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Deep tight end group offers creative opportunities

Friday, June 20th, 2014

With so much attention on the quarterback competition, the new group of receivers and a talented but inexperienced secondary it seems like this tight end group has been getting overlooked.

Of course the rookie tight end, Jace Amaro, has received plenty of attention, even if his performance took a slight dip between OTA’s and minicamp before starting to trend upwards again, but it seems like the rest of the group has been an afterthought.

During Wednesday’s practice the tight end group as a whole looked to be the most impressive unit of the day (not the best we know that is the defensive line, but most impressive on that day).

Patriots castoff Zach Sudfeld has looked pretty good running routes and catching passes, he uses his frame really well and presents a big target for his quarterback, but what’s been most impressive about him has been his blocking. Sudfeld has greatly improved his blocking technique and it shows as he did a really impressive job of protecting the edge of the line and stuffing oncoming pass rushers. He even had to diagnose the defensive coverage and pick and choose who to block on a couple of occasions and both times he choose right. (more…)

Final minicamp practice: Spy games and secondary progress

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Florham Park, NJ – Hockey season has ended and the World Cup is in the middle of group stages, but ex-Jet defensive coordinator, Mike Pettine, just managed to pull off one of the most unique and oddly impressive hat tricks ever by managing to anger Rex Ryan, Bill Belichick and Nick Saban all in one interview.

Pettine was doing an interview with the’s Greg Bedard when he began to talk about installing the defensive system in Cleveland and took the first swipe at Belichick. “I don’t put a lot of graduate-level information in it.” Pettine said, “We know in places like New England, it’s only a matter of time that they somehow mysteriously end up with our playbook.”

So, did Pettine just accuse Belichick and the Patriots of spying and/or cheating? Well yeah, pretty much. (more…)

Day one minicamp recap: Geno’s comfort level grows

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Florham Park, NJ – It was a hot and humid day as the Jets kicked off their 2014 minicamp, the players made sure they were well hydrated as they drank a bit more water than normal during warmups and it’s a good thing they did because of all the pushups they had to do.

The Jets have continued a practice they started last season, hoping to correct all the penalty issues they were having, that involves everyone doing pushups any time there’s a penalty except the person who committed the penalty. Otherwise it’s literally everybody, all the players, the coaching and public relations staff. Woody Johnson and John Idzik have joined in when in attendance and today even some fans decided to play along.

Of course Rex Ryan wasn’t pleased with all the penalties, something he expects we won’t see again tomorrow saying,”It got ugly out there. We’re really harping on defensive holding. I know the league is trying to get restive jerseys and all that kind of stuff, but guys are running out there with the jerseys that we used to play in and it’s like you make contact and you really can’t touch them anymore. But yeah, I have to fix that one. Tomorrow, I promise there won’t be half of those penalties, because I’m going to have them wave the flag instead of throw it. That was ugly.” (more…)

McDougle impresses in first full practice

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Florham Park, NJ – Last year, on September 14th, Dexter McDougle had two interceptions to help the Terrapins beat Connecticut 32-21. Later in that same game McDougle suffered a season-ending shoulder injury when he went to make a tackle.

“Dexter was playing as good as he’s played since I’ve been here.” Maryland Coach Randy Edsall said after the game according to’s Andrea Adelson, “It’s just sad that this happened to him.”

After nine long months of healing, rehabbing and simultaneously training for the NFL McDougle finally got clearance to ditch the red non-contact jersey for the first time with the Jets and he was absolutely giddy with delight. (more…)