Third Round Pick: Demario Davis

Florham Park, N.J.- “Jumped off the tape at me, left me saying “this is a bad dude.” © National Football Post scouting report on Demario Davis.

With their third selection of the draft the Jets choose linebacker, Demario Davis, from Arkansas State. Davis is an inside linebacker, with exceptional speed. He can play both inside and outside, can blitz and play the run and is also considered one of the better coverage linebackers in this draft and he will make Mike Westhoff a very happy man on special teams.

“I did a lot of special teams. I love special teams.” Davis said, “ Wherever they want me to come and contribute, I’ll be ready. I got a lot of preparation in college, so I’m ready.”

With their third round pick the Jets drafted Arkansas State linebacker, Demario Davis.

With the selection of an inside linebacker, many people immediately started speculating at this could mean the end for Bart Scott’s time here, but Tannenbaum wasn’t even going to wait to be asked before he rejected that idea.

“He (Davis) is a guy that will help us. I want to clarify that Bart Scott will be here this year.” Mike Tannenbaum said, “Demario (Davis) brings a skill set. He can run, he can hit and get sacks. He is also a very good special teams player.”

“He was a linebacker that we really liked because he can run, he hits and can cover tight ends. He ran a 4.52 at 239 pounds. The other thing, we see him as an excellent special teams player.  He was one of the top players that Mike Westhoff rated.  Mike (Westhoff) probably did over 100 players and he was one of the top guys that he evaluated.” Terry Bradway said, “We see DeMario (Davis) coming in and making an impact right there right away. He will work his way in, possibly some sub and get on the field a little bit on defense too.  The one thing we did today, today and yesterday, with the three guys we picked, was improve the speed of the team. That’s a good thing.”

There’s been a lot of talk about the Jets needing to get some backend help at safety this offseason, but it’s just as important, when preparing to deal with today’s high powered offenses, to have a linebacker who can handle all the underneath coverage taking away some responsibilities from the safeties.

“I covered tight ends a lot.” Davis said, “I covered wide receivers as well. I think one of the things the coaches liked (was) that I could go out there and cover in space. I tried to show that when the coaches came down to work me out and I guess everything worked out well.”

The plan for Davis will be to start him out immediately on special teams and try and mix him in here and there in different roles for the defense, but look for them to start him off by sending him in to blitz or cover on obvious passing downs.

Davis said he knew the Jets liked him, but admitted he had no idea they were definitely going to take him. He’s just happy they did.

“I just kept my mind open because I didn’t know who it would be. A lot of teams showed a lot of interest.” Davis said, “The Jets told me they really liked me a lot, but I was just ready for whoever called. I’m glad they called because I wouldn’t want to be with anybody but the New York Jets.

“All I can say is I’m ready to play like a Jet.”

3 Responses to “Third Round Pick: Demario Davis”

  1. shel silver Says:

    NO MO BART SCOTT yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should have signed Ray Lewis instead. REX has been making excuses for Bart Scott’s play for 2 freakn years

  2. Kentucky Jet Says:

    The more I read about Demario the more impresseed I get! Rex Ryan knows the type of players he wants on the team and I trust his opinion!

    Welcome to the Jets Demario and I know that you will PLAY LIKE A JET!

  3. fatcat11 Says:

    HECK YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A LB WHO CAN COVER TEs…… anybody thinking pats O with this pick…or any other pass send him w maybin and 2 pretty good rushers…also a pocket pusher with coples and wilk…..all geared at stopping pats….NICE JOB IN DRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!