uSTADIUM App Looks to Revolutionize Social Sports Media

The Internet has completely revolutionized the way we enjoy sports and redefined the concept of social interactions. Through different Internet innovations people now have the ability to interact socially with people from their computers and cell phones, we’ve been blessed with the gift of Twitter and cursed by the fact that Facebook makes you question why you were ever “friends” with some of these people.

But as popular as Twitter and Facebook are the innovations haven’t stopped, whether it’s Instagram, Vine or any one of hundreds of different games, there are new and exciting changes developing in the social media world on a seemingly daily basis. One of these new apps, designed to give fans their own voice and allow them to connect with others in a different and unique way, is called uSTADIUM.

Muhammad Wilkers, Quinton Coples and Demario Davis were all in attendance for uSTADIUM's NFL Draft Party (sponsored by Samuel Adams). The uSTADIUM app is designed to revolutionize the social sports media world.

From the uSTADIUM’s website, “uSTADIUM is the next generation of mobile/social sports interaction. uSTADIUM turns any fan’s mobile device into sports broadcasting equipment and his living room, car, or sidewalk into his studio.”

The app allows you to record and share video of your thoughts with thousands of other fans as well as watch videos shared by others, but unlike the limitations of Twitter (140 characters) and Vine (six second videos) it’s up to you how long you want to make your recording to then send off for the world to see. As fans you’ve most assuredly gotten annoyed by a specific announcer or two, or think you know more than the talking heads who regurgitate the same narrative over and over again (and in many cases you probably do), well now is your chance to prove it.

Now you get to share your views/opinions and forward thinking plans with the world and find out if others recognize your genius.

uSTADIUM is not only about the new form of social interactions where everything happens over the Internet, they also reach out to connect fans in the more traditional sense of people meeting up in person. The uSTADIUM team hosted a NFL Draft party in Manhattan (sponsored by Samuel Adams) for the first-round of the draft and invited hundreds of fans to come out for drinks, food, watch the draft, check out the app and meet members of the New York Jets.

Muhammad Wilkerson, Quinton Coples, Demario Davis were all in attendance as was ex-Jet Damien Woody and the Giants Prince Amukamara. As the draft was taking place the players mingled with the fans, answering questions and posing for pictures (Davis and Coples told one fan to remove his Buccaneers jersey in order to get a picture) giving fans a chance to interact with players they normally would never get.

USTADIUM’s next event, a Flag Football Event with Santonio Holmes’ ‘III & Long Foundation,’ will be in late June/early July. Anyone who is interested can sign up for a team, go to the website or follow on Twitter for more information.

uSTADIUM is expected to have it’s Beta launch in late spring and set to release in early-July for download in the app store (just for iPhone users at first) go to their website or follow them on Twitter @uSTADIUM for updates.

Frank Vittorini, CEO of uSTADIUM, said, “uSTADIUM is the next generation of fan interaction that gets YOU into the game.”

2 Responses to “uSTADIUM App Looks to Revolutionize Social Sports Media”

  1. Dave Says:

    This party was one of the best parties ive ever been too SOOO MUCH better than the Jets parties they throw. count me in for the app, and every other event the ustadium guys throw. it was a blast to get free pictures and autos from the best ejts on the team.

    thank you for givin them props chris

  2. Lisa Marie Says:

    uStadium Fans Rock! I was at the event in Manhattan and had the opportunity to not only meet some of the leagues greatest football players, but the most amazing JET Fans ever! Great stuff here uStadium! Shout out to Nick Spano and Frankie V. (awesome kick-off party guys) I know we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from you guys…Can’t Wait!!! Looking forward to the app launch!
    Lezzz Go!
    Your Loyal Friend and Fan,
    Lisa Marie