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Jets bolt past Chargers 27-21

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

East Rutherford, NJ – This afternoon at MetLife Stadium started off with the fans making a somber tone but by the end of the fourth quarter it was all cheers from the almost 80,000 people in the stands.

“I want to tip my hat to our fans.” Coach Ryan said, They were fantastic. You talk about home field advantage, well that was probably the difference in the game.”

Talk about home field advantage. The Jets are now 4-0 at home. Jets fans are very well appreciated byy the team and coach Ryan. Keep the noise up. ( Photo)

Once again the Jets offense started off a bit on the slow side. With a fumble or ’strip away’ by TE Dustin Keller that was returned for a touchdown it looked like it was going to be a long day for Gang Green. Mark Sanchez early in the first half was forcing a lot of balls into double coverage and was getting away with it for a while until he threw an interception that was intended for WR Plaxico Burress in the end zone. From there on out his play seemed to switch and become smarter, which lead to some good drives from the offense.

“I’m proud of the way our guys played.” Sanchez said, “We put our defense in a hole early, I felt like, and almost spotted them 14 points and then came back and won. That was a great effort from Revis and the D line applying pressure and also Kyle Wilson.”

The Jets offense did put their defense in a hole early but the defense was up to the challenge this afternoon and really let the Chargers have it. This is the biggest thing for this football team to do. When the offense is not at the top of their game early, the defense must stick their spikes in the gorund and stay strong in order to give that offense a chance to get their flow going. Everyone knows by now that the Jets start off slow on the offensive side of the ball so they rely on their defense to keep them in the game and today they answered the call.

The defense picked QB Philip Rivers off twice today, one by none other than Darelle Revis and one by his student over the summer Kyle Wilson. The defensive line applied great pressure annd made Rivers feel uncomfortable all game long. Aaron Maybin stood out once again today, recording a big sack on a third down play early in the game. (He might have finally found a team for a while.)

The run game finally found their groove today, at least Shonn Greene did. He rushed for 112 yards on 20 carries and today really stood out as one of the game changers for the offense. If it wasn’t for him moving the ball on the ground so effectively who know what could have happened to their offense and the time of possession.

“Offensively we want to pound them.” Greene said, and that he did.

This was Greenes first 100 yard gain since last season but it doesn’t seem improtant to him. He is putting the team first and is ony concerned about winning week in and week out.

“I don’t worry about that as long as we got the win.” Greene said.

In order for the run game to be successful the offensive line had to show up today and boy did they. They kept Sanchez safe most of the game and opened up some big holes for the RB’s to go through. Greene is giving them full recognition for his performance.

“I mean I can’t explain it more they did a great job.” Greene said, “I think they’re the reason why we got all our points, because those guys protected well, they opened up holes and all I did was run through them, they did the rest.”

Even OL Brandon Moore realizes that the offense returned to that sort of old fashioned Rex Ryan football today.

“Rex made a point we were getting better and we showed signs of getting closer to Jet football but you can look at the film and see we are getting back to that.” Moore said, “We kind of came together for the most part. We just have to string it along and stay with that physical attacking style on offense, getting down hill runs and double teaming and moving without the ball and getting ourrushesup on third downs.”

Lastly we cannot forget about Burress performance today. Three touchdowns in the red zone. Isn’t this the reason why they signed him? Absolutley, 100 percent, YES. They finally used Burress the way teams are suppossed, down in the red zone. The man has had a great career in the NFL and then ran into some trouble but now is back and showed sign of his old self today annd the fans enjoyed watching #17 help their team get past a tough Charger crew.

“We still missed a couple of things. I missed him on the interception, I missed him on a back shoulder earlier in the game but we just kind of hung with it and it took a great effort from him to get open.” Sanchez said, “Plax just had his day and we were waiting for kind of a break out game like this and it all kind of clicked.”

The Jets now enter their bye week with two straight wins and get some down time and time to heal up. Enjoy it while it last because they come back to a good Buffalo Bills team at Buffalo and then the always dreaded New England Patriots at MetLife followed by the Denver Broncos and Mile High and ending this little treat of a schedule with a home game against Buffalo once more. So, today was a good spring board game for both sides of the ball annd we will see what Jet team returns after the by week.

Jets (2-3) vs Dolphins (0-4) — Preview

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Florham Park, NJ — With the Jets coming off a three game skid and their team chemistry looking like it is falling apart from the inside out, this Monday night game is huge. Coach Rex Ryan and his team have had their problems in the past with this divisional team but can it turn in his favor tomorrow night? Both teams have had their struggles so far this season and now they will matchup in primetime and we will see who can out last the mistakes.

Pressure is moutning in Gang Green land and something needs to give in order for them to get back to their winnning ways. Their troubles have been blamed on everyone and coach Ryan needs to get his team back to where he wants them to be. ( Photo)

The Miami Dolphins have been a thorn in the side of the Jets for the past two and a half seasons that Ryan has been the head coach. For what reason, nobody knows but coach Ryan has an idea.

“They are 0-4, (but) they’ve been in every game.” Ryan said, ”This is a competitive team.  (They are) a very physical football team.”

Ryan gave that sort of ‘everyone is a professional’ answer when asked the question Thursday afternoon during his press conference and he is completely right. The Dolphins, yes, have had their troubles but the team is still filled with professional athletes and a good coach in Tony Sparano, so anything could happen.

The Jets as a TEAM need to get it together and focus on helping eachother out instead of throwing people under the bus. For one thing the offense needs to get off to a fast start. I feel like I repeat myself every week but until they show some sign of aggressiveness I will continue to bark at them for the lack of play and play calling. QB Mark Sanchez is on the same page when it comes to getting off to a quick start.

“I think some of the execution stuff has to be better.” Sanchez said, ”The throwing and catching, we’ve got to be better than we were.  And trying to start faster on offense has been a big push this week.”

Can this team offensively be successful? Once again Sanchez has the floor.

“Absolutely. I think if we convert a couple of those third downs, who knows what happens on the rest of the drives. Then we’re sitting here at 3-2 and everybody is saying, ‘Wow, they really turned it around.’ Sanchez said, “So you lose a couple games in a row and of course people want to question the system and the coaching staff or players, whatever it is. But this is basically the same group and the same system that has gotten us to back-to-back AFC Championships. We’re just not executing very well. And that’s on me as a leader to assert myself and make sure we’re doing the right things.”

The Dolphins middle of the pack offense cannot score so look for the Jets defense to step up this week for the first time since the win against the Jacksonville Jaguars in week two when they only gave up three points. They need to focus on the deep threat of WR Brandon Marshall. He has not had a great season so far but the defense cannot take that for granted but I think the Jets corners and safety’s can stop him.  

Lastly, the offensive line of the Jets showed some sort of life last week against the New England Patriots with C Nick Mangold back on the field. Look for that aspect of their team play to be on point as well. Plus the run game has shown improvement but still can use some more push from the backs and blocking from the offensive lineman.

I understand everyone is looking at the Jets as a complete negative right now but if they get this win Monday and the team’s chemistry could build back up (because it seems to be falling) they could potentially turn this train around and start moving back up hill. It all starts from within for any professional franchise. If everyone is on different wavelengths then it will never work. Team work and love for your players and coaches comes before all, the execution and game plan comes second. The love might return to New York this week if the Jets can go out there and play well against the Dolphins. If not, come Tuesday morning, this city will eat them alive.

Fighting from within?

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Florham Park, NJ — In now the third season Rex Ryan has been the head coach of the New York Jets he has made it a point to have his team focused on the ‘us against the world’ type attitude. To some, his extremely high confidence level has come off as the wrong thing to do and he has been looked upon as a negative aspect (once again, not all but some fans). The swagger of Ryan for the past two season has been a positive thing for this organization but with the team now flooded with stars, is it backfiring on him?

On the field problems could be blamed on the players, they need to execute but when there is trouble in the locker room, that falls on the coach 100 percent. Rex needs to take control of his team. ( Photo)

Some players within the locker room have been letting themselves be heard in public without trying to keep it under the radar like a professional should know how to do. WR Santonio Holmes was the first to step up and put his QB Mark Sanchez on blast, along with the play calling ability from the offensive side of the ball. That situation was quickly swept under the rug probably because of the contract the Jets just gave him and he is one of their star players. Coach Ryan made it clear last Thursday in his press conference that everything in his locker room was fine, but is it? Now, with the trading of WR Derrick Mason to the Houston Texans, it only raises some more ears about the problems coming from within and how bad they could really be.

My theory is…. If the team was 4-1 at this point in the season, nobody would even be discussing this right now, but since the team is on a three game skid and going into the next few games where they are most likely not favored to win, it is blowing up rather quickly. It just goes to show you, when a team is winning players can careless about the production they are having. They might care a little bit but in the back of their heads they know not to mess anything up. On the other hand, when a team is losing and going into another tough stretch of games, everything seems to come out very quickly and players don’t filter their thoughts before they speak them or tweet them.

In order for coach Ryan to gain control of this locker room again (not completely out of control but definitley on the fritz) the team must win some games. Winning conqueres all. This might sound a little ridiculous, but winning can heal a broken heart.

The Jets have to take this Monday night game at home against a wounded Miami Dolphins team and go off on them. Their offense needs to build a rhythm and their defense needs to step up to the plate and be clutch in times of need. The team must play as a whole and go hard all four quarters. If the Jets could come out Monday night and do just that, as well as following it up with some big wins against the San Diego Chargers then their bye and coming back and maybe winning two against the hot Buffalo Bills and take revenge on the New England Patriots in week 10, then all of this nonsense going on right now will be forgotten about, but until then, my prediction is it will get a lot worse before it gets better. Trust me, the fans don’t want to see that happen… do they?

Jets offense needs to capitalize

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Florham Park, NJ — It is predicted to  be a b-e-a-utiful next couple of days in the tri-state area, weather wise, but for the New York Jets they seem to be carrying a dark cloud over their head where ever they turn. The hovering pressure is looming over their offense and how it has been coming along so far this season but can it change this upcoming Sunday against the Patriots,whose defense seems to be on their heels.

Play calling is going to be key this Sunday from Brian Schottenheimer. The offense in a whole must read the Patriots defense early and exploit their weaknesses. ( Photo)

QB Mark Sanchez, like some other players, is paying no mind to how they will move the ball this week, he is just focused on winning the game, no matter how it has to be done.

“We need to win, whatever it takes. I’ve said this since day one.” Sanchez said, ”We can throw it 50 times or five times, and when we throw it, I need to complete the ball, and when we run it, we need to get positive yards (and) we need to win the game, so whatever it takes.”

Center Nick Mangold agrees with this plan. Just win baby win.

“We are (going to do whatever it takes) to win the game.” Magold said, ”Whether it’s run the ball 60 times or pass the ball 60 times, I don’t care what we do. We want to go out there and win. Whatever it takes to do that, that’s what we’re going to do.”

The Patriots defense through their first four games of the season has given up 435 rushing yards (91 ypg). So if it is any week for the Jets to have a sort of a break out game by running the ball it might be this one. Sanchez knows about the numbers they have given up but realizes that means nothing. Him, along with his teammates still have to execute when certain plays are called.

“It’s my job to put us in the right play. It’s the offensive line’s job to create holes and the running back’s job to find the hole and get through there.” Sanchez said, ”We’re going to do our best to get back on track run-wise, but at the end of the day, we want to win the game, so whatever that means, whether running it or throwing it, we need to be able to do both.”

The blame for the woes on offense falls on the enitre team as well as the coaches, yes, but the offensive line is the foundation to the house, the engine to the car, the ying to the yang, ok I think you get the jist. The poor performance week in and week out from the offensive line has been effecting the way the team is moving the ball. Once again it goes back to executing in all ways possible and you will succeed.

Mangold is back

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Florham Park, NJ — New York Jets center Nick Mangold participated in full padded practice today.

The Jets offensive line has been struggling throughout the first four games and with no depth in sight it could get worse. The positive thing about this upcoming Sunday in the game against New England is that C Nick Mangold will be returning to his normal game duties.

Two peas in a pod. This looks familiar and it will be the sight on the offensive side of the ball this Sunday in New England when the Jets square off against the Patriots. ( Photo)

QB Mark Sanchez has to be glad about this news. He has been getting rushed and sacked numerous times throughout the two games Mangold has missed, but one player could change that this weekend in the all important game against the division rival Patriots.

“It was nice to have Nick back.” Sanchez said, ”He provides us (with) a lot of leadership on the offensive line. He did a great job today practicing.”

Coach Ryan who showed up to his press conference today sporting a spiffy Hall of Fame blazer from Southwestern Oklahoma State University made it clear that he was also glad about the return of as he says “the best center in football”.

“We’ve said it before, he’s the best center in football. He has that size (and) strength.” Ryan said.

Back to the troubles of the ‘ground and pound’ offense that we have been discussing and trying to figure out pretty much the entire season. If there is any time to let it loose, it has to be now. The Patriots defense has been struggling on the defensive side of the ball, (ranked 32 in the league) suprisingly, Sanchez is a bit thrown off himself but knows at any point that could change.

“They’ve given up a few yards in between the 20s, but once you get in the red zone, they’ve been pretty stout.” Sanchez said, “It’s a well-coached group.  They’ll have a great plan for us like they always do, and we need to play well.”

Mangold who is happy to return to his team doesn’t have the ‘ground and pound’ problem at the top of his list and believe it or not he really doesn’t seem to care (in a good way). The team is a little lost in the wickets right now on the offensive side of the ball but Mangold, like the rest of the organization and their fans wants wins no matter how they can get them.

“I think there needs to be a return to winning.” Mangold said, “Whatever that is, passing the ball, running the ball, I don’t care what it is. We need to get back to winning.”

Sounds like the big guy is coming back with a slight chip on his shoulder and with that attitude he could make an important impact on the game this weekend. We will see if the leadership of the crafty center will change the teams outcome in Foxboro.

Jets (2-1) at Ravens (2-1) — Preview –

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Florham Park, NJ — A few things the Jets need to be strong at tomorrow night against the Ravens.

1. Run Defense

2. Run offense

3. Offensive line play

4. Passing offense

Defense, defense, defense -- This Sunday the Jets defense needs to be strong in order to top the Ravens and their stars. ( Photo)

Everyone knows by now, three weeks into the season, that the Jets are having a bit of a problem moving the ball on the ground and now they have to meet up with the Baltimore Ravens who have been arguably the best defensive team in the league for the past ten seasons, but that doesn’t mean they won’t at least try to run it.

“Are you going to run it against Haloti Ngata, over and over, and against Ray Lewis. We’ll probably have to throw it more than we want.” Coach Ryan said when asked about the offense.

This is another thing that is standing out so far this season, is the fact that the Jets are putting the ball in the hands of QB Mark Sanchez a lot more than last season. He, like all quarterbacks in the game has had some ups and downs this season but practice makes perfect and maybe through the year as he throws more passes his accuracy will rise and his interceptions will fall. He is returning to Baltimore where last season didn’t really shine and the first game of the season, Sanchez went (10-21, 74 yards, and no touchdowns) not a game to want to remember. Sanchez knows this time has to be a lot different in order for his team to stay in the game.

“This is one of the best groups we’ll face all year, a physical group. They know their schemes really well.” Sanchez said about facing the Ravens defense. “They’ve played together for a long time, so this is probably one of the best team’s we’ll play, and we need to play well on the road, answer the call, and play well against this really good team.”

The teams ‘ground and pound’ ways have been a bit rough and to make it even worse, their run defense last Sunday against the Raiders and Darren McFadden weren’t any better. They can’t let this happen again this week. RB Ray Rice is no slouch when it comes to carrying the rock and the Jets defense needs to be on their best behavior or Rice and the Ravens will punish them just like McFadden did. Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine made it clear this week that needs to change.

“Disgusted, frustrated. That was well below our standards.” Pettine said, making it known how he felt about the amount of yards the team is giving up.

Now it is time to move on and worry about the Ravens and Pettine wants his defense to do so.

“It’s Baltimore week”, he said, ”So, if you can’t get pumped up for that one, if you can’t get your juices flowing for this week, Bart (Scott) always calls these, “double chin strap games”, we tell our guys, if you can’t get ready for this one, then you’re sitting in the wrong room.”

Lastly, the offensive line of the Jets played well the first half of last weeks game but in the second half they seemed to simply run out of gas. They gave up four sacks in the second half and Sanchez even suffered a broken nose after taking one of those hits. This week, the Ravens don’t fool around and they will attack Sanchez when needed. The offensive line must play the complete game in order to put a positive spin on the subject. (Side note… C NICK Mangold remains game time decision)

Overall, the Jets need to play as a team for the entire 60 minutes in order to make this game competitive. If that doesn’t happen tomorrow night, then you can count them out early because the Ravens will have their offense rolling and there will be no stopping them. If they do come out as a team and play the entire game, then get ready for a good Sunday night on your couch.

Prediction: I think the Jets defense will show up tomorrow, granted they will have some trouble moving the ball on offense against a top notch defense but I just don’t think they will have enough fire power to shoot the Ravens down. I think the Ravens come out on top with a (24-17) victory. Might be a lot of points for the Ravens but with the way the Jets defense has been performing, it’s not as high as one may think. The defense needs to step up in order to impress me and so far they haven’t. We will see if they can change that tomorrow night in Baltimore.