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  1. I want Ansah and Manuel with pick 9 and 13
  2. Chris Ivory to jets for 5th rounder?
  3. Played Golf with an NFL GM...
  4. Our future QB
  5. Great ESPN Short Film 30 for 30 "Irrelevant Giant"
  6. David Garrard and Tim Tebow will probably get along real well
  7. womack and cooper 9th and 13th
  8. Mark Sanchez roundly booed at Knicks playoff game.
  9. Cimini: Sunday notes: Dilfer: Mark has 'demons'
  10. Kyle Wilson Time
  11. Thank You, Darrelle Revis
  12. Jets' History of Trading Best Players in their Prime
  13. What is your Favorite Defensive scheme
  14. New Story: Jets trade Darrelle Revis to Buccaneers
  15. Who do you select at #9 and #13?
  16. Let's face it....
  17. Best 3 ever 3-13 team next season?
  18. Chrebet to announce Jets 2nd Rd Pic
  19. What if the Jets traded both picks to get Geno Smith
  20. And Francesa's Reaction Will Be?
  21. Question for people who think Kyle Wilson can start next year
  22. Finally Done
  23. RE Draft party in Orlando florida
  24. **** you Revis
  25. Jets Conf Call at 6:45
  26. ***Jets Nation LIVE @ 7pm SNY***
  27. Revis' departure is bittersweet
  28. The Texans got FLEECED!!!!
  29. This has have to be the worst deal we have ever done
  30. Salary Cap
  31. For those still wondering why we retained Rex Ryan for 2013...
  32. Are you satisfied with how the Jets resolved the Revis situation?
  33. Two 1st rd picks!!!
  34. I am stuck in a Manuel vs Glennon decision
  35. Revis/Sanders
  36. 2013 Cap Space
  37. Rolando McClain in Trouble Again
  38. One Ring of the Circus Gone
  39. It doesn't matter if we get rid of Sanchez.
  40. Revis trade cap implications
  41. Revis will have his work cut out for him now.
  42. Now clear that Mingo will not be a Jet.
  43. A New Era
  44. Idzik ~ ~ ~
  45. Remember who advises Revis- Sean Gilbert
  46. Cromartie not happy with trade
  47. Roberts and Beningo far worse than Francessa..
  48. Cimini must have been abducted...
  49. The House Cleaning: Woody Johnson Waited A Year Too Long
  50. Does anyone think we cut Sanchez before the season starts?
  51. How many games did Revis win for the Jets?
  52. Getting rid of Revis an act of genius
  53. Tank Carradine rising up draft boards quickly
  54. Revis said he may not be ready for opener vs Jets
  55. Anyone remember "The Pit" at the old meadowlands?
  56. Revis on WFAN right now
  57. Buccaneers' 2013 Schedule
  58. Braylon Edwards in 2013?
  59. Lets believe in Idzik
  60. Precedence Set with Revis Trade
  61. Jets Put Out the Word - Interested In Trading Down
  62. Trade down #13 and draft Tyrann Mathieus late
  63. DJ Hayden Anyone?
  64. New Story: JetsInsider's 2013 NFL Draft Rankings: Tight Ends
  65. Revis throwing 1st pitch tonite
  66. K-Ro's Full NFL 4 Round Mock Draft. (4/22)
  67. Jets like Nassib at 13 per Mike Francesa
  68. Do you want the Jets to use one of their two 1st Round picks on a QB?
  69. Trade Compensation question.....
  70. Gil Bryant's Jets draft trade rumor
  71. 2014 is our year
  72. if Matt Barkley is available at 39th overall
  73. Who Are Your Sleepers in this Years Draft? (3rd round and up guys)
  74. We should start Tebow and let him do his thing.
  75. CB dept. : could hayden be revis insurance for jets ? ? ?
  76. Must see TV tonight...
  77. "Hey, Don't F*$% This Up: The Jets' New Start"
  78. West Coast Offense and the draft.
  79. Cornelius Washington, OLB - Georgia
  80. A Couple Of Things...
  81. my prediction: for the jets draft
  82. New Story: Jets Look for Home Run in NFL Draft (Part 1)
  83. 5 Teams in the Top 12 of Draft want to Trade Down
  84. Mingo uncertain cause he played in a 4 - 3
  85. Mayock has us taking Austin with 9 and Eifert with the 13.....
  86. New Dolphins Vikes and Jags unis
  87. Cimini: Draft week may define John Idzik era
  88. Revis's contract (holdout)
  90. Jets Sweepstakes Winners (season tix)
  91. Jarvis Jones says Jets are High on him...............
  92. Pauline: Jets Looking for a Weapon.
  93. LIVE at Midnight on NFL Network: LIVE NFL.com Mock special
  94. It Figures... 12 years waiting, and we take one that's 5'8, 175lbs
  95. dream scenaro
  96. Don't fall asleep on the Saints
  97. Question for draft value chart guys
  98. Another Lion was arrested
  99. Happy Smokescreen Wednesday
  100. Draft Eve Rumors and Info.
  101. Abolish the NFL Draft
  102. This draft isn't that impressive
  103. Caption this Picture..............
  104. New Story: Will Ryan Nassib be the next addition to the QB Competition?
  105. Pick Jones at 9 and Patterson at 13
  106. Scouts Inc. 7 round Mock
  107. Browns LB beast is in trouble.
  108. 2012 Draft revisted
  109. could the jets trade out of the first round?
  110. JetsInsider Radio 2013 Pre-Draft Show! (Player Embedded)
  111. in its 4th Year, who likes the NFL Draft Format?
  112. Phil Simms QB Evaluations
  113. Since 2013 is clearly a rebuilding year, how is it make or break for Rex Ryan?
  114. Dear Santa, All I want for christmas
  115. Why not build a super unit? O-Line or Front seven
  116. How Belichick screwed Pittsburgh
  117. Where is the draft contest
  118. Tyrann Mathieu is a Take it to the House DB!
  119. A Question Regarding Terry Bradway
  120. Important to Remember
  121. ***Mike Mayock Draft Special 8PM NFL Network***
  122. Idzik Already Getting Calls
  123. At The Draft
  124. Problem accessing draft party tix
  125. If Eagles are in love with Mingo,Jordan is ours
  126. Jets Draft Party Stadium
  127. New Story: Round One Focus Should be on Offense
  128. My Feelings going into tomorrow
  129. Bills now leaking Barkley
  130. QB AND RB
  131. Drew Brees said ivory traded to the jets
  132. Anyone need tickets to the draft party tomorrow at Metlife?
  134. IT'S HERE!!!!
  135. SI.com video: End Of The Circus?
  136. Mehta Article
  137. Article on Idzik's drafting style
  138. Draft Day Rumors and Info-1st Round 04/25
  139. Question about teams trading up: Unwritten rule
  140. Pre-Draft Thoughts on Franchise Direction
  142. Biggest Mock Draft Fail EVER?!?!?
  143. No way Tavon Austin is 5'8"!
  144. Jets to Tavon Austin: "We have a plan for you"
  145. Will you be disappointed if the Jets miss out on BOTH Cooper and Warmack?
  146. EJ Manuel
  147. Sal Pal: Woody Johnson Says Jets want to get younger and faster.
  148. Final Mock - A Little Different Than Most
  149. Cooper at 13 or Fluker at 31 and more picks?
  150. Wife's 40th birthday. Today
  151. just saw this on NFL Live. . .
  152. New Story: 13th Selection Overview (Part 2)
  153. Jets draft board leaked!
  154. Bummed to hear nothing on Ivory
  155. What is everyone doing for the draft?
  156. Interesting write up on UCLA’s Johnathan Frankli
  157. QB starved. I'll admit it. Draft one early!
  158. Man I hate these retards on tv....
  161. ***Official 2013 Draft Thread***
  162. Jets will draft CB
  163. ## The Cliche and Overused Adjective Thread ##
  165. Paradis...
  166. Dee Milliner...your thoughts please?
  167. Everyone Get in the Chatroom!
  168. jets had no choice
  169. Sheldon Richardson...your thoughts please?
  170. So the offense should be great this year
  171. Woody Punting on 2013
  173. jets pick two from alabama
  174. Rex thinks you can win scoring 13 points a game in this league
  175. Jets Points Per Game Over/Under 2013
  176. I guess we are going to the 4-3
  177. starting defensive front 7....i'm confused
  178. New Story: Jets take CB Milliner 9th overall
  179. Video of Sheldon Richardson being an animal
  181. Do you now take Nassib round 2?
  182. Video of Dee Milliner being an animal
  183. Jarvis Jones to the Steelers
  184. How can Idzik justify 2 top 15 picks for our strongest units?
  185. Jets have replaced Revis & Devito sooo Far
  186. If we take a QB this draft.
  187. someone explain to me why s-rich over FLOYD and STAR
  188. What offensive players did we pass on?
  189. New Story: Jets take DT Richardson 13th overall
  190. I will say this
  191. Ok, I gotta draw a line in the sand...
  192. Richardson = Geno Atkins Great pick..
  193. Sanchez & Gerard Fitted for Flack Jackets
  194. Let's talk 2nd/3rd day Offensive Prospects
  195. Do the Jets trade back in and get Geno?
  196. Excellent First Round for the Jets (Get ready for the 4-3 Defense Guys)
  197. Predict Francesa's Rant Tomorrow... Part II
  198. Positivity thread
  199. Scheme fit.
  200. Rex's recipe for getting our asses kicked
  201. QB in 2nd Round for Jets? (MERGED)
  202. In all honesty.....at the end of the day
  203. Actually the Jets did address offense today.
  204. Glennon or Ertz at 39.
  205. Who do you draft in 2nd,3rd and 4th round
  206. I Have A Pounding Headache, *****ES!
  207. Why does anyone trade with NE?
  208. Grade the Jets First Round
  209. Hats and Jerseys for sale.
  210. The Richardson move could mean Coples moves outside and plays more LB
  211. The Pats turn the 29th overall pick into...
  212. Move Wilson to Safety?
  213. There are still difference makers on offense on the board
  214. best remaining...
  215. How much less talented?
  216. Richardson reaction reminds me of Coples reaction from last year
  217. Jets had Milliner and Richardson in their Top 4 Overall - Idzik
  218. If you like Wilkerson and Coples.....
  219. Who would you have picked?
  220. We got the #1 CB and #1 DT in the draft...
  221. Weren't people saying Milliner could go #1 overall a bit ago?
  222. Anyone else get annoyed when
  223. Interesting quagmire....
  224. If Rex really had any of the pull JI thinks he has, wouldn't Revis still be here?
  225. Margus Hunt with our #39
  226. Is Marty Mornhinweg faxing in his resignation right now?
  227. SNY Post Draft Show
  228. LOADED DL in 2013 - Wilkes,Richardson,Coples
  229. Predict the starting Defensive lineup for 2013!
  230. MASTER PLAN: Is Rex moving Jets to his dad's 46 defense (1985 Bears)?
  231. Regardless what happens tomorrow...
  232. 2014 defensive line up
  233. Is Millner going to play safety?
  234. The Four Man Rush and the Permanent Nickel
  235. Welcome to a new era - the BAP era
  236. Tyler Wilson in the 3rd
  237. You can't fix an offense overnight
  238. 2d round will be Nassib or *gasp* D again
  239. After being Irate and not sleeping, I've warmed up to the picks!
  240. Here's why Rex went defense yesterday
  241. Who is still on the board at this time...
  242. Mock the 2nd round until #39
  243. Mock drafts are such a waste of time
  244. For those who think our D was upgraded yesterday
  245. Reporter Tricks fans at the draft
  246. Why I am Happy With The Jets Picks
  247. You build around the strength of your team.
  248. It is amazing that Joe Benigno....
  249. Amazing bipolar Jet fans after the picks
  250. 4-3.... 3-4..... Why care?