Welcome Back

Florham Park, N.J.- The Jets returned from their week off and appeared eager to pick up right where they left off. Whoever it is that picks the music that is played during practices made sure to set the tone immediately.

“Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back,” thumped through the speakers as the players returned to the field for the first time in over a week. People may recognize those lyrics, and the sample that was used for the first song that came blasting through the speakers, from completely different places.

Santonio Holmes and his teammates returned to the practice field, after their bye week, bubbling with enthusiasm and seemed to have an extra bounce in their step as they prepare to finish out the season. (Jetsinsider.com Photo).

The original was the theme song to the hit 70’s television show, “Welcome Back Kotter,” the song that was played at practice however was not that song. Instead it was a hip-hop song sampling the television show’s theme song. That sample has been used by a number of rappers, including Brooklyn’s own AZ, but the more known and commercial/comical rapper’s song was the one that went blasting through the air to our ears, it was Mase’s “Welcome Back.”

Mase’s version of the song is over six years old, but still a perfect choice to start off the Jets first practice after their bye week.

The players were enjoying the music, half dancing as they were doing their stretches and by the look on all of their faces and the sounds of their voices, they are glad to be back and looking forward to continue leading the league in wins.

Next up on the DJ’s play list was the old-school rap classic “I Got Five On It,” by the Luniz, which may be over 15-years-old, but still resinates with any fans of hip-hop music. The players noticeably enjoyed hearing, “Welcome Back,” when they first got on the field, but they absolutely loved hearing the throwback classic by the Luniz.

Those half-stretches, half-dances, turned into full fledged dances at times and had multiple players singing and vibing to the song. Normally during the 20-30 minutes the media is allowed to watch practice the players methodically work their way through their stretches and light jogging drills as they are just warming up for practice to start for real. Today the energy was much different, the players seemed well-rested and extremely enthusiastic about attacking the practice field and getting ready for the Packers.

The energy would have most likely been the same with different music, or even without music, after all these are football players. Sure they enjoyed their week off, but they want to play football that’s what they do. And when your playing as well as the Jets have been it makes it even easier for the players to get hyped to be back focusing on the game that they love.

Regardless, the DJ (I say DJ, but there is no actually DJ, it’s most likely just a set playlist, but I’m referring to whoever set up the tracklist) most definitely helped set the energetic mood and tone of the practice. After, “I Got Five On It,” came another old-school, underground hip-hop song. This one from the Newark native’s, The Artifacts, called, “C’mon Wit da Git Down.”

Which really is another perfect choice of a song to summarize exactly how the Jets need to attack the rest of their season, starting with this morning’s practice.

“C’mon wit da c’mon, git down wit da git down,” goes the chorus of the song and that’s exactly the mentality the Jets need to have for the rest of the season.

Come on with the come on, and get down with the get down, in other words enough of the talking and speculating, don’t worry about everyone else. Keep the focus on themselves and their team and do what they are capable of week-in-and-week-out, because now it’s time to do work and finish their mission to lead the league in wins.

3 Responses to “Welcome Back”

  1. maufiero Says:

    I believe the person in charge of that is jack holmgren. A person who is dedicated to his craft and puts in more hours brainstorming his playlist then obama does on the economy (rumor has it his graphic organizers are written on the walls of princeton library windows much like john ashcroft better known as the beautiful mind). I hear the next practice will involve a imaginary disco ball and some techno. GIT DOWN WITH THE GIT DOWN

  2. MKarbowiak Says:

    “the DJ (I say DJ, but there is no actually DJ, it’s most likely just a set playlist, but I’m referring to whoever set up the tracklist) ”

    musical genius like that cannot be contained solely on a playlist. Jack Holmgren (aka DJ No Reqwest) shows up to work each practice wearing scrubs because this man is like a doctor with his figure on the pulse of each practice ready to defibrillate the whole joint with another sick track the second he feels the energy level drop. The streets are talkng and if you’re listening, you might hear whispers about a DJ No Reqwest mixtape in the works in which the man autotunes Rex Ryan audioclips over Duran Duran’s Wild Boys.

  3. jeremy masem Says:

    I have heard of this mystery DJ before. I believe his name is Jack. He has a skull that penetrates plywood like the beats of his musical selections penetrates souls!