Is Mark Sanchez Overrated?

Few things in life can create such intense debates as the concept of someone being over or underrated. Over the last few weeks I have found myself in countless conversations about a particular person being either over or underrated and I have finally begun to realize that really, there is no such thing.

The majority of these discussion were about artists, or even more simply rappers. After these discussions I was left with a simple conclusion, nothing is over or underrated, everything is rated just as it should be.

Is Mark Sanchez overrated? Even if you think so those guys in that huddle disagree and by law of averages you are all wrong. ( Photo).

All types of art are extremely subjective, there is no doubt that there is at least one immensely popular musical artist that you find extremely overrated and can’t understand how anyone else likes them. But whether you understand it or not is irrelevant, people like it and that’s all that matters.

It’s 2011 so I should hope people understand by now that just because a person sells a lot doesn’t mean they are the most talented, but they are doing something right to earn all those sales. And whether you think the success is deserved or not doesn’t matter, it only matters that it happened.

One of the more recent debates in the hip-hop world, is Drake or J.Cole, who is better? Personally its no contest in my mind J. Cole wins hands down, but there is no way I can say Drake is overrated (even to someone who says Drake is better).

I may like the type of music J. Cole makes more, but that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize that Drake has a different style and a different target audience. For what Drake does, he does it very well, regardless if you enjoy it or not. So he can’t be overrated and as talented as I think J. Cole is, he can’t be underrated if his music doesn’t move everyone like it moves me.

Its all subjective, what I like in my music is different than what you like, hell you might hate rap all together and say they are both overrated hot garbage (you might even hate me right now for making you read about rappers instead of football). The thing is nothing on this earth is for everyone so if you don’t like an artist, you should just remove yourself from the conversation. You can think someone is overrated if you want, but your wrong because your opinion is just one of millions.

If you say something is overrated than you are saying you don’t like it as much as others, which would be all fine and dandy, but to say something is overrated is really you telling others that their own opinions are dumb.

That’s not how opinions work, especially with something as subjective as music.

You may not like something, but you can’t deny that others do and it’s because of those opinions you think it is overrated, because you think they are wrong. Of course just remember, they think you are wrong too.

Now as if everything I just wrote wasn’t convoluted enough, things get a lot tricker when you are rating athletes. My basis for why artists can’t be over or underrated is because of the subjective nature of art, but with athletes its people’s own subjective beliefs about a player or team that often causes them to over or underrate an athlete.

Still with me?

All this (finally) leads me to the point of this article, this morning I saw a debate emerge on Twitter when Pro Football Weekly released a video of their three most overrated quarterbacks. The three quarterbacks named; Joe Flacco, Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez.

I didn’t see anyone protest or disagree with the first two and I don’t cover the Cowboys or Ravens so I’ll just leave them for others to argue about, but to say seeing Sanchez on the list surprised me would be one massive understatement. The biggest reason why its such a surprise is I’m wondering who it is exactly that is overrating him?

If people are writing articles saying Chad Henne is better than Sanchez can you really say is Sanchez overrated? KC Joyner lays out a bunch of numbers to support his argument, but numbers can be used to frame an argument any way you want. Which is why I won’t bother adjusting numbers to suit my argument (hint if I did it would be all fourth-quarter and late game stats, which you know, is kind of important). Instead I’ll just say, Mr. Joyner needs to learn to trust the eye test more if he is going to stick to his belief that Henne is the better quarterback.

One of the people arguing against Sanchez on Twitter was saying Sanchez is overrated because he isn’t a franchise savior, to which I thought, yeah okay, but who is saying he is? If you are saying he is overrated because he isn’t better than everyone already thinks he is, well then I’d say you need a better understanding of what it means to be overrated.

I have never heard or seen anyone say Sanchez is a franchise savior or top 10 quarterback, but I have seen plenty of people argue that he doesn’t even belong on an NFL roster, now tell me which one of these statements is closer to the truth?

Sanchez is about to enter his third-year (after only playing one season in college) and has a road playoff record of 4-2 and been to two straight AFC Championships, that’s nothing to just dismiss. Of course it’s not like he is solely responsible for those achievements either.

So now the question becomes how much credit does he deserve? But before you answer that question take into consideration how you feel about the ‘loud-mouth Jets’ and their ‘pretty boy quarterback’ on a personal level and try your best to put that to the side.

The truth is the Jets found success two seasons ago in spite of Sanchez. Last year they had some more success in spite of him, but they also had some because of him. That’s called growth, something you expect and hope to see with a second-year quarterback. Sanchez doesn’t always make the right play, but what second-year quarterback does?

So how good has Sanchez been his first two seasons? What you think doesn’t matter, all that matters is what we know.

And what we know is Sanchez has been good enough to get this Jets team to the AFC Championship two years in a row, but not good enough to get them over that hump. Sanchez didn’t lead the Jets there on his own, but he also isn’t the sole reason they couldn’t get further.

You may think Sanchez is overrated, while others say he is underrated (like anyone using the KC Joyner article as the basis for where he is supposedly “rated”). Average that all out and you get him properly rated just where he is.

Only time will tell if he lives up or down to your expectations, but simply put he is as good as he is, no better no worse. Of course he needs to improve, but for a young quarterback entering his third-year Sanchez is pretty damn good.

Whether you agree or not is irrelevant.

6 Responses to “Is Mark Sanchez Overrated?”

  1. Debater Says:

    Someone could be consider overrated if they do not do what you what want or expect and some could be considered underrated if they did something you never expected and that shock you.

  2. KT Says:

    you’ve never heard ANYONE overrate Sanchez??? … Have you ever listened to or read ANY of the new york media or Jets PR statements … ummm, they have dubbed him “The Sanchize” …. i mean, c’mon now, the guy was clearly brought in for Hollywood image reasons and the Jets bought into his pre-draft hype, and are now realizing that any other qb in the afc may have given them just as good, if not a better shot, to actually get to the Super Bowl with that much talent. But again, they fell short

  3. KT Says:

    I can also tell you exactly where he’s officially rated ….. the lowest QB rating in the entire AFC for any starting qb. Hard to argue a legit starting NFL qb’s merits with that embarrassing stain. Sanchez be a career backup in 2-3 years.

  4. Eddie Says:

    Only QB in history to appear in back-to-back AFC Championship games in his first 2 years, and already holds the record for road playoff wins. Granted, Sanchez doesn’t appear to be the best “west coast” QB, but he just seems to fit into the Jets system.

    He’s still a kid. He’s got a great resume and a winning record. What else do you want?

  5. RC Says:

    I find it hard to believe that anyone that has actually watched him play last season could say he is overrated.

    Lets take Ben Rapelisburger for example. He is not a statistically a great QB by any means yet every Steelers fan will tell you how clutch he is and how amazing and great he is when they need him, fair enough, despite me severly disliking him, he is good at the end of a football game. But has Sanchez not been a 4th quarter QB and clutch under pressure??? The throw to Braylon Edwards leading to the Holmes TD grab at the end of the Houston game last year was as good as any deep ball I have ever seen in my life.

    The 4th quarter comebacks he has orchestrated in his young career and the growth in his sophmore season alone should be enough to prove that he is a legit 4th quarter starter that I am proud to call a New York Jet.

    I could go on and on but in conclusion, to say that he is “horrible” and “overrated” is a comment left because you a) hate the Jets, b) dislike him because of the success of the team over the past 2 seasons, c) hate Rex Ryan, or d) all of the above. If you honestly believe that he is untalented and underrated, perhaps you should stick to watching another sport because you clearly don’t understand football.

  6. John Doe Says:

    Whether you think he is pretty damn good is irrelevant. That concluding, subjective statement pretty much sums up your poor attempt at drawing a logical conclusion regarding Mark Sanchez.

    So here are “objective” facts.
    -He’s drafted in the 1st round.
    1st Round players are “expected” to be impact players not “developing” players.
    -He was rated as a top 2 qb in the 2009 draft.
    -His first 2 yr NFL stats are “average” at best.
    Don’t give me that 1 game stats B.S. either, you have to be “consistent”.
    Last I checked, football is a team game, and it was the “Jets” who went to the AFC Champ game, not “Sanchez”.
    -He was dubbed “Sanchize”

    You all need to look up the definition of overrated, because you all apparently do not know what it means.