Rumors soaring around Jets “No-Fly Zone”

FLORHAM PARK, NJ –Forget Revis Island. There is a distinct possibility that Jets fans may refer to their defensive backfield of the future as the “No-Fly Zone” (thanks ToyotabySteven). The top free agent in 2011, cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, may take a LeBron-like pay cut to play for the Jets this season. Imagine a tandem of Asomugha and Revis shutting down and utterly frustrating the likes of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. It may very well be more than just a vivid imagination.

Reports have been swirling around the Jets’ Atlantic Health Training Facility that G.M. Mike Tannenbaum has begun discussions about bringing in the 3-time Pro Bowl cornerback to compliment Revis on the flank side of the defense. According to league sources, the Jets have spoken with Antonio Cromartie about re-signing with the team, but are also highly intrigued about the possibility of pairing Asomugha with Revis.

Darrelle Revis has his own island. But the idea of Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha has already sparked the catchphrase "No-Fly Zone". ( Photo).

If it’s money that Asomugha is looking for, New York may not be the perfect fit. The Jets have a shade under $7 million in salary cap space, far less than other rumored suitors (i.e. Tampa Bay, Houston and Dallas). Asomugha is reportedly looking for $14-$15 million. But if he was willing to take a pay cut to around Revis’s salary ($11.5 million), then a creative Tannenbaum may be able to back load his contract as well as add in a bunch of incentive-laced guarantees.

Despite being close to the salary cap limit, signing Asomugha would likely leave them strapped for cash at other positions of need (WR and DE/OLB for example). This despite quarterback Mark Sanchez voicing his willingness to re-structure his contract.

Asomugha is a fan of Rex Ryan and is also friends with Revis. When the two met up for the Pro Bowl two years ago they discussed the possibility of one day playing together, which sparked headlines nationwide. ESPN’s Chris Mortesen also has reported that the New York media outlet intrigues Asomugha, who would like to pursue acting after football.

7 Responses to “Rumors soaring around Jets “No-Fly Zone””

  1. FijiJet Says:

    Lets Go Baby!!

  2. mrsmoore Says:

    The NO-FLY ZONE has never been done. It could be a HALL OF FAME move. With the No-Fly Zone and one Real Pass Rusher to go with Pace, we may have a Hall of Fame Defense. If Asomugha can even think about another contract besides the NY Jets, he can’t SEE the Future very well. Can you imagine the endorsements Revis and Asomugha would get in NY? They would make so much more in endorsements in NY than their contracts. The NFL Fame of the NO-FLY Zone would be like a Michael Jordan thing. The Kids used to think about “Be Like Mike.” Imagine the Role Models these two guys could be. All the Media would pay for it. The endorsements would pay them handsomely. It would be so much fun to watch. Just like everybody used to flock to New York to watch Broadway Joe, the fan base would just multiply with the No Fly Zone. I do believe Rex Ryans Head would EXPLODE. We’d see a NEW kind of football we’ve never seen before.

  3. Wesley Sykes Says:

    The endorsements idea is a very good point. Look at what LeBron was able to do in Miami. He took a little less money, but the market-bility (if that’s a real term) was unreal. He’d make just as much, if not more, in New York being paired with Revis and Rex. Keep the good stuff coming ToyotaBySteven.

  4. King Shaibib Says:

    Remember he is a corner, and you don’t see great corners making huge numbers endorsement wise–even Revis. The Jets will need to get within range of what the other teams offer and then it might work. Trust me it isn’t going to work if he needs to do 5 million in endorsements to make up the difference.

  5. Wesley Sykes Says:

    King Shaibib,

    I hear what you’re saying. But let me ask you this: You’re coming from the suckhole that is the Oakland Raiders. You’re possibly suitors are as follows: Texans (no playoff appearances ever), 49ers (haven’t made the playoffs in years), Cowboys (made major cuts and missed playoffs last year) and the Jets (2 straight AFC Championship appearances. Do you take more money to be in same position you were in Raiders, or take about $5 million less and go to a proven winner in the past two seasons in the biggest media market — where teamed up with Revis may be a very marketable duo…PrimeTime ring a bell?

  6. JetsJerk Says:

    This should, but will not happen. Asolemugger wants more and has not truly proven he’s worth more than Revis.

  7. fhighflyer Says:

    this would be absolutely amazing they could possibly be better then the 86 bears d the jets have a proven run stopping defense and theres no question the secondary if they can grab an above average receiver besides holmes they could put some thruth into these super bowl talks