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Jets Squeak Past Bills 28-24

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ — This game by far was a do or die for the New York Jets and like they did following the first Buffalo Bills touchdown, they answered the bell. If you want to talk about an ugly game then this was it but the team got it done when it mattered most.

WR Santonio Holmes catches the winning TD as the Jets edge division rival Buffalo 28-24 at Met Life Stadium. ( Photo)

This game had that feeling early. That back and forth style of play and not so pretty on the outside but became a big win in the end. Coach Rex Ryan had the same feeling going through the week of practice.

“We knew it was going to be a dog fight coming in.” Rex said.

Dog fight it was, back and forth, bad defense after bad defense which turned into a fairly good offensive battle throughout the game.

The offensive battle was between both quarterbacks and in the end Jets QB Mark Sanchez got the upper hand. Sanchez once again started off extremely poor in the first half and looked to be worse than everyone is predicting this season but that is just the way Sanchez is I guess because boy did he come alive in the second half. The first half he was a mess throwing the ball into triple coverage and looking like he was choking under this must win pressure but the second half belongs to the young QB which he has proved since day one of entering this league.

“I love the way our guys responded.” Rex said.

Most likely Rex was talking about Sanchez because he followed with his stats in the second half which were outstanding. (9/15 for 114yds , two touchdowns with a 123 QB rating) including a game winning drive with 5:33 left where he took his team and marched down the field which was capped off by a touchdown pass to WR Santonio Holmes. Holmes, like Rex had confidence in his QB through the entire game.

“I sensed confidence from him throughout the whole game.” Holmes said.

“He’s at his best in big moments.” Rex said about his young QB and he proved his coach right once again.

He gets better as the game goes on. He looks to be a different QB when he runs back onto the field after halftime but he understands that is not a good thing and wants to improve.

“I need to make more completions earlier in the game.” Sanchez said.

That is definately one of his biggest problems. In the first half he completed only 40% of his passes, no that is not a typo (40%).

The Jets are a better team than the Bills but they barely proved it today and Sanchez knew it.

“We make it tough on ourselves….The discipline wasn’t where it needed to be in the first half.” Sanchez said.

They seem to always beat themselves week in and week out but today they had luck on their side.

Enough with Sanchez… The run game was probably the best it has been the entire season so far. They had their swagger back and the attitude that nobody could stop them on the ground and that’s the Jets team that the fans are used to. RB Shonn Greene had (78 yards on the ground on 13 attempts). Cannot complain about those numbers from your lead rusher. The play calling on the ground seemd to just flow correctly today and if they can get the passing game down faster this offense would be able to put up some big numbers.

The negatives that seem to be circulating is CB Darelle Revis looked human today against Bills WR Stevie Johnson (8 receptions for 75 yards and 1 touchdown). Revis didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all and gave credit to the opponent.

“Stevie Johnson had a good game and he caught a bunch of balls.” Revis said.

Everyone is human. Little fact, that is the first touchdown Revis has given up the entire season. Not too shabby.

The other negative has to do with Johnson again and the celebration he made when scoring his touchdown. He seemed to be acting out as if he was shooting himself in the leg (referencing the accident that WR Plaxico Burress had).

“Doesn’t bother me.” Burress said, who had (4 receptions for 54 yards and a huge catch on a thrid down play during the game winning drive).

I am all for celebrations during a touchdown but when it becomes personal like it did today that is when someone is crossing the line and needs to be addressed. I’m sure the NFL will look into it and most likely WR Stevie Johnson has a fine coming his way.

Preview — Jets (5-4) vs. Broncos (4-5)

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Florham Park, NJ — Here we go again. It is said week in and week out but this is another big game for the New York Jets. Let’s face it, every game from here on out is a big game for them, but that is beside the point. This week they have to focus on the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium, where the air is thin and the spirits are high from the semi-professional play of QB Tim Tebow.

After a beating by the division rivals, the Jets and coach Ryan have an advantage to get a bounce back win tomorrow. This is what the sidelines could look like tomorrow night if the Jets come in with a chip on their shoulder and revenge their loss on a short week. ( Photo)

Up until last week in the game against the New England Patriots, the Jets were looking to be on the right track with full steam ahead but after getting their butts handed to them by their ‘daddy’ they need to bounce back with a big win tomorrow night.

The Broncos are the perfect team to get this win against. The play of Tebow is inconsistent and eratic at times but the only thing that stands in the way is the confidence the team has built around him. Even when the Broncos are not playing as well as possible they still are finding ways to win, whether it is behind the cheer of their fans or the boost they get from young Tebow who is known for his team leading skills.

Even though Tebow can be a bit iffy at times, coach Rex Ryan isn’t looking past his professionalism.

“Obviously he’s a legitimate quarterback, where most guys, we used to see Miami run their version of the wildcat with a great running back in Ronnie Brown. But, obviously Ronnie wasn’t a great thrower. We do have experience against the Wildcat before. Tebow is obviously a better passer than most guys back there.” Ryan said.

The team has been watching film to get ready for the young Tebow, but is it enough to be fully prepared for the real live action against the former Florida Gator.

“It has to be. We’re not going back to Florida tape, but we saw him in preseason as well. He went against my brother in the first preseason game. I will say this, we don’t really know what they’re going to do because they’ve been really multiple.” Ryan said. ”Sometimes they spread them out. They’ll go to empty and then run the ball with the quarterback. Running “O” plays and all that stuff. So, no matter what you see, you’ll probably start by saying, it’s probably a run, and then we’ll defend the pass after it. But you’re looking at formations or personnel groupings that tell you it’s going to be a pass, and it’s not with this group. So, that’s a little different, but you better be sound and obviously assume he’s running with it.”

The Jets defense will have to be on their toes for this one because they aren’t trying to get embarrassed like they did Sunday night. Yes, the Broncos offense isn’t the Patriots offense but any team could beat another on every given Sunday and the Jets defense needs to be up for it in order to have a chance to dominate.

The Jets offense isn’t a red flag this week. They have been playing well and moving the ball up and down the field when they want to. Up until last week, the run game has seemed to be making a strong return and QB Mark Sanchez had been making better throws and better choices behind center. Also, we cannot forget about the play of their offensive line who has beem creating holes for the running backs and protecting Sanchez in order for him to make the throws to his big name receivers who also have been being incorporated more lately.

The main focus for the Jets tomorrow night is their defense and special teams. These two aspects of the game need to be at 100% and mistake free in order for them to win this game in Denver. I have confidence the offense will bounce back this week because they have been making a positive climb in the last few weeks but the defense needs to play more consistent.

I think the Jets have a big come back game this week and don’t suffer from the loss agaisnt their division rivals. They need to put it past them and move on and look to the playoffs and if they have to go through New England to get there then that’s what it will take but their motto should be ‘take on game at a time’.

Prediction: Jets get a victory tomorrow night – (24-13)

Pool sits out

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Florham Park, NJ — This Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots is most likely going to be the season changer for either team. The Jets need this win in order to put themselves in a great position for the division and if so, home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Jets defense looked fantastic  last week against the Buffalo Bills and this week they need to show up for an encore.

S Brodney Pool sat out of practice today (knee) but he is optimistic he will play this Sunday. He finished last weeks game on the knee so maybe he will be on the field Sunday against the Patriots. (

Unfortunately when the wagon is rolling, someone always has to throw a wrench in between the spokes and the spoke that got hit this week is S Brodney Pool. Today he sat out of practice once again and right now nobody really knows to what extent of time that he could possibly be out, if out at all. Pool is hopeful about the situation.

“I hope I can play but it’s just going to come down to how I’m feeling and what they think in the training room.” Pool said. 

The trainers and Pool are calling the injury a second degree sprain of his MCL. He seems positive on some type of return but realizes he has to take it day by day.

“It’s an MCL, so you know, guys usually come back pretty fast from that but I finished the last game so there is hope there. I’m just going to stay in the training room and see what I can do.” Pool said.

Pool is wearing a specially made brace for this injury but still feels pain when he moves around but is still not giving up on Sunday’s game.

“I’m not counting myself out and coach isn’t counting me out. I’m just going to do what I can.” Pool said.

Jets beat the Bills 27-11

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Buffalo, NY – The Jets went into today’s game with a chance to be tied for first place in the division with a win and a New England Patriots loss. The Jets have taken care of theirs, which is the number one rule in sports, always win your game. This was much more than just another win for Gang Green. By winning today, the feeling in New York has changed and the ’swagger’ seems to be back.

The Jets 'swag' is coming alive once again. All around team win this afternoon in Buffalo. Defense on point. Offense played well. The wagon is starting to roll again. ( Photo)

Offensively the Jets played pretty well. They got off to the fast start that they always talk about but when QB Mark Sanchez threw the interception on their opening drive, it was one of those ‘here we go again’ types of performances. Once again they struggled to capitalize in the first half. With penalties and almost two interceptions by Sanchez but it was the defense that stepped up and had the offenses back.

“We had a lot of self inficting wounds in the first half especially on offense but we moved the ball up and down the field and defensively, we had a good beat on them. They were struggling to get yards and then it was nice getting that turnover, it kind of jump started everything.” Jim Leonard said.

The Jets defense not only stopped the passing game but really shut down the Bills run game as well. RB Fred Jackson is one of the best backs in the game right now and they made it seem like he called out sick. His running was stopped as well as his catching passes out of the backfield. This was one the main focuses for New York this Sunday and they got the job done.

“You knew you had to put a lot of focus on him.” Leonard said, “He’s hurt everybody up to this point this year and if you take him out then you have a chance. We were able to do that especially early.”

This is the first win on the road for the Jets this season and it couldn’t of come at a better time. It seems like a long time ago that the team was coming off a three game losing streak and everyone had coounted them out but with the coaches and players making adjustments they have now come back and won three in a row and are this close to being tied for the division lead.

“We knew it was going to be a tough game. Buffalo is undefeated here and they are playing really well, well coached team, so we knew it was going to be a tough game and that’s really what it was.” Coach Rex Ryan said.

Ryan understood that his team was going into a rough game but he had the confidnece in his boys that they could and would handle the task at hand.

“I also knew our team would come out with guns blazing.” Ryan said. “Finally happy to get a win off of a bye week so that’s good fianlly got that monkey off my back. Our guys were loose and focused. We are at our best when we play that way and obviously we had too many penalties in the first half, we turned the ball over and that was the biggest disappointment, but I like the way our team played overall.”

Coach Ryan seems like a happy camper after this big win in Buffalo. His team has now won three games in a row and it seems like all cylinders are starting to click on the football field. The offenseive line is protecting their QB as well as opening up holes for their RB’s to run through and their defense doesn’t need any boost because it has come up big and we are now seeing the physical style of defense coach Ryan has been preaching since day one.

QB Mark Sanchez who was (20/28 – 230 yards – TD-INT) this afternoon is starting to come around as well. He still needs to be more consistent in that first half of the game but he has shown some improvement in the last few weeks.

“I thought we sustained a couple of really good drives and then just gave it away at the end, we just have to be better in the red zone, can’t throw picks like that it will get you beat.” Sanchez said.

On a more positive note… He is spreading the ball around a lot more now. He is not only focusing on TE Dustin Keller and trying to force throws that don’t belong. He is getting WR Plaxico Burress more involved as well as WR Santonio Holmes who now seems to be content with his contribution on the field.

“The confidence that he (Sanchez) had in me and believing in me that he can deliver a pass between what? two or three defenders in the red zone and he placed it only where I can catch it and I knew I had to grab it and pull it down and made a big play from it.” Holmes said about his circus touchdown catch.

The chemistry is making a come back and players are on the same page. The wheels on the Jets wagon are starting to roll and they need to keep rolling if they want this division to be theirs

Sore back, no problem

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Florham Park, NJ — Up until now WR Plaxico Burress has had a rough time staying healthy this season or as he likes to call it just “sore” but it has not stopped him from playing week in and week out for his team. In the Jets last game against the San Diego Chargers Burress showed up to the party with three touchdowns which helped put his name back on the map for Jets fans but realizes this is just the start of what needs to come.

Will this be a familar picture in the minds of Jets fans this Sunday? It will definitley help their teams chances if it is. Burress had three touchdowns last game in the redzone, will he be back for an encore? ( Photo)

“It’s still a work in progress.” Burress said about the offense, ”We’re working hard at it every day to keep getting better, but as the weeks go on, we keep getting more results, having more success on offense and letting our practice transfer over to the games on Sunday, so that’s definitely a positive and a good thing to see. We just have to keep building and keep getting better.”

Today Burress was a limited participant in practice because of a tight/sore back and to tell you the truth I have lost count of how many ‘injuries’ that is for big Plax so far this season, but I guess he wasn’t lying today when he told reporters that they weren’t injuries, “it’s just soreness” because he will be ready to produce in Buffalo on Sunday against the Bills.

“Just a little tight, a little sore. I got a few plays in today, so I expect to be alright and practice tomorrow and be okay.” Burress said.

Coach Ryan doesn’t seem to be bothered by this slight problem either. He knows that Burress has not been fully active for the past two and a half years and knew what he was getting himself into when the team signed him. Coach Ryan is taking Burress’ word for it and just calling the receivers ‘injury’ to his back tightness.

“He did have some tightness back there.” Ryan said, ”But he’s getting the heat treatment and all that kind of stuff. We don’t want to run him into the ground. We want him to be 100 percent when we play on Sunday.”

This is a good sign for the offensive side of the ball which has looked pretty good the last two games that the Jets have won and according to Burress, there is just one thing standing in their way that really needs to be captured in order to beat the Bills defense, which has played very well so far this season.

“I think we just need to get off to a fast start.” Burress said.

Isn’t that the truth. The offense has really gotten off to a slow start and they seem to come alive in the second half, sometimes too late in the game. All that needs to change in the second half of the season if they want to be a leginimate contender in the playoffs, if they make it there.

What game would you watch?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Florham Park, NJ — This weekend is very important for the New York Jets, not only for their game against the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo but also the game the division rival New England Patriots are playing against the New York Giants. With either a win or a loss for both division teams, this could showcase what we will be seeing for most likely the rest of the season.

So, to all the football fans out there, which game is more appetizing to watch? Is it the QB rematch between Eli Manning and Tom Brady or is it the possible must win for the Jets against the surging Bills? I’m guessing that any die hard Jets fan is going to choose their own teams game and its completely understandable, but what I’m trying to say is which game will keep you glued to the television set. I would have to say the Giants-Patriots game will do that but the game that means more is the Jets-Bills game because if the Jets lose this one it will become extremely hard for them to make a playoff run for the rest of the season, especially with the schedule they are facing.

If you had to choose one game, which would you watch?