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  1. Who ever created this narrative...
  2. Colts Patriots INACTIVES
  3. pats likely to cut brandon spikes
  4. For anyone who's ever played chess.
  5. The Patriots Are Going To Their 3rd Consecutive AFC Championship Game
  6. The Pats will suck next year v2
  7. Passing Gets You to the Playoffs, but then......
  8. January 12, 1969
  9. Good day to remember old AFL :)
  10. 49ers Panthers INACTIVES
  11. Official Divisional Round Games SUNDAY Thread
  12. The cold, harsh truth
  13. If you lose to,the Jets during the regular season can you win the Super Bowl?
  14. NFL Network's Albert Breer says Browns' head-coaching job is viewed as "radioactive".
  15. Chargers Broncos INACTIVES
  16. Jets Record Same As Team One Year Removed From SB
  17. Three years ago...(merged)
  18. Keenen Allen question
  19. Denver -6, Seattle -3. That's the opening line for next week.
  20. Predict next week's winners and the Super Bowl matchup!
  21. A note on Media double standards
  22. Cornerbacks are NOT overrated
  23. Final Four Team Observations
  24. Reasons to root for the Seahawks on Sunday.
  25. The SF / CAR Game ...
  26. Dustin Keller
  27. Rex: his extension and coaching staff
  28. Have a good Jets vibe about 2014. Zona in Feb 2015?
  29. I can't understand why I feel this way
  30. RB Cierre Wood- Free Agent
  31. Sea/Denver block playoff tix sale
  32. Ken Whisenhunt to the Titans
  33. Good Reason to trade for WR Josh Gordon before the NFL draft
  34. Should we be thanking the Rams?
  35. Jets resign QB Matt Simms
  36. AFC East Division Titles and Who Won Them [a graphic]
  38. "Where I'm From: Geno Smith"
  39. Sheldon not up for rookie of the year
  40. Who do you want to see back in Green & White?
  41. Free agency primer- Running Backs
  42. Lions new head coach is...Jim Caldwell?!
  43. Jets Sign A C And DB To Futures Contract
  44. NFL Single Season Passing Records: Does it earn you a Superbowl Victory?
  45. Joe Namath: Tom Brady Haters Just Jealous of Patriots QBs Success and Wife
  46. Starting a team: Rex vs Belichick
  47. Report: Rob Ryan Being Denied Head Coaching Jobs Because Of His Hair
  48. Giants fire TE coach Mike Pope
  49. Kotwika interviews with the Redskins (Update: Kotwica goes to Redskins)
  50. Advice for Mike Goodson
  51. Why was my Johnny Football thread moved?
  52. Is Sunda ticket going to be available on cable this year?
  53. stephen Hill
  54. How did the Patriots come back against the Broncos earlier this year?
  55. New Story: RB Goodson arraigned, pleads not guilty on weapons, drug charges
  56. Westhoff
  57. Joe Kleckos son JOsh defensive tackle to transfer out of Rutgers
  58. Brandon Hardin (merged)
  59. Cromartie: I will be cut. Accepts blame. Hopes to re-sign and retire a Jet.
  60. Friday Night Tykes
  61. Mike Pettine to interview for Cleveland Browns HC vacancy
  62. Rex signed to multi-year extension per Schefter.
  63. New Story: Jets sign Rex to multi-year extension
  64. Jets Oline ranked 25th in 2013, 3rd in 2012 per PFF
  65. Major winter storm likely Jan 25 - 26
  66. Mrs. Tannehill left an Assault Rifle in a Rental?
  67. What's Your Prediction? - Sanchez in 2014-2015
  68. Tannenbaum confesses his sins
  69. Who is better?
  70. Titans Rumored To Cut Chris Johnson
  71. Mr Hppy & Funky Monkey Kellen Winslow Jnr.
  72. Championship Games predicition thread
  73. Hakeem Nicks
  74. New Story: Jets Announce Season Ticket Holder Contest To Select The Biggest Little Fa
  75. ~ ~ Salary Cap / Contract ?'s ~ ~
  76. Jets rank NINTH in special teams?
  77. Knowshon Moreno free agent
  78. Deadspin: Geno escorted off a plane in LA
  79. Least productive Draft classes of 2013?
  80. Darren Sharper arrested on rape charges
  81. Jets Appear to Want to Replace Thurman
  82. Cimini: Jets re-signing Thurman and Dunbar
  83. Rex's 2014 Coaching Staff Almost Set
  84. 2010 and 2011 AFC Championship games
  85. Anyone on here got Madden 25 for ps3?
  86. Grantland: Pete Carroll used to be a joke; now he's on the brink of a Super Bowl bert
  87. A spy in the house?
  88. Visiting New York - Hoping To Get To See The Jets
  89. Jets need a Guard. Say hello to Jon Asomoah
  90. OFFICIAL Championship Games Gameday Thread
  91. Patriots Broncos INACTIVES
  92. Peyton Manning makes NFL history!
  94. Peyton Manning GOAT? Let the talk begin.
  95. "At Least Well Get A Better Draft Pick," Reports Patriots Fan
  96. Is it LOUD?..
  97. 49ers Seahawks INACTIVES (sorry it's late)
  98. Pats flying home from Denver
  99. Richard Sherman
  100. Nick mangold going to the pro bowl
  101. Opening SB Line
  102. Who will win the Super Bowl?
  103. Former Jets In The Superbowl
  104. Interesting/Fun/Surprising facts about today's AFC Championship Game
  105. Bowman Injury...
  106. Cheating Pats and their scunbag sucking fanbase...
  107. Justin Blackmon?
  108. Bellicheck deserves to be in HOF?
  109. Period of modt - heavy snow ( 4 - 7 ) inches likely Tuesday Night - Wendesday morning
  110. Please explain to me how either of those QBs are better than Geno
  111. Belichick is a douche...
  112. Harbaugh vs Rex
  113. Kate Upton photo shot with New York Jets....and others.
  115. Well, there is a consolation prize for Bill and the Patriots
  116. Edelmann
  117. Seahawks fans throw food at Bowman as he's being carted off
  118. New Story: Jets retain most assistant coaches
  119. Sheldon Richardson - CBS Sports DROTY
  120. New Story: PrimeSport will help you experience the Super Bowl like an MVP! #SuperBowl
  121. Antonio Cromartie Going To The Pro Bowl
  122. Adam Schefter- dissing the JETS.
  123. NFL Considering Abolishing The Extra Point
  124. Harbaugh Overrated
  125. Jets to host Decker in unofficial FA 'visit'
  126. Alert : Superbowl snowstorm chance increasing
  127. B.J. Askew charged with failing to support kids
  128. New Story: Mangold and Cro get Pro Bowl call
  129. Pro bowl draft day 1 official thread.
  130. Sanchez will find work easily if the Jets decide to cut him
  131. trading for hoyer
  132. The Truth Behind Tommy Terrific's Struggles
  133. Sheldon Richardson CBSsports DROY
  134. Belicheck complaining about Welker hit but he did'nt mention......
  135. Could Tight End Dustin Keller Return To New York Jets ? ? ?
  136. Brady speaks out about Peyton Manning
  137. Great read on REX
  138. Just got an email for SB tix
  139. Super Bowl Media Day
  140. Scarnecchia retires; replaced with DeGuglielmo
  141. NFL to Belicheat - SUCK IT!
  142. Cromartie Taken in Round 11 Of Pro Bowl Draft By Team Jerry Rice
  143. Rumor: Pettine could be named Browns HC by Friday
  144. Have the patriots lost their edge?
  145. Revis tears Schiano a new corn chute
  146. Chris Ivory ranked # 3 among PFF's most elusive running backs.
  147. Brad Smith Reddit AMA
  148. Geno Gets An Apology from Airline
  149. Sports Illustrated: 2013 NFL Draft Redo
  150. Browns officially hire Pettine as Head Coach
  151. " Florida man gets 57 years in Sean Taylor shooting death " ~ ~ ~
  152. Head Coaching Changes
  153. CB solution
  154. The Jets House - NYC for Super Bowl Week
  155. Revis says CB Richard Sherman "put himself ahead of the team"
  156. Who will the Cowboys Release?
  157. Dolphins can't give their GM position away
  158. Bills hire Jim Schwartz as defensive coordinator
  159. Week Before Super Bowl Dry as a Bone But Snow Forecast Saturday Night Into Sunday
  160. Browns fire Pettine!
  161. Picked up the SB tickets
  162. SB tickets prices dropping...
  163. Why The Pats Will Not Win The Division Next Year
  164. LSU's Thomas McGaughey is leading candidate for Jets Special Teams Coach
  165. upper deck drip line from solar panels
  166. Just saw Shonn Greene in Wendy's
  167. Mac & Cheese and Turkey Jerky for NFC Champs on flight to Newark
  168. Dolphins hire Dennis Hickey as GM
  169. Pro Bowl
  170. NFL.com SB XLVII Advertisement
  171. Quinton Coples doing an autograph signing at Macy's in NYC today
  172. Jets exploring new Training Camp options
  173. Lions institute variable pricing for 2014 tickets
  174. Wilkerson.. ~ ~ ~
  175. We finally have a QB with fantasy value
  176. Super Bowl Kickoff Concert was empty
  177. Hickey got a 2 year deal with the Dolphins
  178. Jets giving the Broncos an edge
  179. NYJ QB discussion...
  180. Jared Allen
  181. How popular is Rex?
  182. Marshawn Lynch walks off the podium at Media Day
  183. Report: New England Patriots tried to get Larry Fitzgerald before last season
  184. How Screwed Up Is DAL
  185. Bryce Brown as a change of pace?
  186. SuperBowl Blvd.
  187. Jim O'Neil named Browns DC
  188. Superbowl Actitvities Schedule
  189. Woody avoids Sanchez question on ESPN
  190. Anyone else seem like the Seahawks are not being given much a chance?
  191. TE Walker: 'Cancers' ruined Titans
  192. Warren Sapp not impressed with Sheldon Richardson
  193. Super Bowl Blvd in Times Square
  194. Different style Jets helmet
  195. Met Terry Bradshaw and John Lynch today
  196. This will not be the coldest Super Bowl ever.
  197. NY Post: Giants and Eli fraudsters
  198. Woody appearance coming up on CBS This Morning
  199. Da Classy Giants and Classy Eli
  200. Super Bowl provides opportunity for millions to see...Xanadu
  201. Feds seize $21.6M in fake Super Bowl goods
  202. Jersey's Quinn returns home as rising star ~ ~ ~
  203. Jets practive facility vs. Giants practice facility
  204. No hip surgery for Jets' Antonio Cromartie ~ ~ ~
  205. Ex-Jets: Time for team to boot Sanchez
  206. Does anyone know why I can't open this forum in Tapatalk?
  207. I wonder what is is like to have your team playing in the Super Bowl ....
  208. Jets House - Saturday Day Session - Need Tickets
  209. Who's the better Corner: Prime Revis or Sherman?
  210. Is Marty the best OC since Weis?
  211. Another reason why Quinton Coples is AWESOME!
  212. Which team had more talent 2006 or 2013?
  213. Super Bowl
  214. Caption this photo
  215. The Aurgument for Doubling Down
  216. Danario Alexander.....?
  217. Breaking News: Suspicious white powder found at SB area hotels
  218. What's up with all the Vick signing with the Jets on the NFL network?
  219. If Geno was in the 2014 draft
  220. Rex says "Geno came a million miles"
  221. Joe Namath says he has brain damage from football
  222. Broadway Joe At It Again...
  223. Your Super Bowl Menu?
  224. sign Josh Cribbs on tve cheap?
  225. NFL Films segment about last Jet game sat Shea
  226. Westhoff not interested in coaching again ~ ~ ~
  227. NFL Honors -- 8 p.m. ET on FOX (Sheldon Richardson DROY finalist)
  228. Jets' brass talks to Geno Smith about the importance of managing his celebrity
  229. Sanchez also had knee surgery in off-season
  230. Sheldon Richardson Wins DROY!
  231. HOF Class of 2013
  232. New Story: Richardson wins DROY
  233. I would invest oline over WR
  234. The Patriots are winning Superbowl 48 tomorrow
  235. Why were the Jets ranked #32 in preseason going into 2013?
  236. Slater: GM Idzik hopes to build success with Jets, just as he helped do in Seattle
  237. Super Bowl XLVIII Predictions
  238. How many times will $%^&*^* Manning say Omaha today?
  239. JI Superbowl Rusty Monocle Competition
  240. Lone Fan Tackles the N.F.L. Over Super Bowl Ticket Prices
  241. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman
  242. 20,000 Seahawks fans will be louder than 70,000 Jets fans
  243. Alan Faneca...WTF?
  244. Broncos Seahawks INACTIVES
  246. Defense wins ch....
  247. Decker or Tate as Free Agent After this Super Bowl?
  248. I actually think our Jets could've done better....
  249. So..... Eric Decker...
  250. Joe Montana >>>>> Everyone else