JetsInsider Radio: Minicamp Wrap-Up Edition (Player Embedded)

Jets Insider Radio broadcasted live this past Thursday night with our Minicamp recap show. We break down all aspects of OTA’s and this week’s full-team Minicamp and discuss all other Jet doings.

Joining us in this week’s show is Yahoo Sports and Metro NY Jets writer Kristian Dyer who will share all of his observations and opinions on the team this spring and also share any late breaking NY Jets news and rumors. We also welcome beat writer Chris Nimbley.

Listen to show via embedded player below:

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The show is hosted by Jets Publisher Sean Deegan and veteran radio personality and long time Jets Fan, Jim “Mojo” Morrison.

Kristian Dyer and Chris Nimbley are guests on JetsInsider Radio this week.

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One Response to “JetsInsider Radio: Minicamp Wrap-Up Edition (Player Embedded)”

  1. mikeM Says:

    WOW listened to your radio show and you guys know absolutely nothing. First off Woody does not own Johnson and Johnson. His father was fired from the company by Woody’s grandfather. So he never got to work for J&J, do your homework.

    Second the Jets couldn’t afford Revis and no one knows if he will be the same again. You keep forgetting there is a salary cap.

    What a bad show and the lack of knowledge is horrible all you do is complain. If it wasn’t for Nimbley coming on I would of never listened. So have fun with your complaining someone must like it, I know I don’t.