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Tuesday Afternoon Quarterback

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Florham Park, N.J. –  Last night proved that both Mark Sanchez and Eli Manning need some more work in order to be in the top five spot in the NFL at the quarterback position. We can talk until we are blue in the face about how it’s the preseason and these games don’t count, but you play like you practice and so far Sanchez is doing exactly that.

QB Mark Sanchez needs to keep his head up and be more consistant behind center. ( Photo)

The third year QB has shown his inconsistancy in almost every practice so far during training camp. Yes, he is facing arguably the top defense in the league in his own Jets but in order to be the best you must beat the best. In practice Sanchez’ pass percentage is down and his interceptions are up and it’s starting to show in the preseason. His interceptions are down during games but his pass percentage is dreadful. He is missing receivers with inaccurate passes and sometimes trying to force throws that simply are not there. Could this be immaturaty or just his modus operandi? (M.O.)
The Jets offense last night never looked better than average. With Sanchez (8/16, 64 yards, 1 TD and one fumble that he recovered himself)  only completing  50 percent of his passses, the offense never got into the rhythm they are looking for this season. They seem to have had that one good drive in each of their three preaseason matchups, but they cannot put an entire game together.
“I thought at times, he threw the ball really well.” Ryan said. 

It looks like coach Ryan is noticing the lack of consistancy as well but he keeps on praising his young quarterback and trying to build him up as much as possible.

  ”I was happy with the way Mark played.  He avoided the rush, they get after the quarterback pretty well. He was able to avoid the rush a little bit and ran the ball some so I was happy to see that.” Ryan said.

The second team offense with Greg McElroy looks more consistant in the preseason than the first team does. McElroy (4/5, 39 yards) came into the game in the middle of the third quarter and struggled at the start but regained his composure quickly. The second team offense moved the ball down the field more fluently and yes, they were facing the second team defense of the Giants but with all the injuries the team has been faced with, how much better can they have been in the secondary. If it was not for the holding penalty by WR Courtney Smith, McElroy and his squad would have put seven points on the board after a strong drive.

The best quarterback on the field last night is not a quarterback at all. It was WR and return man Jeremy Kerley. Most fans do not like the wildcat offense (one person comes to mind in particular you know who you are) but last night it seemed to work out great for the Jets. It gave them that extra boost on offense. Also by running the wildcat it gave them another option to throw at the opposing defense when their offense might come to a screeching hault.

In order for the team to win games the offense must show up and play with consistancy. Right now they are lacking that from their quarterback and it is reflecting on the entire offense. Yes, defense wins championships but you must have some type of rhythm on offense when the defense feels like taking a Sunday off.

The starters have done all they can this preseason and will most likely end up resting in the fourth game Thursday night against the Philadelphia Eagles. The first team offense should work on whatever they have to for the rest of training camp in order to get on the same page for the regualr season coming up on September 11th against the Dallas Cowboys. Because, as of right now, the Jets do not look like a team that will be contending for the Lombardi trophy in February 2012. As far as their offense goes.

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Jets at Giants preview — Battle for New York

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Florham Park, N.J. — With hurricane Irene coming up the east coast, the battle for New York was moved up from Saturday 7:30pm to 2pm now will air Monday night 7pm on the NFL network and or NBC for local fans.

Is this a perfect weekend for Jets vs Giants or what? First thing is first, the prodigal son returns. This will be Plaxico Burress’ second preseason game in this building but now his old Giants fans will be around. The cheers are likely to be boos, unlike last Sunday vs the Bengals where the crowd erupted with joy for their new WR.

 Another headliner, this weekend is the new MetLife Stadium that received the naming rights earlier in the week, but the players and coaches are not seeing eye to eye. It seems to be making the home field territory that much more interesting. Earlier in the week Giants DE Justin Tuck let it be known that to him “it’ll always be Giants Stadium,” which did not sit well with fans and players.

Also, the whole QB controversy that is looming over the great city. Manning or Sanchez? The question is asked by many but noone can give the right answer. Is there one? We should find out soon enough.

Lastly, we can not forget about hurricane Irene creeping up the east coast and scheduled to hit the New York/New Jersey area either tomorrow or Sunday into Monday, but wouldn’t it be fitting if the rain and winds started right before the game. Like the late great comedian George Carlin said, “Football is played in any kind of weather: Rain, snow, sleet, hail, fog…can’t see the game, don’t know if there is a game going on; mud on the field…can’t read the uniforms, can’t read the yard markers, the struggle will continue!” The struggle will continue Monday for the battle of New York, which will only be the beggining until they meet again on the eve of Christmas for more war on the gridiron.

Coach Rex Ryan claims he has the better team in New York. We will get a taste of the spice tomorrow afternoon at MetLife Stadium. ( Photo)

Both teams are having some problems when it comes to staying healthy but it seems the G-Men have the shorter end of the stick when it comes to this, but that’s the game of football, great teams overcome the injuries.
(Players to watch) (Jets)
We are keeping an eye on main contributors to the offense and defense because coach Ryan likes to sit his players for the fourth and final preseason game as seen last season.
Plaxico Burress (WR) — Burress will most likely be the main act of the play Monday night. Who seen this coming? The returning star signs with the team that not only plays in the same city but shares the stadium as well, this couldn’t be scripted any better. Burress had a stellar performance against the Bengals last week coming down with three grabs for 66 yards and a touchdown that showed that he was back. Coming off the slight ankle injury, Burress made it clear that it felt fine and that “it’s not a factor” in the upcoming season but it’s still always good to look out for. The Jets receiver did have a slight setback earlier in the week at training camp in Florham Park, N.J. suffering from soreness in his lower back but expects to play Monday. Look for Burress to shine once again this week, even though he says this game has no extra meaning, I find that hard to believe.
Shonn Greene (RB) — Greene is also coming off an injury that he suffered after the first preseason matchup with the Texans. The foot ended up catching a skin infection but with a careful eye by team doctors and a bit of rest Greene is back in action for Monday. Ground and Pound is what coach Ryan and the Jets are known for but they are having a little trouble this preseason in getting the train rolling. Blame it on the RB’s or on the offensive line but you have to understand one hand washes the other. If one fails, the whole thing fails. Greene says he feels fine and thought the media overreacted to his injury. Look for him to spearhead the running attack with Joe McKnight, LaDanian Tomlinson and Bilal Powell following his lead.
Derrick Mason (WR) — The 37 year old WR was signed by the Jets who ended up letting Jerricho Cotchery go to the Steelers. The veteran has been able to play up to such high standards his whole career because he avoided lower body injuries. Is father time catching up with him? The team got rid of an injured riddled player and hopefully hasn’t fallen into the same trap. Mason will be back on the field with his other “Fly Men”  Monday night. Look for him to make an impact early to get him going and test out the knee.
Mark Sanchez (QB) — All eyes are on captain Sanchez, mainly because of the QB controversy that has been looming ever since Eli Manning’s comments. The battle for top QB, another taste that will likely leave us hungry for more. But let’s put that aside for a mintue shall we. Sanchez’ performance on Monday is more important than some immature controversy. This is the third preseason game for the Jets and with only one more to go before the start of the 2011 season this is the most important one. Reason is, coach Ryan likes to sit his starters for the fourth and final preseason game for rest, so this means way more to Sanchez and company then you’d think. Look for Sanchez to exploit the weak secondary of the Giants, especially the newly signed CB Brian Williams who will likely fill the shoes of DB Terrell Thomas who is out for the season with a torn ACL.
Brandon Moore (RG) — The Jets offensive line looks to be a bit thin as of right now. With center Nick Mangold back after a scary stinger in training camp two weeks ago and the loss of backup center Rob Turner for the season due to a broken leg he suffered in game one against the Texans, the Jets need to patch up the hole in their offensive line if they want to protect their QB and get the running game back to a high level. Moore is making his preseason debut Monday. Just a few weeks ago he didn’t think he would even be in this position. He was concerned about the surgically repaired hip but seems to be feeling fine now and is happy to be back.  
Bart Scott (LB) — Scott faced a frightening moment in game one of the preseason which looked on camera to be a serious injury that could of sidelined him for the enitre year but he seems to be bouncing right back. His leadership status will be back on the field Monday after sitting out a few practices and missing the game against the Bengals. No big deal for the veteran LB who is always ready to play his best when his name is called. Watch how his leg reacts to the turf Monday night and try to notice his stability when cutting and tackling. There is no added fuel needed to be thrown on Scott’s fire. Just look for him to be himself and have a good, sound all around game. His return is key for this team not only for his skill and ability to teach the young players, which proved well last week when Josh Mauga filled the void at LB and if it wasn’t for Burress stealing the show, would have been my player of the game, but Scott means a lot more than that, kind of that  prize possession that you cannot let go of.
Calvin Pace (LB) — Everyone should remember the preseason game he had against the Giants last year, I think Manning remembers. New year for Pace but same player. Pace is coming off a groin injury and expects to play in Monday’s game. The Jets cannot afford a serious injury from Pace this season. They are looking for him to contribute heavily to the pass rush that they seem flat at right now. I don’t expect too much playing time for Pace but his impact is key. If he can get a few rushes on Manning or even take him down this will be a successful game for him and will likely put a smile on the Jets coaches and front office.
Aaron Maybin (LB) — “Maybe” referred to by Bills fans. Maybin could make an impact for gang green. His impact last week against the Bengals proved he might be turning his career around. I don’t want to get ahead of myself and say he’s the next best thing but he might contribute to the pass rush along with Pace. Look for him to get some late game playing time and play hard nosed football at whatever position they throw him in at. He might make another splash Monday. That would be two for the preseason. Do I see a wave coming? Sorry getting ahead of myself again.
Vlad Ducasse (OL) — In the first preseason matchup against the Texans, Ducasse could barely keep his head above water. He was committing immature mistakes and getting run over by DE J.J. Watt on multiple occasions which lead to the Texans player rolling up on Turner from behind, but noone is to be blamed it’s football injuries happen. In the second preseason game against the Bengals he was floating but with the aid of swimmies, committing a false start and not blocking very well on run plays. His teammates are raving about him but I’m still not satisfied. Maybe Monday will be his day.
(Special Teams)
The FG kicking  has been an up hill battle for the Jets since training camp began. Nick Folk and Nick Novak are battling for a spot for head place kicker and the competition is heating up. Folk felt a little turned off by the fact the team went out and signed Novak in February after all the things Folk had done. But that’s business and life has to go on and now he must fight it out through training camp and the preseason in order to keep his job that he held last season.  

Nick Folk was 4-for-5 and Nick Novak was 3-for-5 in practice, but both made wind-aided 62-yard field goals to end practice. This was earlier in the week. Looks like someone wants a job. Watch out for their game attempts tomorrow if the offense stalls a few times.

The Jets starters need to impact the game early and often since this is likely their last turn before they start the season. The run game needs to be on point along with the offensive line. We all know the defense will be there but the pass rush is the key in the Monday night matchup. If Sanchez can stay consistant by making smart decisions on when and where to throw the ball, look for the Jets to play an overall positive game against their crosstown rival New York Giants.  

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Shonn Greene back in action

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Florham Park, N.J. — Is this deja vu? Many people ask themselves this question daily throughout their life and right now I’m asking myself the exact same thing. It started with the media running with the Plaxico Burress story and making out like he lost his leg and now, they seem to be treating the Shonn Greene injury all the same. The ankle of Burress stopped him from practicing for a few days while missing a preseason game. The foot of Greene also made him miss a few practice days as well as a preseason game. Deja vu? I think so. But hey, that is the job of the media, to take the smallest issue and blow it way out of proportion, like today’s earthquake. Enough said, back on the topic, Greene is back in action and ready for Saturday.

Two thumbs up for Shonn Greene who expects himself to be back for his teams third preseason game against the New York Giants this Saturday. ( Photo)

Greene started noticing the foot infection a few days before his last practice.

“I was just having some pain and stuff. I found out (it was) a soft corn in between the toe, so they had to go in there and get that out.” Greene said.
With Greene being out for Sunday nights game, his view was not enjoyable.
“It was kind of boring.” said Greene. “”because I wasn’t there and I felt like I was supposed to be there. It was kind of weird. I think that was my first time actually watching my team play” from home.”
The RB said the media is making the injury way worse than it really is and has no worries himself that he will bounce right back without any further issues. Greene intends to be on the field for Saturday’s game against the Giants in the new MetLife Stadium (naming right occurred today).
“It was nothing with the skin, it was just in between the toe. There are stories flying here and there, but it wasn’t anything as bad as everybody made it seem.” Greene said.  
The team will certainly be happy with the big guy back in the huddle. In the win over the Cinncinati Bengals on Sunday night, the team only rushed for 92 yards until reserve player Chris Jennings sprung for a 69 yard run late in the game. But coach Ryan is giving the other team some well deserved compliments.
“Well, I mean you have to give the opponent some credit.” Ryan said. “But I’d like to be able to knock some guys off the ball a little bit more.”
Even though the running game was not up to the teams high standards, LaDainian Tomlinson and Greene aren’t worried about it.
“It’s been okay. I don’t think we’re too much concerned.” said Tomlinson. “We’ve always been able to run the ball, so we’re not concerned with the things that happen in preseason. At the same time, you got to realize we don’t have all our runs in.
We’re only doing a certain amount of runs in. These are basic runs, so I wouldn’t overdo it.”
“It’s been pretty tough” said Greene. “I think we did good, for what they did. Obviously, there wasn’t much game planning going on, but I think they had just the right defense every time we tried to run the ball, so it was tough sledding.”
Coach Ryan isn’t as free willed as his two running backs when it comes to their slight struggles this preseason but it doesn’t mean he will shy away from his coaching ways.
“I’d say right now, we probably need to run the ball a little better.” coach Ryan said. “ But you’d like to be able to run the ball more efficiently especially on early downs. The ground and pound is something I would like to do. I look at it as, be able to run the football when that other team knows that you’re going to run it. That’s where you’d like to be.”
With the returning of Greene and right guard Brandon Moore who has slowly crept himself back into practice this month after off season hip surgery, look for the Jets RB’s and offensive line to fuse together to form the ground game that gets them wins.

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Plax is Back

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

East Rutherford N.J. — The Jets have placed a lot of confidence in the 34 year old WR Plaxico Burress. Even with his near three year ”vacation” off the field, the team expected him to do big things and play at his usual high level that fans have come to expect. With his early scare in training camp (ankle injury) some might have thought that his lay off would come back to hurt his game, but it ended up not being as serious as most made it to be. He was watched close by trainers and coaches for a combined time of about a week and it looks to be paying off.

Plax looking good in his first game as a Jet. (

When Burress came running out of the tunnel before the game the proud Jets fans erupted with a roar showing him that he is welcome with open arms. It seemed like that energized him right out of the gate. The first offensive play of the game was a bullet pass by QB Mark Sanchez to the 6′5″ Burress for a 20 yard gain to start the offense off on the right foot.

“I was kind of surprised by the play call.” Burress said. “I thought it was going to be a run, something like that.”

But Burress felt great when his name was called for the first play.

“It’s big.” Burress said. “You always want to try and catch the first ball as a wide receiver to just try to get into a flow.”

Even though the offense looked like it was trudging through mud most of the first half, Burress definitley had a star on his helmet. With all the swirling chatter about the ankle, Burress showed it is doing just fine.

“My ankle is not a factor at all.” Burress said in his post game interview.

 Not only did he have three receptions for 66 yards including a 26 yard touchdown on a ten play 99 yard drive but he looked good even when the ball was not thrown his way. When asked about the touchdown reception Burress said, “I felt like I was moving in slow motion a bit. I was looking up and at the end of the play, I was right there where I was supposed to be.”

The slow motion comment meant something more than what meets the ear. Burress clarified what he meant by the quote after the game.

“It’s a good thing to make it seem like everything is moving in slow motion.” Burress said.
“Because that means the game is still slow to me. Nothing is moving fast, everything just feels normal, it just feels like football and to be honest it just feels like I never left.”

Coach Ryan had nothing but good things to say about his WR and is recognizing his talent is rare.

“Really he was outstanding, Ryan said. “He’s a great route runner and obviously he’s got that mis match every time he goes up.”

With the receiving corps the Jets are putting on the field every Sunday, they are giving themselves a huge advantage to win games and coach Ryan agrees.

“We have a lot of weapons.” Ryan said. “I think it’s going to be something with Plaxico out there and Santonio and Derrick Mason you know that’s going to be a special group.”

Burress proved himself as a Jet tonight and showed the team and the fans that he is here to play his best. He will be a big threat in the red zone and give Sanchez a crutch when things are not running smooth. If tonight was a preview of how Burress’ career as a Jet will go then it looks like he is back and ready for success once again as an NFL superstar receiver.

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Captain Sanchez Coming into his Own

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Florham Park, N.J. — It seems the overblown bad blood between QB Mark Sanchez and coach Rex Ryan has come to a hault. After the sneak peak of the GQ article hit the airwaves people started speculating that things could turn out negative between the two. Well they were wrong. With Ryan’s sort of happy go lucky attitude and Sanzhez’ playful personality the two seemed to get over the incident pretty easily.

The incident that was on everyone’s mind was the comments that Sanchez made in GQ Magazine while doing a photoshoot and an interview for a good cause. It was for the families and young children who lost either their parents or guardians in the horrific tragedy of 9/11 and with the ten year anniversary approaching it made sense to do it for them. The fighting words that got blown out of proportion were in regards to coach Ryan wanting to bench his QB last season due to his inconsistant play. The then second year NFL QB said “I wanted to fight him.”

Mark Sanchez is taking the captain/leader role to heart and is taking control of the offense. ( Photo)

Being the competitive player that he is the question must have got to him. He feels he is the leader of this football team and when stuff goes wrong on his side of the ball he knows he is the one at fault and needs to own up to his wrong doings. This is what team leaders do. They out of all people do not want to be benched. I mean who hasn’t wanted to fight the person in charge once in a while because they said something that got you angry or made a decision that you comepletely disagreed with. It happens to the best of us.

That fiasco is all water under the bridge now  (not a big fan of this saying but it fits) and the two look to be fine. In his press conference this morning coach Ryan was praising his young QB for taking his captain anointing and team leadership status in stride. After the loss in their first preseason game the team arrived back from Houston around 5:00am and at about 5:30am Sanchez was in the weight room voluntarily along with his receiver Santonio Holmes and backup QB Greg McElroy staying sharp. Coach Ryan loved what he was seeing and patted himself on the back for making good choices for captains.

“Ifeel good about my choice in captains.” Ryan said. “I think they are taking on that leadership like we expected them to, so I’m proud of that.”

He focused mainly on the way Sanchez is coming into his own and how he is really looking forward to seeing him fill into his position even better this season. He is seeing things that he would have not seen two years ago. The weight room appearance made him proud but that was not the only thing Sanchez is doing to show his leadership. This morning during walk-throughs he took the three big receivers (Holmes-Mason-Burress) along with RB’s LaDanian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene (Joe McKnight was off with special teams) and lead his own mini practice for the remainder of time they had on the field.

‘I think he has grown. I don’t think there is any doubt.” Ryan said. ” He’s doing those things, he’s doing all those extra things and he’s leading guys and it’s impressive.” “This is his offense.”

Coach Ryan was also asked about the numbers aspect of Sanchez’ game and it did not seem to be a big of a deal as everyone is making it out to be. His completetion percentage last season was around 54% and fans and spectators are looking for something over 60% in the upcoming season but that is not what is on Ryan’s mind.

“Numbers? We just want wins.” Ryan said.

Sanchez knows he has to better as a team leading QB to give his team a chance to win. This is why he is doing all he can to get noticed as a leader and top contender and he is humble when putting himself against the games top quarterbacks. The recent whirlwind surrounding Giants QB Eli Manning has received some attention but Sanchez is staying clear of those remarks. When asked about where he feels he is he responded like a young player should.

“I think that’s for other people to debate but you know I know my skill set and I know I’m getting better and once we win the SuperBowl then maybe I’ll have an opinion on that but until then I’m just trying to win games.” Sanchez said during his morning press coference.

The leadership position is coming “natural” to him and he wants nothing more than to run with it. Sanchez knew he was ready for the role and he feels like coach Ryan made the right choice.

“He knew I was ready for that role.” Sanchez said. “They saw my energy and fire and they saw me elevate my play in the playoffs and that helps you establish yourself on this team.”

So, in the end it looks like the two are past their little GQ incidnet and are moving on. The team is hazing Sanchez a bit but with a positive attitude about the whole thing but we all know that’s the Jets. The kid around team until it’s time to play on Sunday. It is a great way to keep the players loose and their confidence high and that’s exactly how it should be. Relaxed atmosphere is the key to success in my opinion and coach Ryan seems to think so as well.

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Rob Turner Breaks his Leg

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Florham Park, N.J. — The Jets started their preseason with a 20-16 loss to the Houston Texans last night. That was not the biggest problem they faced though. With the team already being thin at the offensive lineman position and Nick Mangold getting over his recent stinger in practice last week, the injury that Rob Turner suffered was the last thing they needed. According to a source he will miss 8-12 weeks due to surgery but odds are it will be closer to 12.

Rob Turner will likely be out 8 to 12 weeks ( Photo)

The offensive lineman who has been a Jet since he entered the leauge in 2007 suffered at first looked to be an ankle injury last night in Houston, but ended up showing as a broken leg on the MRI. Turner started at center in place of Mangold who was back home recovering from his near fatal injury last week in practice. The injury occurred in the first quarter of the game when Texans rookie J.J. Watt rolled up on him from behind after manhandling Vlad Ducasse who looked absolutely out of sync last night, but that is a whole different story.

The 6′4″ 308lb lineman was extremely useful for the Jets in passed seasons. In 2008 he played mostly on special teams but also lined up as a tight end when needed. He proved to be a very versatile player for the team.

With Turner acting as the backup center the team has to start looking to fill the void just in case Mangold goes down with a serious injury. The team has $6.69 million available under the new cap space and even though they have Robby Felix as the other backup center, still look for them to try and make a move.

The problem is, who can they look for? Well with the New York football Giants seemingly falling apart and looking like they have no interest whatsoever in signing players, the recently released center/guard Shaun O’Hara is up for grabs. The Jets have not yet talked with the 34 year old veteran but he has visited with the Miami Dolphins and is looking to sign a deal somewhere. Who knows if he will be willing to be a backup but with the situation the Jets are facing it is alwasys worth a shot.

GM Mike Tannenbaum is always looking to make deals and surprise the fans. Keep your heads up because I would not doubt he has something up his sleeve and already has something in the making to improve the team.

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More Captains Anointed

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Florham Park, N.J. — This morning at Jets camp marked another big moment to the start of the season. Cornerback Darrelle Revis and tackle Sione Pouha as well as safety Eric Smith were named captains by coach Ryan. Revis and Pouha will head up the defense while Smith takes care of the special teams department. The offense is fully equipped with captains  as well. With WR Santonio Holmes and QB Mark Sanchez, Ryan has put his confidence in his players hands.

New captains take on a leadership role. ( Photo)

With Revis being arguably the best cornerback in the NFL, there really was no second guessing coach Ryan’s decision to give him this honorable position, and the coach was not looking for one either. The captains were picked without a team vote and Ryan said it was based on hard work and leadership.

“It means a lot to me to be selected as one of the team captains,” Revis said. “It’s a great achievement.”

Coach Ryan also credited Pouha for stepping up as a nose tackle when Kris Jenkins was injured for basically two full seasons. Pouha took the position as a great compliment.

“It feels good. First and foremost”, Pouha said. “Rex called me in and it’s basically an honor to know that he thinks about you like that and the front office thinks of you like that, the coaches think of you like that. You just go about your daily duty and do what you have to do and I guess I stuck out somehow.

Fans might be asking why Eric Smith and not Jim Leonhard? Well coach Ryan has an answer for all of the questions. “”This is what I chose.” Ryan said.

Smith played a big role in filling in when Leonhard went down with an injury late last season and did a great job in doing so. Smith was surprised to find out that he was chosen as team captain.

 ”It’s definitely a surprise and that he announced them so soon but I’m definitely honored. Smith said, “I found out walking down, it was pretty exciting. It’s an honor to be named captain.”

Leonhard gave Smith full cradit for being named captain and sounded happy for his teammate.

“He’s one of those guys where we put him wherever we need him,” Leonhard said of Smith.

The critics have been talking about how the Jets have no leadership, but it looks like they are handeling it quite well. The team is filled with leadership type players and captains that want to and will get the job done and do everything they can to take this team to the top. Attitude and hard work equals great chemistry and the Jets seem to have the pieces they need to build a championship puzzle.

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Plax Misses Walk-Through for “personal” Matter

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Florham Park, N.J. — Jets WR Plaxico Burress has been having some trouble getting on the field consistantly during training camp. It’s been three years since he last played competitively and it seems to be obvious. Last week he felt a slight tweak in his left ankle and took a few days off. While doing drills on Tuesday his ankle became swollen once again and now the team is doing everything they can to keep him healthy.

Trainers are keeping an eye on Plax but look for him to make a full recovery. ( Photo)

“Those ankles, if you don’t get them healed, can be a problem throughout the year,” Ryan said. “We’re gonna make sure we get him back to near 100 percent and then get him out there.”

Burress missed the teams walk-through session this morning due to a “personal” matter that he had been excused by the team to take care of.

“It was not like he missed anything,” Ryan said.

Even though the ankle is still swollen, he is expected back for afternoon practice. Coach Ryan is expecting to get some drills out of him.

“We won’t put him out there if we think he’s at risk, as with any player,” Ryan said.  ”But I’d like to see him get out there. I’m expecting him to play some.”

The three million dollar man has been a little rusty out of the gate and with the team still calling the injury minor, the fans should have nothing to worry about. The team will keep an eye out for any slight swelling but they expect Burress to make a full recovery and start practicing with the team daily.

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Kyle Wilson Learning from the Best

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Florham Park, N.J. — The second year Jet Kyle Wilson came into camp filled with confidence but had some learning to do. Showing his leadership, Darrelle Revis stepped up and took the young cornerback to Revis island and who better to learn from then arguably the best CB in the NFL.

The two players hooked up while the lockout was still in effect. While Revis was staying sharp at the Arizona hideout, he decided to pick up the phone and invite Wilson out to teach him some things about what he knows best.

“Last year was rough for him, being a rookie,” Revis said today. “I’ve been through that stage as a rookie, as well. Veteran guys did it for me when I was younger. Laveranues Coles…those types of guys. I’m just returning the favor.”

Kyle Wilson learns from the best. I think he will have a good season, dont you? ( Photo)

His struggles last year as a rookie tends to be the same for all young players. They play very well at times, but they cannot always follow it up game in and game out. The key to this sport is consistancy. Mark Sanchez even mentioned it last week, he needs to be more consistant at his position. Wilson feels that he had that same problem last season.

“I probably just wasn’t as consistent as I wanted to be, and that was the big thing. So that’s the emphasis that I have this year, on going out and playing to the best of my ability, not having mental errors out there, and just perfecting my technique.” Wilson said.

This was one of the main reasons why Revis took him in. The skill is there for Wilson but he just needs to work on some things.

“He had an up and down year last year,” Revis said. “You can say it to him as much as you want…but he needs reps.”

The two players spent a lot of time together in the offseason and according to Revis worked on more than just football.

“I think I worked on everything with him, just life. Being a person, being a positive person.” Revis said.

Wilson made it clear that his confidence level was fine but it was his comfort level that lead to his lack of consistancy last season. Working with Revis helped him in this aspect.

“I’m definitely more comfortable.” Wilson said. “ From the attitude standpoint, it really came from myself.”

Now that Wilson feels more comfortable on the field and is getting more reps in practice, defensive coordinator Mike Pettine is realizing the difference from last year.

“He’s gaining confidence.” Pettine said. “This guy is playing well, let’s find a role for him.”

With the help of Revis and other veteran guys on the defensive side of the ball, look for Wilson’s confidence and comfort to skyrocket. The combination of skill and feeling good about your game is what makes you a better player. If all adds up correctly, look for Wilson to have a more consistent season then the one he had last year.

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Derrick Mason on the Same Page

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Florham Park, N.J. — With WR Derrick Mason entering into his 15th season, the New York Jets are looking for him to fill the void of  seven year veteran Jerricho Cotchery who was released by the team last week. Mason was offered to play for other teams but emphasized that it was not so  much about the money but leaned more towards the chance of winning now. The Jets front office was on the same page and they got the deal done.

“There were offers. I’ve been in this game going on 15 years now, and the funds weren’t necessarily number one on my list. Number one on my list was to win, and win quickly.” Mason said.

The talks swirled about Mason being hurt or feeling bad about being released by the Baltimore Ravens, who he was with since 2005, but that was not the part that bothered him. He was more angry at the fact that he was “blindsided’ by the teams decision to release him, but he understands that the game is also a business.

Derrick Mason, like the rest of the Jets are building great chemistry. With one goal in mind, the team is sure starting off on the right foot. ( Photo)

“It’s the business of football, and I understand it. Was I blindsided? Yeah, I was, and when you’re blindsided, yeah you’re upset about it. It can be with any job.” Mason said.

Don’t make Mason out to be the bad guy in this situation. He is not complaining about being released. He just felt like he was going into a situation where the team was on the cusp of something special and thought his job was secure and then out of left field he was dropped like a bad habit.

“It happend to me before, and it happend to me again. It happens to everybody in this business, whether you’re great at your position or not. You’re going to be released.” Mason said.

It is time to turn over a new leaf once again for the 37 year old receiver. He has another young QB in Mark Sanchez to get acquainted with as well as one of the top receiving cores in the league. He seems to feel fine about how quickly the offense will gel together, but knows he needs to work on some things with his new teammates. When asked about it, Mason said, “Now it’s up to (Plaxico Burress), myslef  and Sanchez to get that going. I think as long as we have one common goal, it’ll get done qucikly.”

Mason, who is in the fourth quarter of his career unbelievably still plays at an extremely high level. With seemingly no injuries to his lower body throughout his career, it has helped him keep up with the younger players in the league. And now with the Jets signing him to a two year contract, he looks to be playing at that high level for a bit longer.

Yes, the team is stacked with skill at the receiving positions, but the experience of these three players are key for the team this season and will most likely make Sanchez more comfortable to look their way in time of need. 

“I think the experience is an upgrade, obviously. I have been at it 15, Plax has been at it I think over 10, close to 10, if not over 10 and Tone has been at it a very long time as well so I think the experience part is there.” Mason said.

It seems that experience will help the team get to that next level and push for the goal that everyone seems to want, which is the chance to be champions.

“I just want to win a championship this year. I’m not looking past this year. I’ll let tomorrow worry about itself and next year worry about itself. I’m worried about today and what we can accomplish this year.” Mason said.

The team sure it talking the talk and building great chemistry off the field, now let’s all see if they can make it happen come game time.

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