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  1. Can we make a deep push in the playoffs next year?
  2. This is the best team Rex has had.
  3. Clyde Gates stats
  4. Post game thoughts - Jets/Bills
  5. Jets D has held every QB to under 50% comp this year
  6. Hey, no joke, this front seven is the best in football...
  7. New Story: It Was All Yellow...
  8. Teams we have a better record than
  9. A 300 yard passer, 100 yard rusher, and two 100 yard receivers?
  10. Hey, 11 and 12 drafts looking mighty good...
  11. EJ Manuel Fumble
  12. Steady Improvement from Geno
  13. Still don't think the NFL is against the Jets?
  14. 2013 Jets
  15. Road Trip (Jets vs. Titans)
  16. WR's
  17. EJ Manuel and Jet Front 7
  18. Gates is no KR !
  19. Rex Ryan almost cost his team a win.
  20. Sunday night, Monday and the rest of the week when we win
  21. After Watching The BUF Game Again ...
  22. For those interested
  23. The media is the real circus.
  24. 2013 NFL Schedule
  25. Huge part of the game not talked about enough
  26. Anyone else notice the interaction between Geno and Sanchez after the 2nd pick?
  27. Best Rookie D-Lineman in the NFL
  28. Why was Aldon Smith not suspended by Goodell?
  29. The "after we win - Francessa is a douche" thread
  30. Why are the refs against us?
  31. Early thoughts on the Titans
  32. Josh Gordon Offically on the Block
  33. New Story: Just in the Nick of 'Tone Time'
  34. We now know why the Sporting News has fallen way behind Sports Illustrated....
  35. pretty good Geno article from ny post
  36. LOL I just had to post this non-Jet news on Jacoby Jones!
  37. Forgive me if its been asked before .Is the AFC East the best division in football ?
  38. So that's why Super Mario was not effective yesterday
  39. Anyone else spot Rex with that big gold chain with cross and dogtag?
  40. 24 Hours Later and Still Not Clear.....the Two Fumbles?
  41. When was last time Jets had 8 sacks in a game?
  42. Vague Ivory Update
  43. I have the best profile name Newyorksackexchange
  44. Bill Belichick being Bill Belichick
  45. The one guy on the Jets roster u bash the most
  46. The circus has moved across town
  47. Wake out 2-3 weeks (knee sprain)
  48. Jets using push-ups again to curb penalties
  49. Official MNF Thread (Oakland @ Denver)
  50. Smith vs. Sanchez - through first 3 games rookie year
  51. Eli Vs Peyton
  52. Please somebody call 90210 a doctor!!!
  53. Rams beat writer rips Schottenheimer.
  54. Has Santonio Holmes grown up?
  55. Jets haven't allowed a 300 yard passer in 8 games
  56. Patience with Stephen Hill...
  57. Sanchez's coaching skills, Ellis Lanskter, & MM's coaching effect
  58. Calr Banks interesting tidbits about the Giants
  59. New Raiders mascot called the Raider Rusher
  60. A dose of reality...
  61. ~ ~ ~ the " REX coast offense " ~ ~ ~
  62. Jets vs. bills Color on Black & White pics
  63. NFL players watch out for strippers named Sweat Pea ... No trolling
  64. Team Stats week 3
  65. Is Tone reinvigorated?
  66. Board Database Crash Inbound
  67. This Isn't The NCAA ...
  68. This thing may snowball into a great season!!!
  69. Foxsports - NFL Power Rankings: Week 3
  70. Article on Giants v Jets and the Media
  71. ESPN: 2013 NFL Power Rankings: Week 4...Jets move up 10 spots!
  72. Why is strength of schedule or quality of opponent only mentioned when Jets involved?
  73. NFL Concussions Tracker
  74. This defense is freaking physical
  75. Where have we seen passes like Geno's? Love the Jets!
  76. How do we beat Tennessee Titans?
  77. Jets Sign Hofstra RB to Practice Squad
  78. Kerley & Wilkerson
  79. Mo Wilk gets his own official shirt
  80. Trade for Kenny Brit ?
  81. The Jets "floor" and "ceiling" are both rising!
  82. Mike Goodson can learn a lot from Kareem Huggins...
  83. Jets' 'Big Snacks' making big impact
  84. " Jets' 'Big Snacks' making big impact " ~ ~ ~
  85. Fred Smoot Rips RG3 & Mike Shanahan (aka 'Red Lobster)
  86. TRADE dept. : are the jets talking to the vikings re a trade ? ? ?
  87. "The Terminator" is a Giant
  88. Establishing An Identity
  89. It just dawned on me.....
  90. Josh Freeman benched LOL
  91. Shout out to Charlotte Jets fans.
  92. Sponsorship/Ad opportunities avail on our JetsInsider Gameday show on ESPN Radio LI
  93. Aaron Rogers & Geno Smith lead the league
  94. Who is our number two back this week?
  95. Has the McKnight bridge sailed for good?
  96. Has the McKnight ship sailed for good?
  97. Geno's QBR Rating
  98. Callahan is an awesome OC and playcaller, what a waste
  99. D- CREW....
  100. $15 tickets?
  101. Sanchez Clobbered on Page Six
  102. New nickname for the Jets defense
  104. Ken O'Brien teaching....Rex is teaching.
  105. Colon on Geno: "I love him"
  106. Milliner suffers hamstring injury during practice
  107. Should Namath be in the Hall of Fame?
  108. My Positive Take Home's From the Bills Game
  109. Atrocious Manish Mehta / Legend Jed Hughes
  110. Difference between Cimini and Mehta...
  111. Eric Allen - Jets Cornerback
  112. Rex Ryan Sound FX from the Bills game
  113. Maybe I'm getting too old..
  114. How is this years rookie class doing?
  115. Tapatalk
  116. Article: Drafting Geno was a dream come true for Hill.
  117. Jets Lineman Crosses to the Other Side.
  118. Amazing what winning a couple of games does....
  119. KC Joyner via ESPN: Why the Jets Can Make the Playoffs
  120. New Story: Preview: Jets (2-1) vs. Titans (2-1)
  121. New Story: Great expectations: Jets are silencing doubters
  122. JTL Interview with Austin Howard
  123. RUMOR, Probably not true (Incarcerated Bob) :Hakeem Nicks traded to Detroit
  124. TNF Game Thread: San Francisco @ St. Louis
  125. Schotty has got to GO!
  126. We Need a New Color
  127. A case to be made for the Jets to go after Josh Freeman
  128. Bilal making believers out of the doubters
  129. Jags offering free beer to fans
  130. Football Gameplan's 2013 Wk 4 Jets vs Titans Preview
  131. Here come theJETS!! Great expectations: Jets are silencing doubters
  132. What Jet veteran is now "out of the dog house" in your opinion?
  133. francesca bashing Carl Banks
  134. New Story: Damon 'Snacks' Harrison feasting on competition
  135. Where is the predict the score thread?
  136. Joe Klecko and Dennis Waszak join JetsInsider Gameday Sunday 10AM ESPN Radio LI
  137. Quan Boldin
  138. ESPN Expert Picks
  139. ~ ~ jets @ titans ~ ~
  140. New Story: Running Ahead of the Pack
  141. Ivory, CB Dee Milliner Out For Sunday’s Game At Titans
  142. Tennessee Titans Message Board
  143. If you could pick 1 player from the Titans...
  144. Predict The Score Jets vs Titans at Tenn. game 4
  145. Article on Geno on Draft Day - Not His Off the Field Demeanor
  146. Ducasse on week 3
  147. Pretty good article on how to watch games free online
  148. MM's philosophy out to test
  149. Change of pace back: Ivory? Goodson? Green? Someone Else?
  150. Has Geno Been Running any audibles or alternate plays
  151. OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: New York Jets (2-1) @ Tennessee Titans (2-1) W4
  152. " a Jet Groomed for Danger and Running Full Speed Toward It " ~ ~ ~
  153. What about the Titans pass rush?
  154. I have 4 tickets available for the NYJ/TEN game today
  156. Do I need the DTV "Sunday Ticket" app to watch Sunday Ticket games on Iphone?
  157. Need New Football Music Playlist for Tailgating
  158. Points for winning today
  159. Week 4 - Early Games Thread
  160. I have 4 ***FREE*** tickets available for the NYJ/TEN game today
  161. Jets Inactives Today
  162. looking ahead at a 2-5 record.
  163. West Coast Blackout?
  164. Time to put Simms in the game
  165. Anybody on this board want to STILL defend Ducasse?
  166. The past 2 weeks summed up in one picture
  167. Gates is a paper weight
  168. This team bests itself more than any team I can ever remember
  169. Now it becomes how the Jets develop going forward.
  170. Rex and Marty M need to understand
  171. I just saw Butt fumble 2 !
  172. LOL....officials sure love the Jets!
  173. Our cornerbacks are a huge reason for concern
  174. Bright Spot: Kellen Winslow
  175. Worst game of the Rex Ryan era.
  176. No pass rush
  177. Vlads 10 seconds of fame.....
  178. We'll see if this franchise and fanbase hav patience now.
  179. We need Adam Schein back on SNY Postgame.
  180. Stephen Hill's Value
  181. Ok, the positives
  182. Geno's Backpedal
  183. One thing that scares you the most about this team ?
  184. Rotate Smith and Simms rest of way...half for one, half for the other
  185. Not even that upset...
  186. I'm ok with Idzik jettisoning Rex
  187. Santonio Holmes
  188. Ray Lucas: I want to see Geno under center more
  189. Vlad ducasse
  190. My thoughts & observations
  191. Colon: "We're 2-2, not ****ing 2-8"
  192. SNF Game Thread: Past @ Falcons
  193. New Story: Jets routed by Titans, 38-13
  194. Can the TO problems actually be corrected? Is this team as bad as it played today?
  195. Like Ive said from day 1,Geno cant play in adverse conditions(rain,snow, extrme cold)
  196. Who has had the most surprising start?
  197. Do the Jets plan on getting any interceptions this year?
  198. Interesting take on why the Jets aren't forcing TO's
  199. Next meeting against NE gets easier; Wilfork possibly out for season with torn Achill
  200. Here we go again..
  201. True of False: Wes Welker is a future Hall of Fame WR?
  202. Geno Smith and the Future of the NY Jets QB Position.
  203. WR's
  204. Moving on, how do we beat ATL Saturday night?
  205. John Idzik, do you have the SAND
  206. This is one of the weirdest NFL seasons that I can recall.
  207. Titans shopping Kenny Britt
  208. Titans & Williams was a bad matchup for the Rook!
  209. Can we please just stick to the long term rebuild plan and back Geno?
  210. Special teams
  211. Locker Could Be Out 4-8 Weeks - Schefter
  212. Mark Sanchez to have shoulder surgery, out for season
  213. Sanchez having season ending surgery
  214. Field Position: A Big Reason We are Struggling
  215. Goodson back ...well, here. Can he help change the gameplan?
  216. The Kickoff Return Has Become Obsolete in the NFL
  217. False start # 62.
  218. Ryan: 'Not a thought' to bench Jets' Smith
  219. HOLDING #62
  220. Quarterback Clear Out
  221. If you could choose one player
  222. New Story: Goodson Hopes to Provide a Spark
  223. The Media is a Joke: Rookie QB
  224. League considering fining Wilk and Q
  225. Matchup vs Falcons
  226. MNF - Miami at Saints 9/30
  227. A Perspective On Geno's First 4 Starts
  228. Any word on Holmes?
  229. How do we beat Atlanta Falcons MONDAY NIGhT.
  230. PREDICTION- If Jets don't win 2 of next 5 games, Rex Ryan fired bf bye week (wk 10)
  232. Josh Freeman likely to soon be traded or released
  233. Winters to start over Ducasse
  234. IF the NY Jets were to open a fast food restaurant.....(Corney but funny)
  235. Jets will sign WR David Nelson today - Holmes out
  236. Power Rankings
  237. gameplan for Atlanta
  238. With Us Being Short At WR ...
  239. Sheldon Richardson #1 in PFF Ranking for ROY
  240. Suggs: Goodell Behind Superbowl Blackout
  241. LaCanfora: Josh Cribbs Worked Out for Jets
  242. Jets Release Ben Obomanu
  243. Best Francessuh impersonator of all time
  244. Ravens acquire offensive tackle Eugene Monroe via trade from Jaguars
  245. " Jets’ draft strategy hurts offense " ~ ~ ~
  246. ~ ~ jets @ atlanta...Mon, oct. 7 - 8:30 pm ~ ~
  247. Geno apologizes to the defense
  248. Woodhead dominant for Chargers
  249. Steelers deal for Cards LT Brown
  250. Mike's On 1776