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The Arrow Pointing Up

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Florham Park, N.J. – For the third straight year the Jets finished the season without qualifying for the playoffs, but this felt different. The past two years the feeling of despair cloaked the air in the locker room, this year the energy purging through the locker room was of hope and jubilation.

Hope and jubilation are not words you typically associate with an 8-8 season, but when put into context they fit perfectly with the mindset of the Jets players as they head into the offseason. Don’t get confused with the jubilant part, none of the players or coaches are celebrating being 8-8, being .500 isn’t satisfying to them, but there is clearly a feeling of great happiness and triumph for the players as they closed out the season with two wins and secured their beloved coach at least one more year leading his players.

Woody Johnson said they made the decision to retain Rex Ryan awhile ago, who really knows when the decision was made (all we know is Ryan was informed right before kickoff in Miami), but heard from numerous players last week that they thought, key word being thought, Ryan was going to get fired and they clearly didn’t want to see that happen. (more…)

Easy Pickings Against Jets Soft Secondary

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

East Rutherford, NJ- The Jets dropped their third straight game and the obvious storyline revolves around Geno Smith getting benched at halftime, but equally alarming is the way opposing offenses have figured out how to swiftly attack the Jets and slowly pick them off with simple unders, outs and hitches allowing them to move the ball downfield with great ease.

As dominating as the Jets front four can be at times teams have figured out they can negate the pass rush by using a ton of short, quick routes and it continues to work because Rex Ryan has had his corners giving opposing receivers extremely soft cushions.

As we’ve had to watch this unfold, really since the Steelers game, it’s hard to not scream and shout wondering why they continue to play off coverage so much, after all Rex Ryan is still the coach and he isn’t one to use a lot of soft coverages, but there’s a very obvious reason for why we are seeing so much of this. Ryan clearly doesn’t trust his corners to hold up in tight man coverage and after watching the secondary through 12 games it’s easy to understand why.

Ryan is so worried about his corners getting beat deep that he’s basically conceding the short yardage passes just hoping the defense will do that whole bend but don’t break thing. Clearly it’s not working as teams continue to identify the soft coverages and casually matriculate their way down field with simple, easy passes that completely negate the Jets pass-rush. (more…)