After the Jets eliminate annual practice on L.I., petition created to tell Woody that fans feel slighted.

FLORHAM PARK, NJ – Many Jets fans (including myself) are still sore about the Jets total exile from NY five years ago. From teaming up with the Giants to build the new behemoth double money grab in the swamps to the following kick in the groin when the Jets announced they would move permanently from their 40 year home at Hofstra University to Florham Park, NJ.

As they left town, the team said they cherished their roots and would never forget their huge fan base (a source within the team has told me on multiple occasions that LI accounts for 50% or more of all Jets season ticket holders) on Long Island.

Please sign our petition letting the Jets know you are unhappy that the team has eliminated their annual Long Island camp practice.

Throwing Long Island a small bone, after the team moved in 2008 the Jets announced they would hold one practice per summer back at Hofstra. When they came back, the fans on Long Island showed that they didn’t hold a grudge by packing Shuart Stadium in Hempstead to standing-room only crowds. Apparently that didn’t move the Jets’ brass very much.

In 2011, the team cancelled LI Jets day due to threatening weather and did not re-schedule an alternate day.

Last year the team cancelled the event and moved it back to Jersey at Met Life Stadium due to a “maintenance issue” at the Hofstra (the team never elaborated this excuse).

This year, the Jets basically told Long Island to drop dead by not even scheduling an event for their fans here.

A team spokesman quote in Newsday on Tuesday said the team is “interested in engaging directly with as many fans as possible including hosting events and practices in Queens and Long Island”. Their actions speak much louder than their words.

In taking a step to show Woody Johnson just how much Long Island Jets fans feel slighted by this, we have created a petition for fans to sign and leave comments about their displeasure.

Please sign it and respectfully ask Woody to make LI part of the Jets again.

To sign the petition: CLICK HERE

Thanks for your support!

4 Responses to “After the Jets eliminate annual practice on L.I., petition created to tell Woody that fans feel slighted.”

  1. Josh Says:

    I think you all should stop being stubborn and deal with it, Cortland is excellent and brings great business to the southern tier. Plus, it gives Jets fans not from the City or Long Island a chance to see the team when they don’t get a chance during the season to see them play live. The only reason this petition exists because you Long Islanders don’t want to drive a few hours to a different area so stop this nonsense petition and enjoy a week or so away from the island.

  2. Raymond Mayer Says:

    You should never forget where you came from. The team is getting further and further from their roots. What’s next New Jersey Jets. If you are a jet fan you are a true fan, simply because they tear your heart out time and again. It’s time for them to give back. Go Jets

  3. a57se Says:

    Didn’t Hofstra cancel the Jets appearance last year because of the presidential debate they were hosting in October?

  4. Allan Schnier Says:

    Allan Schnier Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 8th, 2013 at 9:29 pm
    I have been a die hard Jets fan since 1964. Although I’ve been in south Florida for 30 plus years, I still bleed green and white. Unfortunately our beloved team suffers from poor ownership. The owner only has 1 ingredient money and he did not earn it, rather born into-where I come from in the Bronx, we call this luck. NY Jet fans should boycott Giant stadium–they can call it MetLife, but all true Jet fans recognize it as the G-men ball park. We need new ownership that is committed to winning football games, not to the back pages of the NY Post.