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  1. Obama Critics: Why not focus on real issues?
  2. Romney..."if I see him, I would like to kill him".
  3. Democrats "War" on gays?
  4. Obama widens lead over Romney despite jobs data: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  5. Chicago Teachers Union Strikes
  6. Desperation
  7. Mormons Believe That Jews and Christians are Evil....
  8. A look at 4 more years
  9. Chicago Teacher Strike
  10. Memos suggest US hid evidence of Soviet massacre during WWII
  11. 11 Years Later....Why are we in Afghanistan, and What is our Plan now?
  12. Democrat Congresswoman Busted Voting in 2 States
  13. Moral of the Story: Both Liberals and Conservatives can be jerks
  14. hammer meets nail
  15. Foreign Relations
  16. Obama Snubs Netanyahu...Again
  17. Plagiarist Joe Does It Again....
  18. This about sums it up
  19. "How would Americans feel if films insulting the pope or Abraham Lincoln were...
  20. No straight answers from Chinese Telecom execs
  21. Ron Paul Destoys Romney
  22. Kansas Republicans attempting to remove Obama from ballot over “birther” concerns
  23. Thanks GWB.......
  24. Jesus would back gay marriage
  25. I Thought the World Was Supposed to Love the US Again With Obama as President
  26. How Bad IS Romney?
  27. Today is A Big Anniversary
  28. Romney: '47% of Americans are dependent on gov't, are victims'
  29. These Are the Questions Moderators Should Ask Obama and Romney at the First Presiden
  30. The Growing Might of Solar Power
  31. Obama 1998 Loyola Speech Leaked: 'I Believe In Redistribution' (AUDIO)
  32. Obama now up by 8% in Virginia
  33. Masks Come Off for 2 Callers Who Gave WBAI Grief
  34. Father of murdered teen urges Gov. Brown to veto bill ordering illegal immigrants rel
  35. How Some Internet Guy at CNN Sees Republicans
  36. Thank You Bush/Neocons
  37. Justice Dept faulted in gun-trafficking operation
  38. Obama's History, Two Very Different Tales be to Told?
  39. Pawlenty quits as Romney campaign co-chair
  40. A look at the past Presidents
  41. Get out the (non-partisan) vote!
  42. Jobs bill for vets bogs down in Senate
  43. Disdain for Workers
  44. Lybia
  45. Bill Clinton interview on The Daily Show
  46. 70G Apology
  47. Hassan Nasrallah's Threat, and the Appropriate Response
  48. Mormonism and Scientology....
  49. Romney Pays TOO much in Tax
  50. GREAT news out of Libya
  51. Univision interviewer asks Obama the tough questions
  52. Ted Koppel: Fox News 'Bad for America'
  53. GMO, Global Alert
  54. Republicans look for voter fraud, find little
  55. You Cannot Have Freedom Without Freedom From Hunger, Homelessness, Joblessness, Etc.
  56. Russia, Cuba, China, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Pakistan and Kazakhstan.
  57. Mitt Romney and the myth of self-created millionaires
  58. Mitt Romney's dad was on welfare
  59. Obama is black Muslim!
  60. Fact Check: Is Romney's tax rate really lower than yours?
  61. End for Romney? New Poll Gives Obama 10% Lead in Ohio, 9% in Florida
  62. Pres. Obama at the U.N Today
  63. Obama Doesn't Know How Much The Deficit is?
  64. NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!!
  65. Romney ‘I Dig It’ Trust Gives Heirs Triple Benefit
  66. Mitt Romney tells voters: If I'm elected, don't expect huge tax cuts
  67. How Much Money is Enough?
  68. Wealthy Americans Gain Even as Republicans Decry Redistribution
  69. Lugar Backing Obama on Iran Says ‘Hell to Pay’ With Arms Attack
  70. Obama
  71. The Republicans will massacre each other after Mitt Romney loses
  72. The race for Congressional Control
  73. Is This Guy Serious?
  74. Cut deficit, but not on the backs of the Needy
  75. Feds to Pay for Illegal Activity to Avoid Bad Econ. News?
  76. Pennsylvania judge halts voter ID law for November 6 election
  77. Owner Woody Johnson would choose Mitt Romney election win over winning season for the
  78. Gubbermint Health Care? Not so bad...
  79. Almost 2,400 millionaires pocketed unemployment benefits
  80. A Sensible Way to cut the Deficit
  81. Have You Ever Donated to a Candidate?
  82. What do you expect tonight?
  83. For Obama, words not said in debate spoke the loudest
  84. Chris Matthews is still angry about Obama’s debate performance
  85. Romney wants to get rid of PBS......
  86. Non Partisan Thoughts on the Debate Format
  87. Obama's Accomplishments (?)
  88. Not so fast!!
  89. Al Gore blames Denver altitude for Obama debate performance
  90. October Suprise #1: Unemployment Falls Below 8.0%
  91. Three New Jersey teachers accused of sexual relationships with students
  92. First State Polls out Since the Debate
  93. GOP, Out of Touch As Usual
  94. Read this account of job recovery attempts...
  95. Obama has been far better than he gets credit for
  96. Supreme Court:Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril
  97. "In second term, Obama will allow UN to tax Americans" Morris Opinion Piece
  98. Lol
  99. An interesting Article on the Changing Trends in Religion in America
  100. A neurosurgeon believes Heaven is real, and came back from the dead to talk about it
  101. Stop-And-Frisk
  102. New Details From Libya Consulate Attack: State Department Abandons Claim Of Protest O
  103. Girl with BIG BOOBS explains why she's voting Romney
  104. A "Violence" Tax
  105. Cutting the Fat: "Thanks, But No Tanks" Politicians Overrule the Army?
  106. It's Easier to Get Welfare Than to Work
  107. Actress Stacey Dash takes heat for Romney support
  108. A Review of Obama's 2008 Campaign Promises
  109. No voter fraud here! Nope! Not one single bit!
  110. Romney Refines Message on Taxes and Abortion
  111. The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Opportunity
  112. go to google images and type completely wrong
  113. The Latest, Greatest, Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory...
  114. Affirmative Action
  115. POLL: Romney up 7 in Florida
  116. VP Debate
  117. Argo
  118. Ryan Sought Lots of Federal 'Pork' for Folks Back Home
  119. Question
  120. If Obama is re-elected...
  121. If Romney Is Elected....
  122. Kevin James/King Of Queens...
  123. Rudy takes on CNN Obummer zombies!
  124. Cognitive Dissonance
  125. Presidential Debate #2
  126. A World (Potentially) at War?
  127. An Example of Why I'm Angry About Illegal Immigration
  128. 60% Of Seniors Would Pay More For Medicare Under Romney-Ryan Voucher Plan
  129. Romney campaign quietly promised ‘vigorous’ porn crackdown, Reagan prosecutor says
  130. On the Ligher Side: Romney vs. Obama Epic Rap Battle
  131. Romney's big 'four years tuition-free' college
  132. Abortion, Two Stories Today That Seem Intended for Each Other
  133. Second Circuit Strikes Down DOMA
  134. Obama Will Veto Attempt to Go Around the "Fiscal Cliff"
  135. Eva Longoria is a bloody idiot
  136. US monetary policy explained
  137. Offensive
  138. Laughing Matters
  139. Pats vs Jets = Obama vs Romney
  140. big fracking "mistake"
  141. Donald Trump claims Barack Obama bombshell
  142. What time is the debate on?
  143. Marijuanna Legalization
  144. The Tolerance Party
  145. Romney and the Auto Bailout
  146. Italian court ruling sends chill through science community
  147. Todd Adkin meet Richard Mourdock
  148. Romney-Ryan Rally Pack Red Rocks Ampitheater
  149. From "Kill List" to "Disposition Matrix", the Change in Whats Acceptable vs Terrorism
  150. Ohio Ohio Ohio
  151. Same Sex Marriage
  152. Mitt Romney's Bailout Bonanza
  153. Does anyone here have investments in China?
  154. NY Post Endorses Mitt Romney
  155. Just Voted, *****es!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  156. It's Good US Troops Are Committing Suicide
  157. JZ Knight and PK: a match made in...
  158. Meet a few of the job destroyers and tax evaders
  159. Gen. Powell endorses Obama because he's black, says Romney campaign chairman
  160. Best campaign ad of the 2012 cycle?
  161. Little-known candidates could harm Romney, Obama bids
  162. Has anyone been watching "The Men Who Built America" on History channel?
  163. Voter Fraud Doesn't Exist
  164. CNN's "Racial Voting Block Calculator"
  165. 'It's all about northern Virginia'
  166. Romnesia? How About Obamnesia.....
  167. Gen. Carter Ham, commander of U.S. Africa Command is being replaced
  168. "Hurricane" May Delay Jobs Report.....
  169. If You Think Debating Politics here is Tough...
  170. For election junkies only
  171. Florida GOP memo: Democrats are 'cleaning our clock'
  172. Christie's effusive praise for Obama
  173. Politically Speaking, Sandy was the BEST thing that could happen for Obama.
  174. "Climate Change is Real" CNN
  175. President Barack Obama: My vision for America (CNN Opinion Piece....by the President)
  176. Four more years!
  177. Sombody explain this to me.
  178. Bloomberg, NYC PS Schools, and Sandy
  179. Romney Rally Draws 30,000 In Ohio...
  180. Is this what you really want?
  181. Stupid is alive and well.
  182. Union Members Caught Stealing Romney Signs
  183. Newsday, Daily News Endorse Romney
  184. How Romney can win
  185. Election 2012 - Pick the Result!
  186. For Mitt Romney, a bigger military, but at what price?
  187. Christie says he’s trying to get funds to buy flood-prone homes
  188. "Don't Boo, Vote. Voting is the Best Revenge"
  189. "Redskins Rule" Predicts Romney Victory
  190. Official JI Presidential Poll:
  191. 2012 Election "Game Thread"
  192. Video: Black Panthers Return to Philly Polling Place
  193. Observations from Virginia on Election Day
  194. official democrats commiting voter fraud thread...put them here
  195. Congressional 19th distritc NY.
  196. Colorado: First State to Legalize Marijuana
  197. Congrats
  198. You won, it's your country now.
  199. OK now that the election is behind us...
  200. It's never to early to talk 2016
  201. Did the Tea Party doom the GOP?
  202. I like how most all the athletes are tweeting pro Obama
  203. Post Election Reflections
  204. The Polls, who got it right who got it wrong.
  205. The Question That Has To Be Asked
  206. Why? Who do African Americans go 95%+ and Latinos go 70%+ for (D)?
  207. A Visual Metaphor for the Republican Party Today
  208. Weed is Legal in my state
  209. Race & Ethnicity Demographics ('08 vs. '12)
  210. Polling Wizard Conjures up Perfect Prediction
  211. The separation of church and state is the distance in the relationship between organi
  212. ...why YOUR Taxes are going Up ~ ~ ~
  213. Karl Rove and American Crossroads
  214. 51st state ? ? ?
  215. The Changing Face of the Supreme Court
  216. Greece (and Europe) - A calamity is at hand
  217. Pentagon: Iran fired at US Drone
  218. "The GOP and Me:" A Muslim's story
  219. Four More Years for the Unwitting Authoritarian
  220. Hannity: I've 'evolved' on immigration and support a 'pathway to citizenship'
  221. CIA Director, former General David Petraeus resigns
  222. Happy 237th to the USMC
  223. Photos from the front lines from Syria [nsfw]
  224. The Novel "Atlas Shrugged" By Ayn Rand/Dystopia And Objectivism
  225. FBI Suppressed Petraeus Scandal to Protect President
  226. Post-Sandy: Don't Rebuild, Redistribute (CNN Opinion)
  227. Ronald Reagan: "Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit."
  228. Nation Horrified To Learn About War While Reading Up On Petraeus Sex Scandal
  229. Report: US Could Face Massive Physician Shortage Under Obamacare
  230. Taxes
  231. Gates of Hell are open...
  232. Hope from... France????
  233. Lee Atwater and the Southern Strategy
  234. obama's presser
  235. Merged "marano thinks this is actual productive conversation" threads
  236. Jobless Claims up 78,000 (After The Election)
  237. Just in Time
  238. John Metz, Denny's Franchisee And Hurricane Grill & Wings Owner, Imposes Surcharge Fo
  239. The reality of climate change can no longer be ignored
  240. Another Win For Racism And Inequality
  241. the Obama sell off....congrats
  242. So your up on Benghazi? you sure about that?
  243. By Bye Hostess
  244. To end the fiscal showdown, tax carbon (CNN Communist Party Rep. Opinion)
  245. wlf
  246. Christie on SNL last night
  247. Greenspan Says Recession Cheap Price to Fix Fiscal Policy
  248. Legalizing And Regulating Pot: A Growth Industry
  249. An example of the Conservative version of free speech
  250. An Example of Why (R) Can't Win if It's Core Base is Religion-Based