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Dolphins Will Be No Pushover on Opening Day

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Sorry, I’ve been out of blogland for a while as I was on our annual family summer vacation in lovely Cape Cod and Lake George last week. I hate doing it during training camp but with kids and summer schedules and camp and sports, it’s the only week we can do it. It was actually nice that it was hard to log on for a few days but obviously with all that’s been happening lately was on the laptop more than my wife wanted me to be.

Anyway, back to the grind!

First off, It’s a very bittersweet time at Hofstra as camp has broken and the team embarks on it’s last week at Weeb Ewbank Hall, EVER. It’s a bizarre scene as the Halls of the complex are filled with boxes and moving vans are streaming in and out of the lots. Kinda reminds me of the Colts when they left Baltimore without the sneakiness.  Tuesday will be the last official practice at Hofstra as the opening week regular season routine will begin in Florham Park. I will give you the complete skinny on the new facilities next week. The one thing that kinda bothers me is that I sensed no sadness from anyone on the team, ranging from the players to the coaches, to even the PR staff. This is truly a business to all involved and nostalgia is indded dead.

Now, regarding our opening game…I had a chance to watch the Dolphins/Chiefs game from Saturday on the NFL Network replay (BTW: You saps who are still paying the Dolans don’t know what you are missing. FIOS and the NFLN rocks!) and those who think the ‘Fins are the pushover they were last season are in for a rude awakening. This team is improved on both sides of the ball. Our old friend Chad Pennington seemed to be extremely comfortable with his new team and was moving the ball with ease through the air completing short and medium length passes with minimal effort like he’s been with this offense for years. He has also seemed to gel with his new favorite target Ted Ginn Jr. who the Jets will also have to watch very closely on punt returns as he ran a long one back for six.  

When he wasn’t passing the ball against KC (and I must mention that our other Old Friend Herm Edwards, is in for a hellish year with the Chiefs…they look putrid), Pennington was handing it off to RB Ricky Williams who looks like the Ricky of old. If Williams can stay off the Panama Red, he will be an effective weapon for Miami this season.

Don’t get me wrong… I think the Jets are a much better team than Miami and I’m confident they will prevail on opening day. I’m just saying, with emotuons and drama running high and the ‘Fins on their home field, the Jets will have to bring their “A” game on September 7. This is a game the team can ill afford to lose with New England and San Diego following. God forbid the Dolphins steal one, the Jets could very easily be looking at a 0-3 start.

Mackeys Back!

Mackey's Back!

One cool thing today that I was fortunate to participate in was the inner-circle of regular beat guys got a special up close and personal chat session with Brett Favre (why I was allowed in still is a mystery :) ). He wasn’t behind the podium, but just sitting in the press room BS’ing like a regular guy for almost an hour. No questions were off limits and though, I’ll reserve the details for a blog post later this week, I will say that Favre one-on-one is a cordial, regular nice guy and he is very happy to be here.

Although, I’m bummed that the summer is almost over, there are some things I am happy about:

-NFL Football back.

-My 10 year old son’s Pee Wee football is back.

-My five year old son starts flag football.

-My daughter is already five months old and almost fits in her baby Jets jersery.

-”The Shield” and “Entourage” new seasons are starting.

Life is good! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

BTW: Please check out our 2008 JI tailgating contest. If you have a great tailagate party, shoot us an email and tell us about it. We may visit and do a feature video about it and you could win some cool prizes. Also, there are rumors that this could be the last year of the world famous 16H tailgate so JI may be looking for a new one to promote! Click the link below for details.

Also, for those who have been wondering about Fireman Ed and if he’s returning this year, I have it from a very reliable source that Ed is back healthy and will be raring to go on opening day.

Week One Observations

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Now that we have a week of Jets training camp in the books here are a few observations:

Week One Battle at QB Winner? Chad Pennington.

Although he hasn’t been flashy, Chad has played mistake-free football and his arm has shown some life. He attributes the improvement to changes in his footwork and delivery and it seems to have helped. Kellen Clemens’ 6 INT’s in 10 practices has actually put him behind third stringer Brett Ratliff. These developments have Clementines (my name for Clemens loyalists) reeling but remember folks, training camp is a marathon, not a sprint. Lots of time for Clemens to emerge.

QBs Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens

QB's Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens

Which brings me to my next topic. Why all the hate for Pennington? It amazes me the venom on the JI messageboards towards Chad. Some fans seem to put him in the same category as the Anti-Christ. Granted, Pennington had an off year in 2007 (with a horrible surrounding cast) and has had several setbacks due to injury over his career but the guy is a warrior, works harder than any other player and like it or not, right now he’s the best QB on the roster. Lighten up, folks (especailly you Clementines)….if Pennington ends up the starter, support andembrace. I have faiththat with the improvements the team made, Pennington will surprise a lot of people.

Mangini is not concerned about his job. After reports surfaced today that Jets head coach just purchaed a $4MM house in NJ worthy of an episode of MTV cribs, it’s obvious that Eric Mangini feels he’ll be around for a while. On the other hand, rumors are that Bob Sutton is renting.

Mike Tannenbaum should not do interviews. Look, I understand that the team is trying to be  “media friendly” by having Tannenbaum available to reporters, but conducting a 15 minute Q&A with the answer to every question ”It’s an internal matter that we can’t comment on” is a waste of everyone’s time. It would be more respectful to everyone to just issue a “no comment” and stay in your office, Mike.  

One thing I did enjoy though, is WFAN loudmouth Mike Francesa not getting even a tidbit out of Tanny on his show last week after he touted all day that Tannenbaum would come on the air and set the Brett Favre rumors straight for his audience.

TE Chris Baker: He’s been on PUP for a week for this alleged back strain and according to Mangini today, no definative return time is in sight.

The way I see it is either Baker’s back injury is a lot worse than he’s led everyone to believe or the team may be putting him on ice while they see how the team’s new TE’s emerge. With rookie Dustin Keller and veteran Bubba Franks having a great first week, Baker could be more expendable than first thought.

Bubba Franks

Bubba Franks

WR to watch: David Clowney. The 2nd year former 5th round pick of the Packers is making noise his first week, showing deep speed and good hands. A person who should be alarmed is Brad Smith, who could be the odd man out with the emergence of Clowney.

I had to laugh at the blog bitch slapping that former Patriots team writer Tom Casale gave Bill Bellichick and Co on his way to a new job.

You can’t make this stuff up! Obviously you can’t question Bellichick’s success as a coach, but maybe this will open his eyes and he’ll finally realize there’s repercussions for acting like an arrogant, miserable human being to everyone on a daily basis.  The part about an alleged Bellichick sex tape is a bit creepy (can you imagine that hitting the internet? Let me puke now.) but the tidbit on Tedy Bruschi was priceless. Karma’s a bitch, Bill.   

And finally…Brett Favre is not coming to NY. Not that there was ever really a shot, but every day that passes makes it less likely. Being the 3 time All-Pro hasn’t even given the Jets the courtesy of any dialouge shows he’s not interested in being here. The conclusion to this quandary should be interesting but the road won’t end in Hempstead.