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  1. Can we be honest about the Owner & Tebow?
  2. New Jet in Town?
  3. List three people from this forum you'd love to meet..
  4. Belichick is eating his boogers on his presser looool
  5. God hates the Jets
  6. Rumors That Tebow Will Play CB Are Not True
  7. Why Is Mike Tannenbaum Still the New York Jets GM and What Does the Future Hold?
  8. Next year @ QB - Start over, or go Veteran?
  9. SOJF'S have a new logo!!!!!!!
  10. Thought about buying a Giants Jersey.
  11. To all the preseason Sanchez apologists.
  12. Apologies to Sar by Kool-Aid Swallowers
  13. Its time for an offensive head coach- Jay Gruden
  14. Breaking NEWS !!!!
  15. dealing with drunks at metlife stadium.
  16. Our worthless owner cares more about politics than football
  17. breaking nEwS: Woody Choses Romney over Jets
  18. Woody Johnson - The name says it all
  19. it seems tebow was only signed to sell tickets.
  20. Did anyone notice
  22. Is Sanchez the worst QB we've ever had??????
  23. Rex Has This Team Ready to Roll
  24. Is Kerley better then Holmes??
  25. "PUT the WHITE BACK in the WHITE HOUSE"
  26. STFU No whiners thread
  27. its tebow time.
  29. Positives from the Dolphins game
  30. Alert- humor type story Jets being investigated
  32. Obama wins 2012 Election
  33. Smug Obama Smilie
  34. The Pope....
  35. Has The Mouth Ever Got in the Face of One of His Players?
  36. Any chance this whole thing was planned?
  37. An Anomally has occured!
  38. Taking Brady out of the game?
  39. Offering my services
  40. BREAKING NEWS: Goodell fines Moore for shot to head
  41. Why does Sanchez love Hot Dogs and Buns so much
  42. If the Patriots beat the Dolphins Sunday, they win the division.
  43. hope you enjoyed mcelroys peak
  44. Patriots win again - AFCE title that is
  45. Fire Rex!
  46. Will trade...
  47. I'm Done with Rex.
  48. I'm back!
  49. Anybody want tickets to Tenesse.
  50. Hate to say it...
  51. Frito Bandito
  52. I'm so Confused???
  53. You remember this dude?
  54. He was a bad, bad, very bad boy Read this story!
  55. BLUNT, BRUTAL to the POINT!
  57. Sanchez arm strenth
  58. JETS superbowl
  59. Biggest losers
  60. So No outrage about Seattle fake punt up 30???
  61. PSL Exodus is coming.....
  62. Mark Sanchez death threats on Twitter prompt NFL to follow up with Jets
  63. Show some damn respect
  65. Big changes to come acording to Pam Oliver
  66. New Jerseys Next Year???
  67. My public apology to the Vanachuck brothers.
  68. StartTebow.com
  69. fire rex ryan.
  70. caption this pic.
  71. Head Coach Candidates to Replace Rex when he's fired tommorow
  72. Woody removes one testicle from new GM before search begins
  73. SG3, military historian
  74. Asante Samuel's mother passed away
  75. Who is the bigger scumbag
  76. new gm wants rex to be the defensive coordinator or nothing.
  77. Would you trade Revis for Romo straight up?
  78. rex ryan the used car salesman.
  79. Rex Ryan: The Jets Isiah Thomas...
  80. Being a fan of this team makes me want to committ Suicide
  81. Sanchez will be our starting quarterback in 2013.
  82. GM and OC, and coaches to hire.
  83. Godd@%$mit... Just hire Gamble you F%&*ing @$$holes!!!!!!
  84. Jets to Interview KennyO7 for GM Position!
  85. And The GM Of The 2013 New York Jets Is.......Mike Tannenbaum
  86. Mystery GM candidate
  87. Caption this!
  89. Going to become a 49 niners fan
  90. The Patriot Killer~~~This is his game to shine
  91. Yahoo Sports~~~~New York Jets expand their search for a general manager
  92. The Rooney rule
  93. Adam Schafer where are you?
  94. Yours truly endorse Ken Whisenhunt for Jet OC.
  95. SIGN this pettition for Jet OC
  96. Shaka Khan will be next GM
  97. Hi Mods why was my thread on the NFL.com mock draft deleted?
  98. A new member frausted observations
  99. WE GOT A GM!!!!
  100. cap manager what a joke
  101. Having Fun Yet?
  102. The Official "FIRE IDZIK!" Thread
  103. "Ira From Staten Island" Has Spoken...
  104. What happened to this board??
  105. Brady tries to kick a player in the nuts
  106. Jets fans: Please vote to decide who should receive the social media money
  107. Patriots will be in the SB next year
  108. MODS: My thread is in the dump? Why?
  109. So why aren't the Pat trolls eating crow here this morning?
  110. If you're Belichick do you trade Tom Brady?
  111. O'Donnell/Idzik Press Conferences
  112. YESSS! Ja-fatso russell to the Jets! lulz
  113. Donald Driver
  114. Sardine Sandwich perhaps?
  115. GATA.........
  116. Too much backdoor action has made it Meh... with women u *****es
  117. Who ya got for teh next Pope?
  118. Dump Tebow now
  119. gRunK iN tHE floriDa kEYs rigHt noW
  120. Lets go pens!
  121. new jets gm =terrible
  122. what about bringing vilma back?
  123. Stephen A Smith is not intelligent
  124. Francesa Today: "Rex Ryan Won't Get Another Job, Ever"
  125. Chad Pennington thread
  126. Rex is finished
  127. Mr. Balance Sheet Itzik
  128. Don't Open This Thread. You Have Been Warned.
  129. Just go away
  130. Teh Ghey Bar
  131. woody johnson promotes wwe wrestling/wrestlemania.
  132. Nike/GMC
  133. Tebow
  134. Breaking: Revis trade is done, 3rd in 2013, conditional 2nd in 2014
  135. Brendon Ayanbadejo to be cut by Baltimore Ravens - potential Patriots' signing
  136. Draft Draft Draft Draft Draft Draft Draft Draft
  137. Atlanta wants to trade up to grab a CB early
  138. Come out, come out, wherever you are!
  139. Now that Reavis is gone.....
  140. Yes !!! Sal Pal on ESPN now - just spoke to Idzik
  141. Why I like the #9 pick
  142. I say we trade
  143. inside sources
  144. soj
  145. soj2013
  147. sooooooooooooo drunk
  148. How do you like the Geno Smith pick?
  149. A Draft So Bad, It's Not Even Fair To Call Out Idzik, So I Won't
  150. Let's throw it out there - "Woody wants Geno in order to sell tickets"
  151. Can Geno be any worse than Sanchez?
  152. The Jets completely blew this draft.
  153. Marcus Davis we just signed is possibly best wr in draft
  154. Imagine if Geno were Blond and Blue Eyed...
  155. Geno Smith Suicide Comic
  156. Idzik on Francessa
  157. Finally have had enough
  158. Demario Davis on twitter right now..oh no.. lol
  159. Frontpage Mag: Oday Oboushi a Terrorist
  160. Forget Cutting Goodson: REX Must Go
  161. Kelly cluttering the Landing Strip
  162. 32green
  163. The Borgo-Aid Steely Dan Marathon
  164. Geno "The Jet"
  165. Any chance of criminal charges for Belichick or Kraft?
  166. Bill Bellicheck press conference question
  167. #FREESG3
  168. Morningweg Needs to Go
  169. IT'S ART TIME, YO!
  170. Geno Smith arrested for DWI
  171. Start complaining: Fire Jets site entire web staff
  172. I just blew my Load
  173. Speculation: Sanchez to Buffalo
  174. Should I go there????
  175. People Want This Guy To Start???
  176. I love the fickleness here...
  177. Jets sign ........
  178. Marty will be promoted next year
  179. Vlad at Left Tackle? Say it ain't so.
  180. Geno concussion pool. When will our ol put him out of commission?
  181. Headband
  182. Tonight 50/50 chance game is cancelled due to severe thunderstorms.
  183. Here come the B1tching threads
  185. Will Mornhinweg last the season?
  186. Rex Ryan at it again!
  187. Could be trade Geno Smith for Colin Kaepernick?
  188. Outside evaluations of Geno Smith
  189. Who do we believe?
  190. Geno Smith....
  191. Giants fans think they can run the table "the tough part is after we get to 6-6"
  192. It's unfortunate Geno Smith didn't go to Kc and land on a good roster
  193. I'd Fire MM
  194. Did Kraft's Check bounce this week?
  195. Change our uniforms NOW!
  196. The reason why we lost
  197. No Rex
  198. Classless Patriots-What else is new
  199. Who Do You Blame for the 45-19 Loss to the Eagles in 2011
  200. Jerts lose bye week game to Saddle River Nursing and Assisted Living Facility
  201. Imagine Clemens and Crotchery with this D
  203. Say Rex is fired. Does Woody sign the same type of head coach again?
  204. Jets have ZERO chance of going to the playoffs
  205. Jets aren't going anywhere this year
  206. Same Ole Rex
  207. Time for Idzik to clean house
  208. John Idzik is the issue for not drafing Glennon and taking Millner
  209. Rooting for the Jets to lose out so Rex will be fired and we can see some real change
  210. Please tell me how tebow wouldn't be an upgrade over geno
  211. This team is an absolute DISASTER!
  212. Geno is an absolutely TERRIBLE QB!
  213. Parcells would have NEVER allowed this implosion to happen
  214. So why hasn't the offense improved in 3 years?
  215. How is New England winning this year?
  217. Could Rex stay on as DC?
  218. Do you want Rex as Head Coach in 2014?
  219. Jets Playoff Scenario (Not Done Yet)
  220. Just curious how would JN would react if Mark Sanchez was named the qb in 2014
  221. The annual post your family Christmas Card thread.
  222. The state of Illinois, & Obama's America if he were to get his way
  223. The Active Season Ticket Holders....
  224. Just got my arse kicked
  225. Idzik fires Rex and he's got a riot...
  226. How 'bout now? Would u like us to go 7-9 for a better draft pick?
  227. The committee to fire Ryan
  228. Rex is coming back
  229. Jets still have no GM !!
  230. Idzik will resign soon
  231. I honestly can't believe we didn't get Bill O' Brien
  232. Fire Rex
  233. Really awful day for the Jets future.
  234. DELUSIONAL !!
  235. The World is right again.....
  236. Results from this years Jets Insider Pickskin Pickem Contest....
  237. Green Jets & Ham
  238. What happened to Hitman?
  239. If Sanchez is back next year, how long before he beats out Geno?
  240. Do the jets keep marty as oc? Should they?
  241. Drunken 9 year old
  242. Jack after wisdom teeth removal
  243. Just wondering which JI member this is?
  244. The problem with the Jets....
  245. Jets should have Sucked for Luck in 2011
  246. The Jets HAVE to trade up for Johnny Football
  247. Meggings yoga pants for men
  248. Brady Extremely Gracious!!
  249. This will go down as the game of the century
  250. Namath didn't screw up the toss...