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Jets Passing on Braylon Edwards

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Since the re-signing of wideout Santonio Holmes, the Jets are missing an offensive weapon in Braylon Edwards who has yet to be re-signed by the team. Will the re-signing happen at all? After Nnamdi Asomugha pulled a Cliff Lee on New York and went to Philadelphia, the Jets are now focused on re-signing cornerback Antonio Cromartie and it seems the team is moving on from Edwards.

The Daily News has learned this morning that Edwars will not be returning as a Jet, reason being because of financial constaints. The teams offense does need improvement but it does not seem to be on their mind as much as the lock down defense they are trying to put on the field come opening day. The passing on Edwards might not come back to haunt the Jets if they can sign a free agent receiver that is on the board. A few names that are out there would spark any teams interest. Randy Moss and Plaxico Burress are two of the many that are up for grabs.

After signing Santonio Holmes and the need to fill other holes, Braylon Edwards' price is too high for the Jets. ( Photo)

Burress has been invited to the Jets facility in Florham Park, New Jersey tomorrow but has yet to accept the curtious invitation. According to a source, if the returning receiver does come to New York, he would rather play for the Giants, but it will not stop the Jets from making a big offer.

Edwards is feeling blue instead of green for not being re-signed but now has to focus on trying to get another job. In his rear view mirror stands the Minnesota Vikings who reportedly are interested in his services. With the Vikings losing their top receiver, Sidney Rice to the Seattle Seahawks, they now look to fill the void, and with Donovan McNabb as their new quarterback it might catch someone’s attention. No numbers have been thrown Edwards’ way, but with his reliable hands on the field he is most likely going to catch a big one.

First Free Agent Loss…

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Yes, the New York Jets re-signed wide out Santonio Holmes for five years, but today the team suffered their first free agent loss of the preseason. The all-purpose player Brad Smith agreed to a four-year $15 million contract Thursday with the division rival Buffalo Bills, according to a league source.

The 6′2″, 212lb wide receiver from Missouri has been in the league for six years and has not disappointed. His time with the Jets Smith completed every task in which he was assigned, plus more. Smith should be a good fit for the Bills. With his hard work attitude and reliability on the field, plus his big play moments, the Bills should get more than they paid for.

WR Brad Smith didn't want to wait for the Jets to offer a contract so he signed with division rival Buffalo. ( Photo)

With all eyes on Oakland Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, the Jets never bothered to make Smith an offer. With Asomugha in sight, this could have indirectly led the team to not make a serious bid for Smith. This is all due to the salary-cap considerations, and with the huge offer they are putting on the table for Asomugha, the Jets felt like it was time to part ways.

Smith seems upbeat about his new team, saying, “I’m very excited about the opportunity to join the Bills and play for Coach Gailey.”

Smith will most likely play a big role in the Bills offense. With explosive plays like last Thanksgiving in the Jets victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, when Smith complied 200 all-purpose yards, including a 53 -yard run and a 89-yard kick return, Smith could jump start the Bills offense. Whether it be at wide receiver or kick returner, Smith shines like a star and is a great asset to a young football team.

Mike Westhoff, the special teams coordinator for the Jets said of Smith late last season, “The day he goes, I go.” The Jets may be losing another special teams contributor, but no decisions have been made.

Offense Improves Before the Season Begins

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Everyone knows the New York Jets are well known for their shutdown defense, with Rex Ryan at the helm this side of the ball does not seem to be an issue. Offense on the other hand is the thorn in the Jets side and might have cost them a chance at the Super Bowl the last two seasons.

Last year during the 2010 regular season the Jets ranked 7th in total yards given up on defense, but offensively they ranked 11th in total yards gained. A team cannot be completely focused on one side of the ball and let the rest take care of itself. Yes, “defense wins championships” but the team must be equipped with a stable offense as well.

Realizing they needed to work on their offense, the Jets reached out and are giving Tom Moore, the ex-offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts a try. Moore had offers from the Tenessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens, but accepted the Jets job after visiting with their coaching staff on two separate occasions. When asked about his reason for picking the Jets, Moore replied, “”Rex and I have known each other for a long time, Our relationship carried over obviously from when he was with Baltimore as defensive coordinator and the Jets. We competed against each other and I have tremendous respect for him and for the organization.”

Moore, now 72 has been coaching for 48 years, 34 in the NFL. Coaching teams like Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Detroit, New Orleans and most well known, Indianapolis, his resume speaks for itself. In his time with the Colts (1998-2009), Moore helped the team become one of the NFLS’s most productive offenses.

Moore will be serving as an offensive consultant for the Jets, which means he will be working from home. “I just stay right at home.” Moore said, when the Jets confirmed they had hired him. “I will be studying tape and that keeps me involved, keeps me in the game, keeps me on top of what is happening, it is going to be a lot of fun.”

Moore, now as a consultant, the Jets look to get their offense up to par with their stellar defense. With the recent re-signing of free agent wide out Santonio Holmes for 50 million dollars for 5 years with $24 million guarenteed, as well as the pursuit to re-sign Braylon Edwards if they can pull it off, look for the Jets to be productive from both sides of the line of scrimmage this season.

NFL Could Do Away With Two-A-Days: Bart Scott not happy.

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Two-a-day practices during training camp could be no more. According to the new CBA Agreement these practices could be eliminated immediately following the end of the lockout. Players were supposed to vote on the new agreement today, but it has been delayed and will most likely be voted on either tomorrow or as early as Friday.

Ever since I could remember two-a-day practices have been the staple of football and the NFL. Who does not remember hell week in high school? Starting practices at 7am and coming back at 3pm for another round of hard work. This is what football is all about. It feels like training camp has become a joke to players and they are starting to disrespect the game by taking it so lightly. I was always taught to respect the game and practice like you play, which meant practice hard and you will play even harder. I thought this is what the NFL preached to their players, maybe not. I understand the reason behind it, for the health and safety of the players, but you cannot ask a high school student to practice twice a day while the professional athletes who get paid millions of dollars do not. Lazy is not the word that comes to mind, the word I am looking for is simply, careless.

Bart Scott, the Jets linebacker has spoken out on the issue and the answer might suprise you. “I think it is wimping out; making football soft.” Scott also said, “Two-a-days, it is what football is all about, it is about endurance, pain, will, putting yourself through something when your body is telling you it does not want to go, your mind controlling your body.”

Scott is probably one of the few players who is reacting this way and are willing to keep two-a-days and continue to put their bodies through rigorous workouts.

Scott’s teammate, safety Eric Smith felt differently, calling the elimination of two-a-days “great”.

Could the elimination of two-a-days make the NFL a “safer place”? That is the question that will be on everyone’s mind as we approach the end of the lockout and the start of training camp. If the players want the fortune and fame they have to work hard for it and it seems nowadays these things come easier then in times past when football was the all rugged sport that it should be. The players know what they signed up for. If they do not like it they can simply retire. Two-a-days are a part of the game and why fix something when it is not broken.

Could Santonio Holmes be a Patriot this season?

Saturday, July 9th, 2011
The end of the NFL lockout may be on the horizon and with it comes free agency. The Jets will be looking to spend as well as deal some of their players that are on the market. One well known wide receiver that is on everyone’s mind is Santonio Holmes.

The Jets will need to make Holmes a good offer in order to keep him. Their offense will appreciate it if they can re-sign him. ( Photo)

 The former first round draft pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006 was signed by the Jets in 2010 and posted up big numbers for the boys in green.  Because of the four game suspension he was serving for substance abuse, it took Holmes a few games to get back on his feet. After dusting off the cob webs, he returned as the skilled player who once won the MVP award in Super Bowl XLIII. Holmes finished the season with 52 receptions and 6 touchdowns in only 12 games. The extremely talented receiver will be a free agent when the lockout ends and the Jets want nothing more than to re-sign him.

 Holmes is not as big as a threat as say a Randy Moss or a Larry Fitzgerald, but he can play with the best of them and be a game changer, and who is lurking in the shadows, trying to pick up a game changing receiver without the Hollywood status? None other than the division rival New England Patriots. Holmes brings all the explosion and toughness that the Patriots look for in a receiver, he also comes with reliability and a sort of securtiy blanket for a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Tom Brady.

 Holmes has already stated that he will play for whoever offers him the best deal and the Jets are willing to make a big offer, but can they offer more than the Patriots who will no doubt be looking to spend after not being able to upgrade as well as they hoped in the 2011 draft.

 As for the other players on the Jets, they want nothing more than to have their team back as a whole. When asked about the chance of players being dealt, Mark Sanchez replied, “It’s really important for the chemistry, just to see the players again, just to talk about football, to see how everybody’s family is doing, go grab some food.”

Chemistry and hard work could give a team momentum going into the next season.