PrimeSport will help you experience the Super Bowl like an MVP! #SuperBowlVIP

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – For the first time — and potentially last time — in NFL history, the Super Bowl will be played in East Rutherford, New Jersey MetLife Stadium and will encompass the surrounding area, including New York City, in what many deem to be the greatest spectacle in sports. For local fans, it offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only watch the big game in their own backyard, but to experience all the things that come along with the league’s biggest game. PrimeSport, the premier company for Super Bowl Tickets and Super Bowl Travel Packages will help you experience the game like never before.

Experience the NY/NJ Super Bowl like and MVP with Prime Sport!

Although neither the Jets or Giants are playing, there’s still plenty of excitement to be had for local fans. With Peyton Manning looking to solidify his legend, the mighty Seahawks defense will do everything they can to derail his plans and win their first World Championship!

Prime Sport exclusive Super Bowl events include VIP parties in both NYC and NJ with NFL legends such as Hall of Fame WR Jerry Rice and Local RB Legend Tiki Barber.

The storylines are limitless and when you add in the potential for extreme winter weather, it becomes, perhaps, one of the most unique scenarios imaginable for a Super Bowl.

So don’t miss out! Go check out PrimeSport and see what opportunities and packages are there for you to take advantage of. See why they are the top company in the nation when it come to Luxury Super Bowl Packages with Hospitality look back on this moment years from now and wish you had taken part in something — get involved now and have some stories to tell your friends and family  for years to come!

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