Greetings from Florham Park

Greetings from Florham Park, N.J. We’ve seen three teams already come off the clock, with Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford heading to the Lions, Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith to the Rams and LSU defensive end Tyson Jackson to the Chiefs.

The Seahawks are now on the clock. If the Seahawks choose either Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry or Texas Tech reciever Michael Crabtree, it will be interesting to see where USC’s Mark Sanchez drops. New Browns head coach Eric Mangini and company could bring Sanchez to the ‘Dogpound,’ which could create a tricke-down effect.

Selecting Sanchez would leave the Browns invested heavily in three quarterbacks (Sanchez, Anderson, Quinn). The Browns would likely have to trade either Anderson or Quinn. Will the Jets come calling?

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