Jets To Introduce New Season-Ticket Rewards Program

On August 1st, the Jets will launch a new rewards program, know as “Jets Rewards” for season-ticket holders. Part of the program will allow fans to accumulate points throughout the season and redeem those points for  prizes.

Instead of the traditional paper ticket Jets’ season-ticket holders will receive a small wallet sized card with their tickets already preloaded on to their card.

“Where in the past, season ticket holders would get a packet of 10 tickets for every seat now they will get one card.” According to Senior Vice President of Marketing and Fan Engagement Seth Rabinowitz, “That card is a smart card has a little microchip in it and it comes preloaded with all of your games.”

Woody Johnson's Jets are starting a new season-ticket reward program led by Senior VP of Marketing and Fan Engagement Seth Rabinowitz. ( photo)

Rabinowitz also believes that the card will help speed up entry into MetLife Stadium during game days saying, “It works kind of like your E-ZPass in your car, you just have to tap and go… with the barcode now you just have to tap and go and it should be a lot quicker and easier for folks.” Furthermore, there are “all new readers at every gate to the stadium so everybody, no matter which way you get in, will be able to have the convenience of this kind of tap and go technology.”

When asked what the advantages of implementing this new program now were, Rabinowitz stated it was all for the fans.

“The need [for the new program] was driven by fans [and] fans feedback to us. Fans have asked for this kind of thing repeatedly. They’ve told us many times and many different ways that they want us to make efforts and investments to make the game day experience more convenient and go smoother. So we’ve done lots of things to try to fulfill that request [and] this is just one of them.”

Season-ticket holders will still have the option to print out a paper copy of their ticket but Rabinowitz cautions that once you print out a paper copy for a certain game you invalidate the game on your card. “So the one thing we don’t want people to do is print out a paper copy of their ticket, as a backup just in case. Because when you print out a paper copy, you cancel the game off of the card… So if you want to print it out at home that’s great we’ve enabled that and we have no problem with that but if it is just a backup copy, you don’t need a back up copy, the system works.”

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the new “Jets Rewards” program for fans is the ability to earn points based on their behavior and attendance during games and use those points to redeem prizes. According to Rabinowitz, the program is as simple as it sounds. “It’s [a] very simple program, [you] come to the games, [you] get points, [you then] redeem [those points] for rewards.”

For example, a fan receives 500 points for coming to a game.  If you use your card to get into MetLife Stadium you receive another 500 points. So just by coming to MetLife on game day, you can receive 1,000 points.  There are also a plethora of opportunities to accumulate points during the actual game.

“For people who are at the stadium, every time the other team has a false start, every time the other team gives up a sack, every time the other team has to call a timeout outside of the two minute warning in each half, you get a point boost ” said Rabinowitz. “[We] call that a fan assist and that’s a 100 points for each time that occurs” said Rabinowitz.

In addition to the in-game opportunity for points, there are also a variety of ways for fans to earn points before and after the game.  Rabinowitz said that, “You can get additional points for listening to or watching our programming on SNY [or] on ESPN Radio [because] we’ve put some codes in those broadcasts so you could enter the code on our website and you’ll get the point boost for that.”

Rabinowitz also stated that the new program is a way for the Jet’s organization to reward their faithful fans for their loyalty. “Fans are very loyal to the Jets [and] we appreciate that and we here from them all the time, ‘hey I would really like it if you recognized and rewarded [and] acknowledged my loyalty more’ and we said ‘you know what you’re right we should.’ So once we decided to go to the digital ticket environment we realized we also now had a tool that would allow us to recognize and reward loyalty. “

In addition to loyalty, the program also rewards fan’s consistency. Once a fan attends his or hers’ seventh game they will begin receiving what Rabinowitz calls “bonus points.” “If you come to your seventh game, your eighth game, your ninth game, your 10th game of the season you start getting bonus points for each of those so if you come to all 10 games the points really start to add up.”

One of the bigger questions about the “Jets Rewards Program” is what kind of prizes are available to be bought with my points? While the Jets have yet to announce all of the information regarding the prizes, Rabinowitz did talk about some of the prizes that will be up for grabs.

“You can redeem your points for all sorts of cool stuff. Some of it is memorabilia, autographed items, merchandise, and some of it is experiences up to and including like a trip on the team plane to our away game in Nashville. So you know some pretty good stuff.”

When it comes to the procedure for buying prices Rabinowitz said, “Some of the stuff will be sold for a fixed price of points and some of it will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.”

Sample image of the new "Jets Reward" card. (Photo Courtesy of New York Jets)

While a new program and elimination of paper tickets have left some fans to wonder things such as how will the program change the way I manage my account or possibly effect the buying and selling of tickets on the secondary market or what happens if I lose my card on game day? Well according to Rabinowitz there is no need to worry.

On the subject of account management Rabinowitz was clear that this new program will not have any effect on the way fans manage their account saying, “It’s basically still the same process just a new front door. So fans can manage it the same way. If they go to … they’ll see their points, they’ll see all the interactions with the program, that’s were they can do their shopping, that’s were they’ll see all the listings to redeem with the points.”

Rabinowitz was adamant that the procedure for buying and selling tickets on the secondary market is unchanged. “One other thing that is important for fans to understand is that the process for forwarding tickets to somebody else or for selling tickets, none of that’s been changed. So the way that fans in the past have done this is the way they’re going to keep on doing that so that is unaffected by this.” Moreover, Rabinowitz said that fans can also forward tickets to friends or sell tickets on their Jets account.

Rabinowitz stated that the procedure for replacing your card is the exact same as if you lost your paper ticket, in fact he said that it was even easier because if you lose your card the Jets can immediately cancel the old card and issue a new one.  “The short answer is just find a Jets representative [and] we can reprint you a new one on the spot … once we know [you lost your card] we can cancel out the old one and issue you a new one. “

When asked what his message to Jets fans about the new “Jets Rewards” program would be Rabinowitz had two things to say. The first was, “We created the program in response to fans and what season ticket holders in particular have told us they want us to do to make their experience better. So we’ve really tried to listen to them. We’ve tried to understand exactly what they need and what they want and we’ve tried to deliver it and I think we have.”

Rabinowitz’s final message to Jets’ Nation was, “Trust the cards will work they do work, the technology is proven [and] literally billions of people get into stadiums using this technology around the world.”

For more information and updates about the “Jets Rewards” program and prize information visit.

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