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Bengals Knock Jets Back Into Neutral

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Last week was all about the thrill of victory over the hated Patriots, yesterday the Jets felt the cruel agony of defeat in Cincinnati.

The Jets got their butts whooped 49-9 and for the fourth straight time this season they followed a win with a loss and this seesaw style approach to wins and losses has the Jets at 4-4, right where they belong.

The Jets have already proven themselves to be much more formidable than the media and many fans expected, but they continually remind us not to get carried away with pronouncing them as serious contenders by turning around and losing every other week. (more…)

Antonio Allen Stars in ‘Containing Gronk’

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Remember the old quote about guarding Michael Jordan? “You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him.”

Substitute Rob Gronkowski for Michael Jordan and the quote works just the same.

Gronkowski played in his first game of the season and sure he still needs to improve his conditioning, as he was clearly gassed at the end of the game, and needs to get more comfortable with the arm brace as he too often tried to make one-handed catches, but if anyone doubted that he would contribute immediately they had to feel silly once the game began. (more…)

David Harris is, “Just Glad Nick Folk Made the Kick”

Monday, October 21st, 2013

‘Folk Hero’ struck again when Nick Folk kicked a game-winning 42 yard field goal and there weren’t too many people happier about it than linebacker David Harris.

Harris was in an interesting mood after the game, as he fielded questions about the game he kept circling back to discuss his gleeful feeling of watching Nick Folk kick the game-winning field goal.

Harris was asked about the sequence of events leading up to Folk’s game-winning kick, including the failed 56 yard attempt and the unsportsman like conduct penalty against the Patriots Chris Jones that made the game-winning kick possible, Harris said “I’m just happy that Nick made the kick.” (more…)

Second Half Energy Burst Propels Jets to Victory

Monday, October 21st, 2013

It’s not as if the Jets came out flat to open the game, they’re first offensive drive went for 80 yards and seven points as Geno Smith found Jeremy Kerley open for a touchdown, but the Patriots offense was able to move the ball with relative ease in the first half before the Jets flipped the switch to begin the domination sequence.

The Patriots took a 21-10 lead into the half, aided by a Geno Smith pick-six, and looked like they would coast to another easy victory over their division rivals, but whatever Rex Ryan did, or said, at halftime had his defense fired up and ready to go as they came out and stymied Tom Brady and the Patriots offense for much of the second half.

After getting little to no pressure on Brady in the first half, the defensive front immediately went to work to start the second half. On the first play of the half Quinton Coples hit Brady with a sack/fumble for a six yard loss and as the Jets pressured Brady again on the following play Brady tried to find Rob Gronkowski, but safety Antonio Allen was lurking in the shadows ready to jump the route and head into the end zone for a pick-six as the stadium erupted with delight with the Jets suddenly back in the game. (more…)

Jets Sign Ricky Sapp, Antwan Barnes Placed on IR

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Florham Park, N.J. - The Jets were able to scrape and claw their way to a big road victory in Atlanta on Monday night, but in the process they lost outside linebacker, and pass-rushing specialist, Antwan Barnes for the rest of the season.

Barnes appeared to have injured his knee in the fourth quarter, the cameras caught a shot of his leg buckling under as he made a move rushing Matt Ryan and saw him limping off to the locker room. We’ve seen that injury so many times recently that, without any type of medical degree, we could all tell there was a good chance it was some sort of season-ending ligament related injury to his knee. Details of the injury have yet to be released, but earlier today the Jets official Twitter account (@nyjets) tweeted, “We have signed LB Ricky Sapp to the active roster and have placed LB Antwan Barnes on Injured Reserve…” (more…)

Strong Defense Plus Efficient Offense Equals Jets Victory

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Last week the turnovers and subsequent points that came from said turnovers doomed the Jets before they ever had a chance. Last night the defense was mostly excellent, though far from perfect, and while the offense wasn’t quite perfect either, it was remarkably efficient and that’s the difference between a losing and winning game.

The defense made a bunch of big plays that kept them in the game, but every time they needed points from the offense they got them, including the final game-winning drive. Santonio Holmes wasn’t available, so there could be no ‘Tone-Time’ to save the day. No, that final drive was Geno’s time.

Geno Smith finished the night 16-20 (80 percent), for 199 yards, (10 yards per completion), three touchdowns and 21 rushing yards on three carries, including a critical eight yard run on the final drive to give the Jets a first down and most important of all, no turnovers.

Smith only had four incompletions, only one was close to getting picked off, but he threw it so hard the defender couldn’t catch it and even though he got sacked four times (one of them was on him not recognizing Osi Umenyiora coming free on a blitz, the others were because of one of the lineman got beat badly, Winters and Ferguson), but even though fans likely gasped in horror half expecting Smith to fumble the ball on one of those sacks, it didn’t happen as Smith took much better care of the ball last night. (more…)