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Plax Back on the Field

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Florham Park, N.J.– The ankle of WR Plaxico Burress looks to be doing just fine. After taking two days off, Burress was back on the field and participated fully in walk-throughs this morning. The trainers want to play it safe so more damage does not occur, but that did not stop Burress from sneaking on the field for a couple of plays while Rex was not looking.

When Burress came in this morning he went through his usual questioning with the trainers. They are watching him like a hawk and making sure the ankle does not get worse. When Burress was asked on how they decided that he would participate today, he replied, “They’re pretty much just asking how do I feel. I come in the morning and tell them how I feel. I woke up this morning feeling pretty good.”

Plaxico Burress was back on the field for walk-throughs and individual drills this morning. He will be looking to return to full padded practice as soon as team doctors give him permission. ( Photo)

Even though Burress felt better, the team is still treating him and making sure he stays out of trouble. This is easier said than done for a player who has not been on the field for three years. The plan for him in the afternoon practice was just to go through individuals but he took it a little further than that.

“The plan was just for me to go through individuals. I stole a couple of team plays. I tried to sneak in there.” Burress said.

Coach Ryan was not pleased with his actions but did not scold him. He just let him know that we are doing everything we can to keep you at your best without making the severity of the injury any worse.

“I really want to go slow, because he’s feeling great, but if you have him go through this and there’s a setback, then it may cost you two weeks.” Ryan said.

The comfort level on the field with QB Mark Sanchez needs to be worked on by both sides. During practice today, Sanchez missed Burress badly by throwing behind him on a crossing pattern. This is one thing they need to work on together. Getting on the same page will take time but that’s what practice is for. Burress made it clear that need to work on some things.

“I’m just trying to get comfortable. I think that’s the most important thing for me and him during this transition is for us to get comfortable with eachother.” Burress said.

There will be plenty of time for the two to get more acquainted with eachothers games, and when they do, look for Sanchez and Burress to create some big plays down the field and in the end zone.

Overall, today was a good start for the new Jet. Burress will continue to practice and try to stay healthy for the upcoming season.

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L.T. Embraces His New Role

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Florham Park, N.J. — Once the NFL’s most dangerous running back, LaDainian Tomlinson has cooled off since his prime years as a San Diego Charger. With his career sort of on the decline he seems to be comfortable with where he has ended up as well as his role as a Jet.

Tomlinson is entering into his eleventh year in the league and his role as a running back has changed greatly. He was the top back for the Chargers for many years but the tables have turned and the future Hall of Famer is accepting his new role without a problem.

“As I got later in my career, this is what I wanted to do. In order to take a role like this, you can’t have an ego. That’s not what it’s about for me.” Tomlinson said.

LaDainian Tomlinson is accepting his new role without a problem. It is hard to find players with this attribute nowadays. L.T. is one of a kind. ( Photo)

The new role that L.T. will be acquiring is kind of the man to rely on for third down situations and a sort of security blanket for the third year quarterback Mark Sanchez. Coach Ryan made it clear in his press conference earlier in the week that Tomlinson will be mainly used for those times.

Ryan said, “I want to keep L.T. fresh for third down responsibilty.”

Ryan was also asked about whether he believes Tomlinson will act as that security blanket for Sanchez this season, he replied, “Yeah absolutely. And the other thing , too, is L.T. is great at picking up protections. He’s smart, he’s recognized everything, and he does a great job in protection.”

The team is looking for the veteran to take on a leadership role and show the new kids on the block some things. Tomlinson has never had this opportunity since he was the star for so many years, but like the new role he is taking as a third down runner, he also takes this in stride, and so does Coach Ryan, saying, “That’s a great part of the game. Having those veteran players and that kind of presence really adds to your team.”

Even though he is going into his eleventh year as a pro at possibly the most brutal position, L.T. has no end in sight and made it clear today that he wants to return for the 2012-2o13 season. If not with the Jets, then any team that might need his services. Most teams in the NFL drool at a man with this kind of high level talent and who is most likely eating the biggest piece of humble pie in the entire league. He is a class act with skill that in his prime compared to many greats.

Tomlinson is not the only one that believes he has enough left in the tank for another season, Coach Ryan was asked about it today and said, “We know he does. He had almost 1,000 yards rushing last year. He played great in the playoffs, so we know he’s definitely got a lot left in the tank.”

L.T. deserves the respect he is being given by his Coach and teammates. The golden rule might reign true after all, treat people the way you want to be treated. Tomlinson is treating this situation with great respect and looking out for the team and not himself, he just wants to be at the top and win a SuperBowl.

 “In my mind, there’s a great opportunity for us to win and that’s the number one thing, in my mind to be somewhere where we have a chance to win the Super Bowl.” Tomlinson said.
 With all the players taking pay cuts to stay and putting the team first, maybe it will turn out good for them in the end.

Plax Might Need Rustoleum

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Practice was pushed back today from 2:15pm to 4;00pm in regards to the new CBA Agreement. This meant that all the new signees would be able to participate fully. The buzz in camp is to see how Plaxico Burress would perform after his three year layoff due to his charge, but it has to wait at least two more days.

The rust on Burress showed to be a bit thicker than expected. While running routes with good friend and teammate Santonio Holmes late yesterday the wideout felt a slight tweak in his left ankle.

“I was running around trying to stay sharp and you know I kind of rolled it a little bit.” Burress said.

Plaxico Burress needs to shake of some more rust before he gets back on the field. (Photo)

The only red flag that could be thrown up in this situation is the actual ankle that Burress “injured”. When he was a member of the New York Giants he ran into a similar problem but with the opposite one. This time with the Jets he felt the pain in his left ankle but he does not seem to be bothered by it.

“I’m not worried at all. I’m in great shape.” said Burress when asked about the severity of the injury.
It does not look to be bothering Coach Ryan either. Saying, “It won’t be long, but again we will have him out there when he’s ready to go at 100%.”
Burress was not the only spectator on the sidelines today. He was joined by his fellow receiver Santonio Holmes. Everyone can now exhale. Holmes feels fine. Coach Ryan is just being extra careful and wants all the pieces to fall in place at the right time.
During his press conference today Ryan clarified the reason, saying, “We got out there late and he (Holmes) felt like he wasn’t really warmed up. That was it. He will be out there tomorrow.”
Both receivers are becoming antsy and just want to get the ball rolling but for Burress it will have to wait for a few more days. Patience is the key and the rehabilitated receiver made it clear that he knows it.
‘It’s a little frustrating but you know I say to myself everyday that what I’ve been through I’ve just learned so much patience, just let everything take its course.” Burress said.
The team is taking one day at a time and  the players will fall where they may.

Heavy Dose of Shonn Greene

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

With the recent acquisition of former Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore some would maybe think the Jets could turn into a primary passing team but this strategy is not on the mind of Rex Ryan. Last season they relied on the run game which took some pressure off their quarterback Mark Sanchez. Carrying most of the load was the savvy veteran Ladainian Tomlinson but this season is going to be a different story.

 ”The plan is you are going to see a heavy dose of Shonn Greene.” Coach Ryan said.

Heavy dose of Shonn Greene coming to a league near you. He is ready to accept the challenge. ( Photo.

 Greene who is beginning his third year in the NFL has not had the opportunity to be a primary back since being drafted from Iowa. In his two seasons with the Jets, Greene has had a total of only 293 carries but he has shown great progress.

“I think he is ready. I don’t think there is any doubt that he is ready.” said Coach Ryan.

Greene will take on the leading role of carries for the team with Tomlinson and Joe McKnight as the secondary backs on offense. The young running back is ready to fill that spot the best way he knows how and he sounds like he is up for it.

His thoughts of the upcoming season and having a bigger role in the offense, Greene said, ” That’s a challenge, and I’m willing to take that challenge, and do the best I can to help my team out.”

Tomlinson will have plenty of rest this season and will mainly be used on third down situations.

“I want to keep L.T. (Ladainian Tomlinson) fresh for that third down responsibility.” said Coach Ryan when asked about Tomlinson’s role for the upcoming season.

Tomlinson who took a pay cut this season to clear up cap space is just happy to be on a team who is giving themselves a chance to win. He is willing to fill whatever role the team needs him in.

Tomlinson replied, “In my mind, there’s a great opportunity for us to win and that’s the number one thing, in my mind to be somewhere where we have a chance to win the Super Bowl.”
Now that Greene is the big man on campus, the younger backs like McKnight and Bilal Powell are looking to him for some mentoring and skill building. People are forgetting that Greene is only entering his third year in the league and he seems to be having to remind the media of this.
Greene said, “I’m not an eight-year veteran or anything like that. I’m still kind of taking little stuff in, but for the most part, I’ve got the jist of it. Those guys are coming along, too.”
Coach Ryan can’t deny that the younger backs are coming along.
“Let’s not forget about Joe McKnight, Joe McKnight has come a million miles and he’s ready to go.” Coach Ryan said.
McKnight who will be a part of the three headed monster this season has been showing the team he could play with the best of them. His speed blends well with the brute strength of Greene and the ability to run down hill on the part of Tomlinson.
With the knowledge of their new offensive consultant Tom Moore and their quailty skill in the back field, lead by Greene, look for the Jets’ offense to be improved from last season.


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Cromartie has Team Support but the Chip is still there

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Most have learned by now that the Jets have re-signed All-Pro cornerback Antonio Cromartie. The deal is said to be 4-years worth $32 million. With all the eyes once on Nnamdi Asomugha the re-signed Jet has a different outlook on the upcoming season.

Cromartie seemed to be plan B for the team this year, sort of their “just in case” but he did not take it that way.

“Football is a business” Cromartie said and he does not seem to be taking the route the team took personal.

As far as Coach Ryan is concerned Cromartie was not the B option, instead said he just wanted to do what was best for the team. Ryan went on to praise Cromartie’s ability on the field, saying, “Cro is a tremendous player” he also added, “he probably has more talent than anybody playing the position and that includes Revis.” That is a huge statement from a man who has adored Revis since taking over as the Jets head coach.

Now that Cromartie is back with the team and is set to start practice this coming Thursday everybody is anxious to see how him and Revis will gel this season. With Revis missing three games last season and it also being their first year together, the cornerback tandem was not able to show their ability as much as they would have liked. Even though last season was tough for Revis, the two corners still shut down the league and now with a year’s experience playing together under the same defensive strategy, “the sky is the limit” Revis says.

Antonio Cromartie and Darelle Revis are still friends... Cromartie's chip is growing. This cannot be good for opposing offenses

Revis and Cromartie are good friends off the field but after the comments Revis made about being interested in playing with Asomugha, some thought it would become a shaky relationship. Cromartie took his comments with a grain of salt and made it clear that him and Revis’ friendship is fine.

The two corners might be fine but Cromartie has a problem of his own to deal with and he has a point to prove this season. In his eyes, Cromartie agrees with Coach Ryan’s comments when it comes to his talent. When compared to Asomugha, he replied, “Do I feel like Nnamdi is better than me? No.” He also went on to say “I have a big chip on my shoulder” and is looking to prove all the doubters wrong.

With the season a little more than a month away, the chip on Cromartie’s shoulder has room to grow larger and plenty of people are expecting for him to have a great season with his friend Revis at his side.