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  1. Geno Smith and Tony Romo
  2. R.I.P. Rob Bironas
  3. We'll know very quickly tomorrow night...
  4. NFL Early Games Thread
  5. NFL Sunday Gameday thread
  6. Some rookie WRs breaking out!
  7. Stupidity will prevent the Jets from a winning season
  8. AFC East looks down this year
  9. 6 catches 64 yards 10.7 average YPR 26 Long 2 TD's
  10. OFFICIAL GDT: Chicago Bears (1-1) @ New York Jets (1-1) W3
  11. What's changed?
  12. NFL AM on NFL Network
  13. Jets news clippings
  14. So Cal Jets Fans: Help With Chargers Tickets
  15. Truth or drivel: Marty M on Whether Jets' Offense Can Be Productive w/o Decker
  16. Joe McKnight score more TDs in 1 game Sunday than he did in his entire Jets career
  17. New OC Cali Jets Bar
  18. Santonio Holmes' return to MetLife tonight
  19. Tulloch tears ACL during celebration
  20. Is Cutler a douche?
  21. Drew Stanton having some success
  22. Dolphins won't commit to Ryan Tannehill as starter?
  23. Decker playing tonight?
  24. The Pig is Ripe...Tom Brady now just an average QB...
  25. local TV for tonights game?
  26. Ohio Jets fans
  27. If Winters struggles again..
  28. New Story: What You Need To Know For Tonight
  29. Jets Inactives Today
  30. David Nelson segment on ESPN
  31. The muffed punt
  32. New JI record
  33. Watching from the hospital awaiting gall bladder surgery,,,
  34. Time to Call out MM
  35. Bears & Refs 27, Jets 19
  36. 27 mil in cap space, a a million draft picks .. Geno has no weapons
  37. Chris Johnson Experiment Should End
  38. We are just the same team as last year
  39. Time to sit Chris Johnson
  40. Chris Johnson
  41. This team can't win running only out of shotgun
  42. Two weeks in a row, refs take 2 Jets touchdowns off the score board.
  43. No division games nor any losses to a AFC team.
  44. Geno's Leash Just Got Shorter
  45. Pryor? Who G's.A.Fck... let's lets look at our rookie WRs..
  46. It's time to go with Vick...
  47. Thoughts on how you lose another winnable game
  48. How many other teams repeatedly use their QB to pound it in from the 3?
  49. Nick Folk, the Jets MVP so far.....
  50. We're so close.
  51. I think this guy has a place in our locker room!
  52. Any WR's on the block?
  53. New Story: Jets Fall To Bears 27-19
  54. No small victories
  55. Studs & Duds
  56. Why is Nelson starting over Salas?
  57. My Takes from Last Nights Game
  58. Time to bench Winters and give Aboushi a shot
  59. Is Rex being forced to start Geno?
  60. Cap Space Stat Line- 0 tackles, 0 Ints, 0 Yards Rushing and 0 catches
  61. Fact: The Jets Need to Get Geno some Weapons!
  62. Rex Ryan = Ralf Kramden
  63. 2nd week in a row: It's still mainly on the coaches
  64. On the bright side
  65. Jets better lock up Kerley soon
  66. Wilkerson: How Severe?
  67. CHI Observations
  68. Last possession of the game.
  69. #1 Run Defense, #9 Pass Defense, #2 Total
  70. Last night was the definition of beating yourselves.
  71. Antonio Allen Appreciation Thread
  72. They're putting Hess in the Ring of Honor
  73. Post game thoughts.....
  74. #BlackSanchez
  75. How many losses this season will it take for Woody to see the light on Idzik?
  76. Jeremiah George signed by the Jaguars
  77. Start Vick at QB so he can jelloffense!
  78. We continue to lose games because we can't execute for 60 mins
  79. JI VIDEO: Bears post-game locker room interviews
  80. Jets working out S Jamarca Sanford, CB Brandon Smith
  81. Eric Decker Hamstring Injury Potentially Long-Term
  82. Developing a qb vs. winning with defense/running game
  83. The Problem with Rex and this staff
  84. Karma?
  85. It's not the Refs....but...
  86. Why are we not discussing Sanjay Lal?
  87. Did the 8-8 season last year cloud judgement amongst fans and FO?"
  88. Jets Cut Ellis Lankster
  89. Jets Sign CB Brandon Smith to 53 Man Roster
  90. Ivory to star ahead of Johnson ... It's about time.
  91. A little culture for you schmucks
  92. Geno is the best player on the team
  93. Mo Claiborne - worth a look? (merged)
  94. Successful QB's with no weapons
  95. Jason Taylor on Geno Smith
  96. Packers are 1-2, Rodgers threw for 162 yards on Sunday, should they trade for Vick?
  97. Max Protect and other Detroit Matchups
  98. Potential WR available via Trade
  99. ~ ~ Sun., Sept. 28 - 1:00 pm : Lions @ Jets ~ ~
  100. 52 on the roster currently
  101. Red zone offense = the real problem
  102. Express, Express!
  103. Jets promote LeQuan Lewis to active roster
  104. VIDEO: Locker Room Report: Sept 24
  105. New Story: Jets face mega challenge in stopping 'Megatron'
  106. Phil Simms Just said Redskins
  107. Jets Promote CB LeQuan Lewis And Sign CB Marcus Williams TO Practice Squad
  108. Demario Davis: Don't Stop Believing
  109. Megatron excited to face Jets
  110. There is a silver lining fellow Jets fans
  111. I see us dominating the Lions ...
  112. Was CJ2K really needed?
  113. Is this the beginning or is this the end?
  114. Playing time?
  115. How would the Jets have fared with Parcells as HC from 2009-present?
  116. Why is everyone SO negative?
  117. New Story: Way To Tame The Lions? Taming The Self-Mistakes
  118. DECKER VIDEO. Gives injury update.
  119. Jesse Decker to sing National Anthem Sunday
  120. Jets' Colon - "I'll never back down from a fight [with Ndamukong Suh]"
  121. Week 4 Other Games Thread
  122. Seeking 1-2 good Tix for Sunday vs Lions
  123. What free agency signing should we have made this past offseason?
  124. Detroit Lions' Joseph Fauria suffers ankle injury in household accident...
  125. "The most popular guy in town is the backup QB"
  126. Hey everybody!
  127. Anyone jealous of last nights performance by the other NY football team?
  128. Ten Things That Are Going Right So Far
  129. Megatron Questionable for Sunday
  130. "Fans will enjoy how the Jets defend [Megatron] on Sunday" - Mehta
  131. Antonio Allen is the 44th ranked CB in the NFL right now
  132. Chris Johnson wants the New York Jets to run more
  133. Anyone have parking pass for tomorrow?
  134. Is this Fourm still going dark?
  135. The Boar Hunter.
  136. OFFICIAL GDT: Detroit Lions (2-1) @ New York Jets (1-2) W4
  138. Best sites for streaming the game. .
  139. Disenchantment with Idzik within Jets Organization
  140. 2 tix fore todays game...free to a JI member
  141. Jets OC Marty Mornhinweg: 'I put a little too much on (Geno Smith's) plate'
  142. Suh wants to play in NY!
  143. Jets Inactives Today
  144. I am not disappointed
  145. LB Jeremiah George Watch
  146. Enough of Geno. Put Vick in
  147. Isn't even October and we are done.
  148. I'll say it again: this shotgun-only, gimmick offense has to go
  149. Seen enough of Rex and Geno!
  150. 1-3. Not like we have SD, Denver and NE coming up.
  151. Yet another game we should have won if Vick was starting
  152. Rex Ryan's tenure with Jets should be over
  153. Time to look and analysis of game ( a non overraction thread from a true jet fan)
  154. Rex: "I'm not going to replace Geno."
  155. Amaro, Ivory and Salas need to start ... Period.
  156. Another loss, another game where Ivory started hot and we stopped giving him the ball
  157. Work in progress
  158. My biggest fear will come true ...
  159. Idzik's Master Plan
  160. Where was Coples ??
  161. Mo: "Fans has to be all-in with us"
  162. Rex Ryan changed the ofensive philosophy.
  163. Antonio Allen Hurt?
  164. Rex Ryan should remain our HC
  165. Is Kaepernick just as bad as Geno?
  166. Jet fans listen, only so much the coaches can do!
  167. The Boar Hunter Finds Someone He Can Tackle!
  168. We dont have a football season.... It sucks
  169. SNF: Saints at Cowboys
  170. The end of Geno and Rex
  171. The Geno Smith "fumble"
  172. Where you see trouble, I see opportunity
  173. As per Adam Shefter - Dennis Allen fired
  174. Only positive from today: Jace Amaro
  175. Will Idzik fire Rex midseason after they go 1-6?
  176. are the Jets underachieving or overachieving this year?
  177. Jets & JI PHOTOGRAPHER makes national TV debut!
  178. Is it possible Idzik isn't all bad and Rex just doesn't know how to develop players?
  179. time to bench geno
  180. What were we doing defensively?
  181. WATCH: Ohio State strength coach Anthony Schlegel bodyslams fan who runs on field
  182. 17-10, late 3rd Qtr. Where is Rex's D when we need it?
  183. Anquan Boldin and Steve Smith
  184. Jets problems are alot more than just Geno!
  185. If Vick is the started this week...when is it announced?
  186. The Jets Are Teases
  187. Who would your prefer to start next week? Geno or Vick?
  188. Suh to New York ? ? ?
  189. Defensive takeaways
  190. Remember 2002?
  191. How have your expectations changed for this season?
  192. Fire Bradway
  193. We have released WR Jalen Saunders and signed WR T.J. Graham.
  194. Let's list the positives...
  195. If Rex is fired, what experienced coach would want to work for Idzik?
  196. Bills bench EJ Manuel
  197. Chris Owusu???
  198. BREAKING: Locker room Video...Geno and Vick just now
  199. Bench Geno
  200. Jace Amaro
  201. If the Pats lose tonight, Jets are 1 game out of 1st with all division games left
  202. Bohanon: Broken collarbone
  203. Rex Presser
  204. How to fix this mess
  205. LaRon Landry suspended 4 games by NFL
  206. How the F can people really blame all the penalties on Rex?
  207. Stephen Hill, Jacoby Ford, Jalen Saunders, Shaq Evans, Quincy Enuwna.
  208. Will a Pats loss make you feel better?
  209. Jets Sign WR Chris Owusu And Release CB LeQuan Lewis
  210. Which is more troubling?
  211. MNF: Pasts vs Chiefs
  212. Colts cut WR Rogers!
  213. Pats sucking is a good enough reason to start VICK
  214. Should the Patriots bench Geno Smith?
  215. Brady looks worse than Geno
  216. Pats World Freaking OUT - Hilarious!
  217. 8 & 8, lol
  218. A look at our new WR's.. Owusu and Graham
  219. Who do you blame most for the Jets' 1-3 start?
  220. Did anyone notice Smith going after Revis?
  221. SD Matchup - Looks a Lot More Favorable
  222. Jets are #1 against run - so what has that done for us?
  223. ~ ~ Sun., Oct. 5 - 4:25 pm : Jets @ San Diego ~ ~
  224. Will Edelman survive?
  225. For the #2 rushing team in the NFL, the Jets sure suck at running the ball
  226. Terminator -- Part 2: John Conner is Back
  227. FCC throws out NFL blackout rule
  228. Caption this
  229. Jets cut CB LeQuan Lewis, sign WR Chris Owusu
  230. Heard on Mike & Mike this morning
  231. Any updates on Ellis?
  232. Jets Bring Back CB LaQuan Lewis Release CB Brandon Smith
  233. No matter the GM or HC, we see the same problems over & over...
  234. Is Nelson getting hurt addition by subtraction?
  235. Jets vs Chargers
  236. Raiders name Sparano interim HC
  237. the 14th official to have left the NFL since last February’s Super Bowl
  238. PFF: Geno Smith is worst starting QB in NFL
  239. Jalen Saunders Signed to Arizona (merged with unsigned)
  240. The Annual - The Jets Suck so Let's Go Get Joe Namanth to Say the Jets Suck Articles
  241. Rex Presser
  242. Calvin Pryor
  243. Let's say Jim Harbaugh hits the market
  244. Tomlin Presser
  245. Brady done?
  246. Geno Smith was the second quarterback on the Jets’ draft board behind E.J. Manuel
  247. NFL, DIRECTV extend NFL Sunday Ticket in multi-year deal
  248. Is John Idzik worse than Terry Bradway? Can we hire Eric Mangini as GM?
  249. Why I get annoyed with the knee-jerk reactions of SOJF, Pennington say's it all
  250. Video of testy Geno