two years of missing the playoffs was the quality and depth along the offensive line.

Mark Sanchez struggles are well documented, but it was the deterioration of the line that derailed Sanchez into constant train wreck performances.

Under Mike Tannenbaum’s watch the Jets went from having the best offensive line in football to relying on the likes of Wayne Hunter, Vladimir Ducasse and even had to resort to starting an undrafted rookie named Nick Baxter at center when Nick Mangold got injured. It was a minor miracle Sanchez was able to walk out of the stadium in Baltimore that Sunday night, but it’s clear he has never quite recovered as he’s played shellshocked ever since. Of course Sanchez had his issues even when the line was great, but once the line stopped being amazing Sanchez’s limitations became much more damning.

“I think certainly when you look at it out there as I’m sure all of us have seen, it looks way better than it has the last couple of years when like you said, you don’t want your kid playing quarterback the second half of a preseason game. With some of that group we had out there a lot of the times, there might (have been) one or two good ones, but as a unit, this clearly looks a lot different.” Ryan said, “Even from the center we have, Dalton (Freeman) from Clemson was a First-Team All-American. He looks good. Obviously the draft picks, all three of the draft picks (look good). It’s a good-looking group, there’s no doubt. And there are some players in that group, so when you line up there and that’s your second offensive line, that looks pretty impressive to me.” (more…)

UDFA Rontez Miles is Eager to Contribue

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Florham Park, NJ- Every year undrafted free-agents face an uphill battle. 32 teams passed on them through seven different rounds, they get only a few months, at most, to learn the play-book and make enough of an impression on the coaching staff to prove they are deserving of one of those last precious roster spots.

62 players participated in the Jets rookie camp and by the time training camp is over at least 50 of those players will either be on another team or out of the NFL completely. The Jets have already made in investment in seven of these players by drafting them and even if the undrafted rookie survives the first-round of final cuts they also have to prove to the coaching staff that they are a better option than all the players that’ll get cut from other teams.

It’s not an easy road and the odds are stacked against them, but every year more and more undrafted rookies are finding their ways onto rosters and safety Rontez Miles, California (PA), plans to be one of this year’s undrafted rookie success stories.

“I definitely feel like I have a good shot (at making the roster), the biggest thing is just getting the plays down and getting comfortable. It’s hard to just go out there and be yourself when you’re still learning so I feel like if I get comfortable and learn the plays and everything starts clicking my true talents will show. At this point I’m going to try my best to be a special teams player, learn the plays and do whatever I can to help the team win.” (more…)

Idzik Goes Receiver Shopping

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

When John Idzik took over the Jets everyone knew he had a lot of work to do to turn this team around. When free agency started Idzik made a few under the radar/affordable signings (Goodson, Barnes, Garay, Colon), but it was the amount of players he let walk (not even really attempting to re-sign) that grab the media’s attention. Then came the Revis trade and the draft and even though most people in the business were praising Idzik for his hefty draft haul (netting himself four likely week one starters Milliner, Richardson, Winters and trading for the Saints Chris Ivory as well as drafting a possible future starting quarterback tends to earn any GM good marks) there were still some gapping holes left on the roster.

Idzik addressed improving the offensive line in the draft and in free agency, added top-end talent and depth to the defensive line and cornerback positions, shored up the running back rotation and still managed to nab the quarterback most believe to be the best in the class. The offensive line, running backs and quarterback all desperately needed to be upgraded and Idzik deserves credit for doing just that, but with the amount of holes this roster had after Idzik purged the team of multiple overpriced players there was no way anyone could have expected him to fill all the holes on the team by now.

Fortunately for Idzik and the Jets, there’s still plenty of time before the season starts and there’s still some free agents available that could have a positive impact on the Jets 2013 season and of course there will be training camp cuts for Idzik to pounce on as well. (more…)

Coples Embraces Move to OLB

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Florham Park, NJ-  Last night a Jets fan tweeted defensive line coach Karl Dunbar asking him if the Jets were switching to a 4-3 (base) defense, Dunbar (@Kcoach99) responded “Nah we are staying 3-4 just moved QC to Rush.”

Immediately afterwards the debate broke out on Twitter about whether this was a smart move or if this was being overblown because they will probably have him play all over. After all, this really shouldn’t have been much of a surprise, Rex Ryan talked about this in the press conference immediately after they drafted Coples.

Ryan worked him out and worked him hard at the outside linebacker position, he wanted to see if he could make the transition. Reading between the lines, Ryan wouldn’t have drafted him if he didn’t think he could make the switch and, oh yeah, he also played quite a bit of outside linebacker in the last few weeks of the season last year, they’ve been prepping him for this role since the pre-draft workouts.

Add in the selection of Sheldon Richardson and all of a sudden the Jets defensive line is stacked and there’s still a need for an outside edge rusher, which is obviously where Coples comes in. (more…)