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  1. FREE PaulieC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Rex Ryan and Peyton Manning together would be AWESOME!!!
  3. Has it really come to this....
  4. Zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow!!! Who is in ,"Dream Team" of survivors?
  5. I am for drafting Luck
  6. Jay Feely just kicked the game winner!
  7. The Price for Matt Flynn replacing Sanchez
  8. I'd Fire Tannenbaum too
  9. Why Would Jaguars Hire Schittloser
  10. Rex and Bean Counter: Personality Disorder
  11. Realistic trade
  12. Rd. 1: Todd, Rd. 2: O'Brien, Rd. 3: Sanchez: Jets never learn
  13. If Rex resigned & Schotty became the head coach of the Jets, would your head explode?
  14. Obi Wan Kenobi speaks
  15. ESPN Kay: "Ferguson regressed & got Sanchez KILLED/Ducasse is a BUST"
  16. ESPN Jody Mac producer: "Sanchez said immediately after game "Trade Me!"
  17. Will the Bills Ever Be a Serious Threat to win the SB Again?
  18. The worst thing to happen to the Jets was reaching the AFCCG two years in a row.
  19. I posted to everyone on this board that until the Jets bring in real Gm
  20. SNY Schein: "Sanchez will never be leader/No future with the Jets youth"
  21. '83: Only 1 QB with more than 4,000 yds, '11: TEN (listening Rex?)
  22. Mark Sanchez not doing well
  23. Ground 'n Pound is obsolete: 5 playoff teams gave up 5,000+ yds
  24. New BANG Cartoon.. Jets movie
  25. 2011,the year the Jets git exposed
  26. Tanny's draft busts
  27. ESPN Pierce: "Sanchez will never win a SB/McElroy will be cut - guaranteed"
  28. ESPN Mason: "Players will lose respect for Rex if he changes, so, Jets are doomed"
  29. Get real! We were 1-4 at the start of the season
  30. WFAN Myers: "Watching Bengals lose is going to eat Rex alive"
  31. How important is it for the Jets that the Giants lose - soon?
  32. Not discussed: Did Rex make too many personal promos in 2011?
  33. ESPN Rothenberg: "Jets game vs. Giants will give Giants a win today'
  34. John Abraham: Hall of Famer?
  35. Fox: "What a run it's been against the RYANS for the Giants!"
  36. Tim Tebow 3 completions of 40 plus yds in the 2nd qrtr... Mark Sanchez had 2 all seas
  37. Thank You Woody,Rex,Schotte and Sanchez
  38. Tebow/Sanchez are "better" QB's than Ryan/Rivers
  39. Pats once again go outside the rule book
  40. WRScotty McKnight,SMark LeGree And TE Jamarko Simmons Contracts Expire
  41. "I'm Sorry Marty, but..."
  42. Fire Sparano
  43. Brian Billick: Why the heck not Rex?
  44. Begging Tanny! Hire Mike Leach as OC!!! (Texas Tech offensive guru)
  45. Fire Haley!
  46. Fire Sparano
  47. Reggie Bush to the Jets
  48. ESPN Kay: Mangold "Massive Spin" = Jets looking to trade Sanchez
  49. Jason Taylor back to the Jets
  50. would skins or seahawks give up a 1st for sanchez?
  51. Schotty OUT as Jets OC
  52. More Media Piling On....
  53. Namath on Sprano: WTF?
  54. Congrats Jets Fans!
  55. Is the NFL fixed?
  56. Joe Namath knows his stuff.
  57. Do you want Rex Ryan fired?
  58. Congrats to Eli Manning
  59. Thanks to Rex the Giants are going to the Superbowl
  60. What are SAR's preferences?
  62. Oh no! More bad news for the Jets...
  63. The 50 Worst Players Who Made the Most Money
  64. Remember Mangini.
  65. Holmes throwing gasoline on the fire now
  66. I dont want her you can have her!
  67. I said it before I will say it again about Jet fans
  68. Jason Pierre-Paul video
  69. Do you want to hear what Rex has to say prior to the draft?
  70. gross thread of the day...
  71. F*rting in the stadium, should it be banned?
  72. Our Last Day
  73. "Jews for Jesus" support "Jets fans for Patriots"!
  74. I'm Sick to my stomach
  75. Braylon coming back?
  76. The bar is set by the Pats
  77. LUCK wins championsips
  78. Bill Cowher...
  79. Pats, please please ANNIHILATE the giants
  80. The ONLY News that would make me smile the next 3 weeks
  81. Big Mouth and Bean Counter Should Do Internship With Giants
  82. Suddenly the Jets problems don't look so bad
  83. Trade Sanchez
  84. How Schotty Killed A Man Aboard The Costa Concordia
  85. SNY: "Mara's green hatred made them root for Cowboys vs. Jets in game 1"
  86. Westhoff to stay for another year.
  87. Giants fans seek TVs.
  88. Meet one of my gurls!
  89. giantsnation.com
  90. Will any Pats fans realize that Giants fans are 1000x more obnoxious than us??
  91. Word around the NFL
  92. sanchez will never improve
  93. Brady channeling Rex Ryan?
  94. Arrogant Brady talks crap about Buffalo
  95. Are you gonna vote for this man then.
  96. NYJETS 8 most responsible for 2011 season
  97. LIVE concert from Indy
  98. Hopefully we've heard the last of Myra Kraft and her initials
  100. Welcome to giants stadium...
  101. Classy Jets fans will go to Giants parade and wear blue to work tomorrow
  102. f#@k the 3-4, 4-6, 5-2, and 3-3.
  103. I figured out how it could get worse
  104. Pay attention to the tape Mark
  105. Anyone catch that Eli comment?
  106. Who is more handsome, Eli or Peyton?
  107. The only person catching Brady's balls was Gisele last night
  108. Jet are tenants in Giants stadium
  109. NY1: "Jets fans harassed/not wanted at Giants parade"
  110. Fire Sparano now before it even starts
  111. Why Is This Girl Not A Star?
  112. Why This Girl Not A Star?
  113. First Victor Cruz, now Jeremy Lin...FIRE TANNY!
  114. Has Fireman Ed grown stale???
  115. Can we stop with the Whitney Houston stuff 24/7 ?
  116. My wife friends hanging around my house
  117. Me better than Mexican dude playin QB
  118. I dont make threads to offend anyone!
  119. Terrell Owens scores 3TDs in debut.
  120. New York Jets look to land Peyton Manning
  121. What do you think of Girls peeing standing up?
  122. Beating a hair test
  123. Bye bye discomfort
  124. Rumor: Mario Williams
  125. Tannembaum must go!
  126. After today, do you think Tanny, Rex, and Sanchez are USING our owner?
  127. jets signed sanchez to extension? YES! 5 MORE YEARS OF MEDIOCRITY!
  128. I am not a source of the media.
  129. I just figured out my Problem!
  130. PURE RUMOR: Dwight Freeney
  131. jets could still sign peyton.....
  132. Jets and Free Agents
  133. P. Garcon signs contract with Tampa Bay!
  134. Vincent Jackson sign with Tampa Bay!
  135. Free Agent Frenzy
  136. Is there a Tight End in the NFL that can't burn Eric Smith?
  137. Reggie Nelson
  138. Let's face it, Jets are not a marketable team
  139. Need advice from fellow facility managers/sports directors
  140. This team folded like a house of cards
  141. Trolls and JI
  142. Enough Already with the B.S. NAMES!
  143. Per Shefter: Jets have discussed Tebow
  144. Pats fans.....
  146. Goodell Ruining or Super Bowl
  147. I told you all about this two weeks ago.
  148. Dear Mr. Goodell
  149. So where are the Tebowzombies that were going to innundate this forum?
  150. Call Me crazy all you want. We trade Sanchize to the browns.
  151. Who's tired of Joe Namath?
  152. Perhaps the plan is to shop Tebow on Draft Day
  153. OCCUPY JI
  154. Something I just thought of...
  155. Contradictions
  156. What has happened to this franchise ?
  157. Didn't realize how many NFL talent scouts post here!
  158. Thoughts from a 25 year old Jets fan
  159. Brittany is a Slut because...
  160. This wipp right here!
  161. Prayer Thread
  162. Tebow Masturbation
  163. Time Tebow Welcome to NYJ
  165. Foods to avoid before getting laid
  166. Ever been injured/ill by an animal or insect?
  167. Tebow NOT A Virgin
  169. Tim Tebow - Hey Coach, Check Out My Toes!
  170. JETS shopping Sanchez
  171. Twitter is Ablaze with News Of Sanchez on Trading Block!
  172. Rumor take it for what its worth probably nothing
  173. Dunno how JI feels about incarceratedbob, but he says Sanchez is on trade block.
  174. Jets looking to trade Sanchez?
  175. Lotta noise on twitter about possible Sanchez trade...
  176. Report: Vikings approach Jets about Sanchez
  177. Been gone a while, came back after hearing about Sanchez on trade block
  178. sanchez wants out of n.y.
  179. MORE bad news for Woody!
  180. Gronkowski on Tebow (Forced Rape Edition)
  181. Gronk wants to 'F' Tebow?
  182. Cromartie now has TEN Kids
  183. Tim Tebow at Yankee game
  184. Tebow gets booed at Yankees game
  185. I Think Tim Tebow Is Great
  186. Sanchez Disrespects Tebow per ESPN
  187. Mobilize the earth!
  188. Ryan Tannehills wife is hot.
  189. what happened to green jets n ham
  190. Rex Ryan's weight loss
  191. Quinton Coples looks high as a mofo...
  192. Girl takes life sized cardboard cutout of Tebow to prom
  193. News from Baltimore
  194. Sanjay Lal
  195. Tammy boys new hair do.
  196. Pennis Bat?
  197. Belicheat Hires His Brat
  198. How many times can Peter king thow Brady a BJ?
  199. Rasputin and the New York Jets
  200. Dear JETS .... Please keep the Titans Throwbacks !!
  201. $18,000 NYC to Aspen, what a deal!!!
  202. 32Green
  203. What happened to RogerVick?
  204. Dolphins better than the Jets?
  205. Ex-Yankee Chad Curtis faces teen sex charges
  206. Dallas Cowboys still America's team...ranked#1 by fan poll
  208. How far will the jets go?
  209. New York Giants Run of Champions 5K @ MetLife Stadium
  210. Who trolled me and why?
  211. I think of Stokes...
  212. WTF
  213. Friday night, not even 11PM, I should be at the strip club.
  214. Name posters on J.I. you rather chew glass than have a beer with.
  215. Where's CR
  216. Sandusky never molested and Belichick never cheated...
  217. There is a way to be troll free....
  218. Tebow making people forget Sanchez.
  219. Fireman Ed
  220. Could we possibly be the worst offense in the history of the NFL?
  221. Do We Have Any Chance of Landing Cowher in 2013??
  222. Look troll we know we need a Right Tackle ... GENIUS
  223. Mark Sanchez - Zero Accuracy, No Pocket Awareness and Playing Scared
  224. mark sanchez apologist excuses
  225. Why all the Wayne Hunter hate?
  226. Tuck Febow thread...go away you suck and bring zero to the table thread
  227. Laughingstock of the league - AGAIN
  228. s it me or does Wayne Hunter....
  229. I finally found one!
  230. Rex's All World Team
  231. Does Sanchez have a medical problem.
  232. The most important aspect of tonight's game moving forward is...
  233. Lets say the Jets end the season with a top 10 draft pick....
  234. Is Tebow getting worse?! It can't be possible...
  235. jets have to cut tebow
  236. why the Jets suck
  237. Namath needs to go root for another team...
  238. Woody Johnson is a Republican
  239. Obligatory Braylon thread
  240. Sanchez at USC-Syracuse Game
  241. Thank you Mr. Tebow for motivating Mr. Sanchez, now kindly GTFO
  242. Talk to me about AIOs (recommendations etc) :)
  243. Tim Tebow Apparently Loves The NFL's New Jockstrap Revealing Pants
  244. Way too much optimism in here
  245. RESULTS of Jets-bills PREDICT the Score
  246. Let's set the record straight
  247. Trade Mark Sanchez
  248. I am Baaaaaaaccck!!!!!
  249. As a token of appreciation....
  250. Aids Cure Found in Norway